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Despite strong and growing evidence to the contrary, only 19% of MB weekly readers felt that driving high under the influence of marijuana was as dangerous as driving drunk. According to the latest data, marijuana muddled the perception of what’s safe and what’s not.

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Q: From your perspective, what is the most pressing problem facing Manhattan Beach currently?
A: The most pressing problem facing Manhattan Beach is the 3-year rise in crime. Public safety is MY Job #1. The armed robbery at Pasha was our wake up call. I have never wavered in my support and full funding of our PD. During the civil unrest in the summer of 2020, I stood with our officers. Chief Abell worked a miracle in preventing our downtown from being burned and looted like Santa Monica. I defended our MBPD when there were calls from current council candidates to “reimagine” policing, form a “civilian oversight” commission to look over the shoulders of MBPD, and to begin collecting “race-based” arrest statistics. These policies would erode officer morale and impede their ability to catch bad guys. I’m proud to have defeated the 2020 woke attacks on our police force. In my first term on council, we added foot patrols during Covid, and we added bike patrols this year in our downtown. We are nearly fully staffed after Covid retirements. I’ll continue to hire additional officers to plan ahead for future retirements. I’m a 15-year block captain for Neighborhood Watch, and a 2020 graduate of the MBPD Community Police Academy. I believe in strong public safety. I will never give up fighting crime, funding our MBPD, and proactively looking for bad guys. In a second term, I’ll continue to keep MB safe.

Q: Again from your perspective, how much impact, positive or negative, has District Attorney George Gascon had on the crime situation in Manhattan Beach?
A: Gascon’s soft-on-crime polices are a serious threat to our public safety and quality of life. MB residents are less safe with more bad guys let out of jail, felonies being reclassified to misdemeanors, and misdemeanors not even qualifying for a slap on the wrist. Gascon has gotta go. I worked hard to recall George Gascon on and off the dais; and I will work again to defeat him in 2024 if he chooses to run for re-election. Three council candidates this election strongly endorsed George Gascon and his horrific crime “directives”; some candidates even posed with him in pictures for social media. Their public support helped Gascon win, which has made us less safe. I’m pleased to report that the Gascon recall effort may still be alive. Recall proponents have launched a significant legal challenge. This involves how the County disqualified valid signatures and possibly inflated voter rolls. We may yet have the chance to recall Gascon. MB will be safer with a new district attorney – a DA who prosecutes all crimes in the California penal code.

Q: What has most surprised you about being on the City Council and having been the mayor of Manhattan Beach?
A: What surprises me the most is that my cell phone has been on the city website my entire first term. And yet I still receive very few phone calls – and no harassing calls. Everyone in MB is polite and respectful. To serve the residents on city council has been the privilege of a lifetime. I hope I earn a second term on November 8. There is more work to do to keep our city safe, save taxpayer money, protect our small businesses, fight back against Sacramento encroachments on local control, and keep MB beautiful, green, and clean.

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?
A: My favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I watch it annually with my family. It shows that doing small things well adds up to, well, “a wonderful life.” It also illustrates the power of a second chance. George Bailey doesn’t have a perfect life. And yet he ultimately finds deep meaning in the blessings of what he does have: a loving wife, healthy children, co-workers, friends, and neighbors who care about him. George forgets for a time why he’s been put on Earth. His experiences with Clarence reveal the impact George has made in the world in countless small ways. These daily little things add up to a life of huge value and purpose. Everyone is a George Bailey. Every life has purpose. Mother Teresa said it well: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” George Bailey did small things with great love that changed the world for the better.

Q: Given the current increase in crime, are you in favor of increasing the size of the Manhattan Beach Police Department?
A: Our new MBPD Chief Rachel Johnson says she’s satisfied with a fully-staffed MBPD of 65 sworn officers with perhaps 2 over-hires. If or when that changes, I will lean on the expertise of Chief Johnson to know when to expand our force. In the meantime, we augment our sworn police force (those with guns and badges) with paid contract workers. These force multipliers don’t earn expensive overtime or city pensions. These workers include CSC (yellow jackets) for our large events, parking control, summertime extra eyes and ears, and actively discouraging loiterers in city parking lots after restaurants close (11 p.m. to 2 a.m.). I brought to council a discussion of hiring armed downtown security like Beverly Hills. Perhaps armed contract workers can also supply additional eyes, ears, and enforcement to our DT without adding sworn officers to the city payroll.

Q: What are you most proud of achieving in the last year on behalf of the city?
A: I’m proud of many things in my first term: Hired a new police chief to keep us safe. Passed a Vote of No Confidence in George Gascon and an endorsement of his recall by council majorities. Inked a new contract with our fire union that keeps our MBFD local, grows the number of firefighter/paramedics, and reduces expensive overtime that burns out our firefighters. Protected our small businesses during Covid; I’m told we lost zero businesses due to the pandemic, thanks to the support of our community, the addition of outdoor dining, and pushing the County to reopen our retailers and restaurants faster than many thought possible. Voted against a new city budget last summer that added 11 new city positions and 11 expensive new pensions.


TEDx Manhattan Beach Features Acrobats, Jugglers, Teen Mountain Climber:

TEDx Manhattan Beach returns this weekend. The 12th annual TEDx Manhattan Beach JUMPSTART event will give attendees the chance to learn from speakers and performers in a variety of industries from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, November 5, at Mira Costa High School. Attendees will hear from: Josh Brost, a 3D rocket printer. Ultra-endurance athlete Rob DeCou. Grettel Fournell, who tries to instill the joy of dancing in people. Environmental educator Tashande Giles-Jones. Comedian Debi Gutierrez. Raci Levine, a mountain climber and junior at Mira Costa High. Rich Keller, a brand distiller. Dante Simonelli, an associate professor at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering. Lyn Stoler, a climate researcher and optimist. Bernhard Zunkeler, an artist and co-founder of artlab21 at the El Segundo Museum of Art. Passing Zone, a comedic juggling duo; and acrobats from Positive Impact Movements. TEDx allows communities to host independently organized events via the Technology, Entertainment and Design nonprofit that organizes larger conferences about nearly endless topics. A dozen speakers and performers will share how they created their “fast breaks and breakthroughs” in their respective fields.


City Talk, MB Weekly’s monthly Conversation Series in Manhattan Beach, at Urban Plates where Special Guest Former MB Mayor Mark Burton, holding the sign, community neighbors and business leaders had an open conversation about city issues.

Sicily to Manhattan Beach

The atmosphere of real Italy rules the mood at our restaurant. We invite you to a warm and comfortable setting paired with our leisurely Italian spirit and heartfelt cooking. Experience food beyond compare with inspiration in every detail and joy at the table; we honor the home cooking we were raised on by taking traditional recipes that reflect our deep Sicilian roots and update them by adding a modern twist to these Italian staples. Love for Italian culture and tradition bring out the passion and craftsmanship that go into the creation of our dishes. We put our heart and soul into preparing time-honored recipes to create delicious memories. Indulge your senses and come celebrate with exquisite food!



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by Stewart Fournier

“A myriad of new newsletters, individual blogs, and social platforms have purported to be ‘fair and balanced’ yet increasingly find nothing but fault with one another and have induced kindergarten-level arguments and exchanges. The new, never seen divide among our citizens is palpable.”


The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Riley

Riley has been working in Manhattan Beach since August 2021


Fruit or vegetables?
No meat or no dairy?
Eggs or breakfast meat?
Thirsty or hungry?
Chocolate candy or skittles?
Wild-caught or farm-raised fish?
Milkshake or slush?
Mixed drinks or wine?
Chips or popcorn?

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Chef Efren at Slay Italian Kitchen in Manhattan Beach.


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The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Lauren & Brooke Winterhalder

Of Distinguished Speaker Series

Lauren: Without sounding cliché, it was truly a dream. It doesn’t get better than walking two blocks to the beach and growing up in a community that cares about each other. Manhattan Beach is so special in the way that I was given a world-class (public) education and grew up with friends that I am still close with to this day. Everyone moves back here eventually!
Brooke: I really had the best experience growing up in Manhattan Beach! My sister and I were so lucky to live only 2 blocks from Grand View Elementary School and we would play there almost every day. Not to brag, but we were very athletic, and we played AYSO, MBYB, Little League Softball, and beach volleyball from 4 to 18 years old (we even play in the local Manhattan Beach Rec Kickball league in town now). We have been friends with the same group of girls since we were in kindergarten which has made MB even more special. Most of us are back living in the South Bay/L.A. now!

Lauren: We own the Distinguished Speaker Series, which since 1996 has brought an unmatched experience to Southern California. Through a subscription Series, our audiences are exposed to the expertise and insights of 6 different thought leaders from various disciplines. It started with my grandparents, Mom, and Aunt and one location in Pasadena. It is truly a family affair.
Brooke: The Distinguished Speaker Series has been a local family business since 1996 (when we were 9 months old) that brings prolific and inspirational speakers to Southern California. In 5 locations (including our closest location Redondo Beach) an author, historian, athlete, past president, actor, humanitarian, etc. will spend an hour and a half presenting and speaking on his/her/their accomplishments as well as a Q&A portion for the audience. We grew up around (and helped) our mom and aunt run this incredible business for the past 25 years, so it was inevitable that we would join them to keep the legacy going!

Lauren: Our product is human beings, very busy and powerful ones, so definitely coordinating and working with them to put on a wonderful and timely show for our patrons. We have our speakers “tour” with us and speak at 5 different locations around Greater Los Angeles consecutively. We work directly with the likes of former President George W. Bush or Malala Yousafzai or Jane Fonda and helping them stay energized and excited to do our Series 5 nights in a row can sometimes require some woman-power!
Brooke: The hardest thing for me is to not boss around my twin sister at work! She has submitted quite a few “anonymous HR complaints” to my boss (my mom) since we started working at Speaker Series.

Lauren: I have two and I just can’t pick one! Bridesmaids starring Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph – anything with those two ladies you can sign me up! The other is Mamma Mia, I am a sucker for a musical.
Brooke: She’s the Man.

Lauren: Absolutely. My future children will be proud Grand View Gators just like I was!
Brooke: I went from Austin, Texas, for college to Chicago for 4 years and I know I will never leave the South Bay again! It was and is my life dream to raise my family in Manhattan Beach.



PS I Love You Foundation’s 21st Annual Day At The Beach Community Event was a wonderful heart-felt success! Together, our community brought sunshine, love, and happiness to 300 youth from our most vulnerable neighbors. We all sprinkled around fairy-dust and bonding-glitter upon hundreds of kiddos and their mentors this past Saturday. It was magical. I am grateful to the LA County Department of Beaches and Harbor, City of Manhattan Beach, and our dear sponsors, especially Fabletics, for our partnership. Everyone that was part of the event’s organization made a positive impact in the world and I trust that next year, we will create something even more grand and meaningful.” – Patricia Jones, Founder, PS I Love You Foundation

By Steve Revel

We have good reason to believe that the crime statistics given to us by our public officials in Manhattan Beach are inaccurate and low. Why? Because of the growing incidence of unreported crime. The reality is that every day in Manhattan Beach, there are countless unreported crimes because many people have given up calling the police. Sadly, there is a strong feeling among many – ‘what’s the point?’ I have spoken to countless people, including many business owners, who reported that calling the police is pointless, as they don’t do anything, especially with the homeless – the days of aggressive policing as long gone. Further, it takes much time and effort during an already drained day. Statistics show that crime in Manhattan Beach is now up approximately 30% in the last year without factoring in the unreported crime factor.

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“It’s a sort of popular-attractive-kid-from-well-to-do-stable-family-succeeds-against-all-odds in Manhattan Beach story.”



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1. ** When you dress up to go to a fancy restaurant, you become a part of their decor. —- Morgan S., Manhattan Beach

2. ** New York’s MTA will install 13k cameras on its subway cars – or two on each, costing $5.5m total – to instill a sense of safety. What about doing a similar thing in our M.B. Schools? —- Sid L., Manhattan Beach

3. ** Sadly, we live in a time where interesting people are silenced so that stupid people won’t be offended. —- Darla H., Manhattan Beach

4. ** Wow. Have you noticed how our new police chief sure loves to say the term “unhoused!” —- Nancy P., Manhattan Beach

5. ** {pages} a bookstore seeks an enthusiastic, organized, responsible, creative, dynamic leader, and multi-tasker to manage a talented team of booksellers. This is a chance to be part of a thriving independent bookstore located in the heart of downtown Manhattan Beach, one block from the Pacific Ocean. {pages} has been in operation for twelve years, is open seven days a week and utilizes IndieCommerce for our robust online business. Please submit cover letter and resume to: Linda McLoughlin Figel – linda@pagesabookstore.com.

6. ** We are remodeling so have temporarily moved out and were just informed that person(s) have broken into the backyard and stolen our saltwater system for our swimming pool – cut all the pipes, etc!!! What the hell is going on in our community?!? This is outrageous. The property is fenced and locked. Sounds similar to the catalytic converter theft issue (which we have also experienced). We are reporting to police. —- Kami Armstrong, Manhattan Beach

7. ** I am currently reading: How to Write Like A Writer by Thomas C. Foster. —- Angelica Lee, Manhattan Beach

8. ** My grandson, in his first day of third grade, saw a girl he knew, who is in second grade, almost crying. He asked her what was wrong. She said, “I don’t know where my class is.” He took her by the hand and helped her find her class. So proud. —- Max W., Manhattan Beach

9. ** Tapizôn Bar & Kitchen Is Now Hiring: inquire at: careers@tapizon.com

10. ** If you want to see how genuinely sick American culture has become, I suggest you go to the library and take a peek at the new book “Inclusion Revolution” by Daisy Auger-Dominguez. A genuinely sickening woke-ster instruction manual for corporations. —- Dr. Natalina M., Manhattan Beach

11. ** My name is Maribel Zamora. I am looking for a housekeeping position in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo area. I have 10+ years of experience with references. Looking to clean homes on Saturdays. My phone number is (323) 458-2644 for more info. —- Lucia Madrid

12. ** Providence, a nonprofit hospital chain, trained staff to wring money out of patients – even those eligible for free care. Disgraceful! —- Bruce N., Manhattan Beach

13. ** MB Weekly is the coolest thing to come along in a long while. I love it. —- Mitch B., Manhattan Beach.

14. ** The current City Council’s plan for high-density apartment complexes would bring a massive population explosion to Manhattan Beach if implemented. And our city will lose its charm. —- Mitchell L., Manhattan Beach

15. ** Corner Bakery in Manhattan Beach is NOT a bakery! This is a subpar fast food chain disguised as a bakery. The staff was pleasant, so that’s why they got 1 star. The eggs were ok, the potatoes were stale and overcooked, and the avocado was not ripe. I mean, come on, we have supply chain issues, so for $20 breakfast, I expected decent food. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. ALSO No wifi. —- Megan F., Manhattan Beach

16. ** MB Weekly is impressive! Congratulations. —- Wendi R., Manhattan Beach

17. ** I gave Rockit Body in Manhattan Beach two chances, but I was seriously disappointed by my experience. My first class, which was at the wrong level, was incredibly challenging, but the instructor offered many modifications and allowed me to go at my own pace. Very disappointed in this experience, and I will NOT be back. —- Sophia Q

18. ** How lucky to raise my kids on sunshine and the great MBUSD public schools and their teachers, administrators and volunteers. —- Kathy W., Manhattan Beach

19. ** It’s really hard to put a beanie hat on with one hand. —- Alexia B., Manhattan Beach

20. ** Why has the up escalator at Metlox been broken for months? —- Gloria Z., Manhattan Beach

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