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According to a recent MB Weekly reader poll, an alarming 55% of MB Weekly readers confess to “sleeping problems” above mild. According to prominent sleep doctors in the South Bay, common causes of chronic insomnia include stress. Concerns about work, school, health, finances, or family can keep your mind active at night, making it difficult to sleep. Stressful life events or trauma – such as the death or illness of a loved one, divorce, or a job loss – also may lead to insomnia.

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Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Gets New Leadership For 2023:

The Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Association has a new crop of leaders the organization announced this week. The association’s Board of Directors voted this week for the 2023 executive panel – though one seat is open for which new community members can apply to join. The Hometown Fair happens annually during the first weekend of October. The new board includes: President Dana Old, Vice President Renee Hall Jansen, Treasurer Jeanna Harkenrider, Secretary Karen Tokashiki, Member at Large Mark Finley.


Pages a bookstore was at Mira Costa High School participating in TEDxManhattanBeach recently.

MB Weekly Readers Vote The Kettle As The Best Thanksgiving Meal Value:

By an overwhelming majority of 73%, MB Weekly readers voted The Kettle as the best Thanksgiving meal value in Manhattan Beach. The Kettle has been serving a special priced Thanksgiving dinner without reservations for over three decades. “I dream about the Thanksgiving dinner at The Kettle all year round,” said Gretta T., a long-time Manhattan Beach resident. “It is heaven and the best value ever!”

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Q: What has been the biggest surprise to you since becoming mayor of Redondo Beach?
A: How much work it is. Redondo Beach has many opportunities across town, especially on our waterfront and ridding our community of the 70 year-old power plant and replacing it with a beautiful park, not yet another large development plan. Unlike every other community on the coast California, Santa Monica Bay has no waterfront park of any significance and we are, by far, the most densely populated area on the coast. This is an historic site, State Landmark No. 373, and it’s important we hold firm to the park zoning it has and seize this opportunity to serve the South Bay, the County of Los Angeles and the entire State. The last thing we need is yet another large development plan here. Also, leading the Council meetings requires constant attention to what everyone is saying; be it staff presentations, Council comments and questions, comments from the public, City Attorney, etc. Sometimes issues are very contentious and calming everyone down and restoring order is a special skill only learned from experience. Having said all that, I love it!

Q: How much coordination does Redondo Beach do with other South Bay communities like Manhattan Beach?
A: Not enough, frankly. We do some collaboration when it calls for it, but generally, each City has so many of their own issues it rarely calls for speaking with our neighboring city.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your job as Mayor?
A: I don’t feel there is any part of being Mayor that is most challenging. But it does depend where a Mayor chooses to focus. For me, I have written a state-wide initiative to protect local control of land use and zoning. The Sacramento Legislature has spent the last 6 years stripping local control of zoning and land-use, and this initiative would amend the State Constitution to place land use decisions back at the local level – where they belong. This amendment requires a statewide vote to put land-use decisions under the control of local government. Hopefully, we will raise the funds required to qualify for the 2024 ballot. This would be huge game changer! If approved by the voters, projects like the High Rose project in Manhattan Beach would be controlled by your City Council, not the recent laws passed in Sacramento that have stripped local control. Go to: www.ourneighborhoodvoices.com for more info.

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?
A: Shawshank Redemption.

Q: If it were your personal decision, would you remove controversial District Attorney George Gascon?
A: I’m no fan of his lackadaisical approach to fighting crime, but he was elected and I will let the voters decide whether to replace him, or not, at the next election. I’m not a fan of recalls of removing elected officials because of ongoing policy disagreements. Recalls are for more egregious behavior.



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by Merrill Shindler

Slay Hermosa (also known as Slay Beach Grill), in the space that was home for many years to El Gringo – an oddly shaped eatery at a curious intersection, that seems to be neither here nor there. (For the record, he also created Slay Estate and Vineyard in the Santa Rita Hills; his Slayer label is all over the wine list.) Turning the terminally funky El Gringo into the casually stylish Slay Hermosa probably took more than a few bottles of his chardonnay and pinot noir. To those of us who inhaled tacos and burritos in the space over the years, it seems a madcap impossibility. And yet … here it is. There’s a downstairs dining room, a sort of adjacent outdoor patio around the corner – and up a seriously steep flight of stairs, a fantastic rooftop space, with a fine view of the Pacific a block away. (How the servers manage to get food from the downstairs kitchen is a wonder. They must have the legs of triathletes!)

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Nancy Miller

Jimmy Miller Foundation


Do you like spicy food?
Have you ever been bungee jumping?
Are you an optimist?
Did your parents get divorced?
Do you think that people are basically good?
Do you have any phobias?
Do you think that karma is a real thing?
Do you have any close friends of the opposite gender?
Do you believe in soulmates?


SLAY Steak + Fish House:

“Fall” Calls for Cioppino … White Fish, Clams, Shrimp, Tomatoes, Wine Broth, Grilled Crostini.


Reader Questions To
MB Mayor Steve Napolitano

Q: Dear Mayor: How can you possibly justify endorsing candidates for City Counsel in a radically partisan manner? Has this ever been done by a previous Mayor before? —- Holly C., Manhattan Beach
A: Ha, let’s start with the radically false premise of the question – starting with the fact that I didn’t endorse candidates in a radically partisan manner, let alone a partisan manner at all. I endorsed Amy Howorth and David Lesser because I know they’re the best people for the job, period. Others can and do disagree with that, I get it, but they’re my choices based on their experience and their very nonpartisan approach to the position and their ability to work together to solve real problems. I don’t agree with them on everything, just like they don’t agree with me on everything, but they’re never disagreeable about it and they always put community above themselves. Partisianship, labels and right or left had absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s certainly anybody’s right to disagree, but not to twist it around into the exact opposite of what it was – an endorsement of my choice for my candidates who I feel will serve Manhattan Beach best. Have there been Mayors in the past who have endorsed based on partisanship? Absolutely, and it was their right to do that too. Everyone has a vote and a voice and can exercise them as they see fit, and others are entitled to disagree but they’re not entitled to silence that vote or voice just because they don’t agree.

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The Mayor Of Manhattan Beach

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Abby Waddell Real Estate Specialist.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Jen Caskey

Of Jen Caskey Group

–I’ve lived here my whole life (don’t ask), minus my four years at USC. After college, I moved back to begin my real estate career and have been here ever since – over 30 years.

–Manhattan Beach is truly unlike any other town in California: we have an incredible 2-mile coastline bordered by the Strand; beautiful neighborhoods; a fantastic public school system; award-winning restaurants; upscale shopping; and an engaging community with so many beloved traditions, from the Hometown Fair to the Six-Man Volleyball tournament. A combination you just can’t find anywhere else!

–That it maintains its small-town feel and unique characteristics despite its growth. I think that it will as long as residents continue to engage in the community and ensure the continuation of our many wonderful traditions.

–I love movies and don’t have a particular favorite, but anything funny is on the top of my list…

–Honestly it’s hard to pick the one book that’s impacted me most, but the Diary of Anne Frank and Little Women are both up there. Not just because they are about girls, but because they’re about resilience and the strength of the human spirit.



MB Police Chief Johnson swore in our newest officer, Officer Kim who comes to us from a nearby South Bay agency with over 15 years of law enforcement experience.

Tapizôn Bar & Kitchen:

BEIJO – means Kiss in English. Come get a Beijo from us and try this delicious refreshing drink.



“I am new to Manhattan Beach, and MB Weekly has been a gift to me on my new journey.” —- Ali W., Manhattan Beach


“Sorry if there’s sand back there. I went to Manhattan Beach once ten years ago.”



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1. ** We used to go to the Manhattan Beach Historical Society museum and attend their meetings, but now their new management isn’t doing anything. —- Sherry A., Manhattan Beach

2. ** Shame on Mayor Steve Napolitano and Mayor Pro Tem Richard Montgomery for running a full-page ad in the Beach Reporter on 10/27/22 endorsing Amy Howorth and David Lesser. As Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Calling Amy Howorth and David Lesser moderates is comical. They are supposed to represent all the people of Manhattan Beach and have no business sticking their noses in a partisan election. Call Howorth and Lesser moderates is comical. They are as “woke” as they come. —- Arthur P., Manhattan Beach

3. ** What act(s) of kindness did you experience this week? Tell us at MBWeekly@TimeWire.net

4. ** Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is a stone-cold idiot. I wouldn’t hire her to cashier at Denny’s. Not smart enough. —- Lance G., Manhattan Beach

5. ** Sports icons like Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe refuse to stand for the national anthem and are rewarded with multi-million dollar endorsements and prestigious awards. Why? —- Dani M., Manhattan Beach

6. ** Why are elite co-eds turning to TikTok and Snapchat to connect with lonely men who pay for their attention? ‘Less work, more money. Passive income stream.’ —- Horrace C., Manhattan Beach

7. ** It is a dark time in America as regular folks are getting badly hurt. Charles Dickens, an expert on departed apparitions, would be the guy to portray it literature. This coming Christmas, late at night, Joe Biden and Karine Jean-Pierre should have one image ‘Top of Mind:’ the ghost of prosperity past. —- William R., Manhattan Beach

8. ** The Kettle has long seemed to be well cared for – a place where the owners, and the customers, feel a lot of pride in this South Bay treasure. Oh, yeah, the servers are actually nice and smile. —- Arlene H., Manhattan Beach

9. ** Joe Biden’s cognitive deficits are increasingly apparent, even to the most amateur observer. Whether he has dementia at this point is immaterial. Half the world thinks he does and that weakens the United States and imperils us all. —- Dr. Lawrence C., Manhattan Beach

10. ** Let’s Keep Manhattan Beach, Manhattan Beach! —- Mark Burton, Manhattan Beach

11. ** I am sick and tired of watching public leaders in Manhattan Beach refuse to control the growing coyote problem. Talk, talk, talk. No action. —- Lesley W., Manhattan Beach

12. ** In town, I often come across Realtors who don’t carry business cards. What kind of morons are these people? —- Evelyn P., Manhattan Beach

13. ** The Corner Bakery in M.B. will have to get its sh*t cleaned up and together because it won’t survive the renovation in the surrounding area to stand on par with the quality of the shops and restaurants popping up. First of all, the place is filthy. Walking in a line of tables cluttered with dishes and even when I got a cleared table. —- Alejandra T.

14. ** My son’s E-bike was stolen in Él Segundo at the Vitamin Shoppe parking, it’s black and said Strand and had broken the back seat, he needs it to go to school every day. I’m a single mother, it’s upsetting what happened. —- Jenny Gomez, Hermosa Beach

15. ** HELP WANTED: Award-winning Personal Chef business seeking a professional Chef with a minimum of 2 years of formal culinary experience. We are looking for a temporary part-time Chef that could grow into a permanent full-time position with growth opportunities into a leadership role. Pay will be dependent upon meal prep experience, speed, and availability. The range will be $20-30/hr. E-mail: Tracy@SetTheTableLA.com

16. ** Are they letting young men in the ladies’ lockers at Mira Costa? I that possibly true? —- Miranda B., Manhattan Beach

17. ** I got a flu shot at the Exer Urgent Care in Manhattan Beach. It was simple and fast, and insurance paid for it all. Highly recommended. —- Gil C., Manhattan Beach

18. ** My kids are grown and drive cars, so I don’t have THAT worry, but I am very concerned about the kids on the e-bikes in town. I see it happen too often when they don’t pay attention, and there are so many near misses. What is it going to take? Is one of your kids getting injured or, worse, KILLED?? The sad part is when an accident happens, the blame will be on the driver of the car or truck, not the kid who refuses to look or stop at the signals and stop signs. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE talk to your kids. It breaks my heart when they get hurt! —- Paula W., Manhattan Beach

19. ** October, November, December feels like Friday, Saturday, Sunday of the year. —- Henry C., Manhattan Beach

20. ** It’s not til you work a retail job that you realize 85% of people are dumb as rocks. —- Deborah H., Manhattan Beach

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