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According to a recently MB Weekly reader poll, a little over 40% of readers in Manhattan Beach and surrounding South Bay communities has experienced feelings of “burn out.” Burnout, as it is defined, is not a medical condition – it’s “a manifestation of chronic unmitigated stress,” explained Dr. Lotte Dyrbye, a physician-scientist who studies burnout at the Mayo Clinic. The World Health Organization describes burnout as a workplace phenomenon characterized by feelings of exhaustion, cynicism, and reduced efficacy.


Q: Reliable sources indicate that the Police Department in Manhattan Beach has been understaffed for at least three (3) years. Who do you think should be held responsible for that serious problem?
A: This is a simple answer that follows a process called “chain of command.” The Police Chief puts in a hiring request to the Human Resource Department on the open position(s). The Human Resources Director, Lisa Jenkins, then should start a recruitment process to fill the position(s). The role of City Manager, Bruce Moe, is to supervise Lisa Jenkins and ensure that she fills the positions in a timely and efficient manner. It is then the ultimate responsibility of The City Council to supervise Bruce Moe and ensure that the needed police positions are filled. Since the police positions have not been adequately filled in over 3 years the responsibility for this serious problem starts at the top: The City Council, then with the City Manager, Bruce Moe, and then the Human Resources Director, Lisa Jenkins. The Police Chief will also have responsibility if he or she does not properly communicate to the City Manager the importance and extremely urgent need to fill the open positions to adequately provide police protection to our city.

Q: What is the most serious problem facing Manhattan Beach in the next year?
A: Public Safety remains the most serious problem and is my top concern for Manhattan Beach. This is not just being proactive against the rising crime, getting more police on our streets, but also developing and implementing plans to address e-bike safety and traffic violations.

Q: Are you pleased with the city manager’s job over the last year or two?
A: When I apply a common sense approach to this evaluation, I do not feel the City Manager is doing an adequate job of managing the department heads within our city. Significant overtime (~10M in 2 years) with the police and fire departments. This overtime has not been reduced and therefore, significant vacancies throughout city staff still exist. This has a widespread effect on all city operations, inefficiencies in the budget, our residents and businesses.

Q: Do you see enough police presence in the downtown area after the brazen smash-and-grab robbery two months ago?
A: I’ve spent time with the folks at Pasha and many other downtown business owners. Many share my concern that there has not been an increase in police presence since the brazen attack in our city. I think this directly ties back to the staffing issues our Police force is having as discussed in question #1. The Police and our city need the support and accountability from our HR Director, City Manager, and City Council to properly staff and backfill positions and prevent this type of crime.

Q: Will you choose to use pronouns next to your name?
A: I don’t plan to, but I certainly respect the individual wishes of others and my fellow candidates that may choose to do so.

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?
A: My favorite movie of all time has recently changed to Top Gun: Maverick. At this time in our conflicted country, not only was this an incredible film and a blockbuster, but it was pro-American. I certainly left feeling proud of our great nation and all of our incredible Armed Forces.


Famous Sprinkles Cupcakes Bakery Opens In Manhattan Beach:

Iconic bakery Sprinkles Cupcakes opened a new location in Manhattan Beach Village and offered complimentary Red Velvet cupcakes to the first 50 guests who showed up on opening day. The Manhattan Beach location will feature one of the company’s iconic Cupcake ATMs in the near future. “Sprinkles continues to grow and we are thrilled to open our third new location this year, and this time in beautiful, Manhattan Beach,” said Sprinkles CEO Dan Mesches. “Our fans have been asking us to open a bakery here and we had to oblige! Sprinkles’ iconic cupcakes, cookies, brownies and layer cakes, all baked fresh daily, will be available and our world-renowned cupcake ATM is also coming soon to delight guests.” Sprinkles will offer their classic flavors at the location as well as seasonal flavors just in time for Halloween. Flavors like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Red Velvet will get festive makeovers to celebrate the season.


Benefit luncheon for breast cancer at @slayitaliankitchen with Dr. Susan Love and @drsusanlovefoundation her Foundation for fighting to end this disease. Photo of Dana Leiken Richards and acclaimed chef David Slay.


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by Dan Humbert

Measure MB was written by the CEO of a Cannabis Dispensary empire to REQUIRE the city to license Cannabis Dispensaries. This is his business expansion-plan that allows him to operate his shops per the rules he wrote. No term, NO new taxes required. In our Downtown, El Porto – anywhere he can. Dispensaries are full of two things – cash, and product (easily turned into cash) and are prime targets for violent crime, requiring the redeployment of our police – at the expense of our Safe Neighborhoods. So It’s high-crime shops infringing on our community. How could we NOT fight this measure? NO on Measure MB!


Pado Dumpling Noodle & Cocktail Bar at 1017 Manhattan Ave, (310) 376-1536.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Roy

Roy Has Been Working In Manhattan Beach Since April 2020


Do you usually follow your brain more than the heart?
Are you usually friends with your ex?
Have you ever written someone a love poem?
Have you fallen in love at first sight?
Have you ever been put behind bars?
Have you ever fallen asleep at school or work?
Have you ever run away from your house?

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Shopping in downtown Manhattan Beach. Feel free to send your photos to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net


Aerial view of Manhattan Beach, laid out on the sand dunes of the South Bay coast, circa 1920.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Mark McCracken

Beach e-Biking

–Beach E Biking is a new business in town that offers electric bike rentals and sales with a focus on customer service. All the e-bikes we carry are built in the USA by the Electric Bike Company. We offer the convenience of free delivery on rentals and our customers can rent from one day to a week or more. For those interested in buying an e-bike but who aren’t sure about how they ride or which model to choose, we offer many different models that you can try before buying one. These e-bikes are unique because you can design your own with custom colors and accessories and have it delivered in just a few weeks. We also offer private and corporate e-bike tours, mobile service and soon we will have e-bike safety classes available.

–The most challenging part is conveying to people how electric bikes can improve their lifestyle. Since our opening, we have noticed that electric bikes bring increased mobility to people who thought that their biking days were over. It has been fun seeing our customers find the joy in riding a bike again. Our beach communities are such a great place to enjoy the outdoors on a bike and the pedal assist feature makes the hills and longer distances more manageable. Fighting the wind on a strand ride to Santa Monica is no longer a problem with an e-bike.

–The most common safety mistake is not having a pre-ride safety routine that can be accomplished quickly and accurately. This routine can be the easiest way to avoid problems once you are on your e-bike and should include a check of the major e-bike components. These components include, but are not limited to, the wheels/tires, handlebar/brakes, lights/reflectors, LCD display/battery and seat. This routine should be more in-depth and extensive for e-bikes that you are unfamiliar with or that have not been used on a regular basis.

–Movies that include a sense of duty and perseverance sprinkled with a little levity top the list. Currently, Top Gun Maverick would be the favorite of all time. In addition to the fact that it is the sequel to the classic 80’s movie Top Gun, it also incorporates the characteristics I like with great cinematic qualities and an entertaining storyline.


Enrollment For The Manhattan Beach Unified School District 2022:


Prominent tech entrepreneur Ed Kushins along with thousands of other Manhattan Beach and surrounding South Bay community neighbors.

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By Scott Rackett

Manhattan Beach Dermatology

Not only is there helicopter parenting, but even worse is “snowplow parenting” where the parent arranges to have all potential difficulties and challenges removed from their child’s life. An example would be parents not only calling potential employers, but specifically asking the boss what questions their child will be asked in the interview so that the child can be prepped ahead of time.


Skechers Sues Hermès For Patent Infringement Over Shoe Soles:

Manhattan Beach’s Skechers U.S.A. Inc sued French luxury fashion house Hermès International in Manhattan federal court, alleging two brands of Hermès sneakers infringe a pair of Skechers design patents. Hermès’ Eclair and Envol designs violate Skechers’ patent rights for the “Massage Fit” soles in its “Go Walk” walking shoes, according to the lawsuit. Hermès did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


“And so the prince and the princess moved in together in Manhattan Beach because rent in the kingdom was CRAZY, and they lived comfortably ever after.”



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1. ** Blimps are one of the only forms of advertisement people are actually excited to see. —- Gail T., Manhattan Beach

2. ** Sausal Mexican restaurant in El Segundo is a disappointment. We sat at the bar to grab a lunch during work. The service wasn’t great – seemed like the regulars were the only ones who got attention. I ordered the spicy margarita and it looked like a glass of orange juice. The chicken in the salad tasted rubbery and I was concerned it wasn’t cooked all the way. It had no flavor and I struggled through it. I love modern Mexican places and the atmosphere looked awesome but the food and drinks are not good. —- Maddie H., El Segundo

3. ** Before we set our hearts too much on anything, let us examine how happy are those who already possess it. —- Arlene H., Manhattan Beach

4. ** Stolen package from my doorstep – 1300 Block 8th Street, East Manhattan at 1:06 PM. Did anyone else miss packages yesterday (9/13/22)? This has been reported to the police. —- Liz Hover, Manhattan Beach

5. ** If your female child was riding a pink bike, wearing a horseback riding helmet (thank you for that) she ran the stop sign on 2nd and Peck in front of my car. I was aware of her and stopped, but she seemed clueless as to her error in judgment. —- Jayne Horowitz, Manhattan Beach

6. ** For far too long, the L.A. Times’ journalistic integrity has been tainted by internal radical political agendas that put their priorities ahead of Angelenos. No wonder the paper has failed so miserably. —- Brittany S., Manhattan Beach

7. ** https://ktla.com/news/local-news/teen-hospitalized-after-hit-and-run-in-redondo-beach-suspect-at-large/ —- Chris Evan, Redondo Beach

8. ** Because of inflation, watching old episodes of ‘The Price Is Right’ is significantly less enjoyable. —- Emilio G., Manhattan Beach

9. ** Generally speaking, when you feel stupid it’s because you just got smarter. —- Erica A., Manhattan Beach

10. ** If you want your children indoctrinated, not educated, I strongly suggest you vote for Wysh “Woke” Weinstein for School Board. —- Newton T., Manhattan Beach

11. ** I think it’s very sad that someone has snapped off both chargers at the El Segundo City Hall car charging station for those of us with EVs. What is wrong with people? —- Tom Everitt, El Segundo

12. ** To be fair to the Manhattan Beach Police Department, I have seen a small number of police in the downtown area of late. Nowhere near enough but better than nothing has been the case for some time. —- Nadine K., Manhattan Beach

13. ** Adobe’s 2022 U.S. Trend Report found 73% of emoji users think people who use emojis are friendlier, funnier, and cooler than people who don’t. Personally, I think the world has gone mad! —- Buddy W., Manhattan Beach

14. ** We used to have a national identity built around the pursuit of excellence (winners). Our new national identity is built around victimhood (losers). Explains a lot, huh? —- Gloria B., Manhattan Beach

15. ** Beware of Costco gas station. Someone stole an iPad out of the car when we were pumping gas. Just reached in the window and carried it away. No description of the thief. —- Sue Motika, Manhattan Beach

16. ** I got my water bill on Friday, and it says I did not use any water in the last two months, this is clearly wrong. It says I owe $52 for service fees but nothing for water. —- Elizabeth Hankin

17. ** My sister from Hermosa Beach was a bit of a bridezilla herself. At her wedding, Katie changed the bridesmaid dresses at the last minute and put us in ones that we all hated. —- Georgia Z., Manhattan Beach

18. ** Someone STOLE MY CAR Yesterday, plus the person down the street (same car). I am sick to my stomach. If u see this car, PLEASE let me know (BLACK HYUNDAI SONATA 2012). Vehicle Color: Black, Make: Hyundai, Model: Sonata, Year: 2012, Type: Car, License Plate: 8YVA697 2920-2930 West 190th Street, Redondo Beach, CA —- Chanel Grey, Redondo Beach

19. ** Education, not indoctrination! We owe this to our kids. I intend to proudly vote for Johnny Uriostegui, Mike Welsh and Christy Barnes for School Board. Join me. —- Nicole D., Manhattan Beach

20. ** Religion tells children they are imperfect and must work on themselves. Secularism tells children that they are perfect and should work on everyone else. —- Spencer R., Manhattan Beach

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