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“The rise in crime here and regionally represents a threat to our residents, visitors and businesses.”

Q: What is, from your preceptive, the most significant problem facing Manhattan Beach currently?
A: The rise in crime here and regionally represents a threat to our residents, visitors and businesses. If the people here in Manhattan Beach aren’t safe or don’t feel safe, everything else suffers. I would add to that the rise in groups that seek to divide our community to push their own agendas. We’ve always had a healthy dialogue about issues in our community and it’s been a fairly honest and open discussion in the past. Unfortunately, we’re seeing a lot of anonymous misinformation and name calling replace actual discussion and that’s unhealthy for any community.

Q: What has most surprised you in your time on the City Council?
A: I can’t name any one thing that has surprised me at this point – what I do love about serving is that every day brings new challenges and new opportunities. It’s never boring and I never get tired of it and I truly appreciate the opportunity to serve.

Q: Do we currently have an adequate number of police in Manhattan Beach to create a strong feeling of safety?
A: We ask this question of the Chief every year and we’re assured we have what we need but please know that council always looking for more. While we still have historically low crime rates, those are meaningless statistics to anyone who’s been a victim of crime and we want people to feel safe in Manhattan Beach, period. We’ve added more officers and patrols in our commercial areas and we’re looking to hire more. It’s not just the big headline incidents we want to address either – it’s the little things too that make up our quality of life. But it can’t just be about the number of cops we have either – we could put a cop on every street corner and still have crime. We’re all responsible for keeping Manhattan Beach safe. Nothing is more disheartening than reading a post on Nextdoor about an incident days after it happened instead of folks calling 911 when it’s actually happening. So we encourage everyone to join their local neighborhood watch and get involved. Working together, we can all make our community a safer place. As the Chief says, “if you see something, say something.”

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?
A: I’m not sure if this counts, but I think Ken Burn’s “The Civil War” is among the best things put to film. I was raised on movies – foreign, domestic, silent, etc. so I have a long list of favorites, but the facts and the telling of The Civil War is unparalleled in my book.

Q: What changes have occurred in the City since the horrific, brazen smash and grab a little over a month ago?
A: I’m not sure why this was ever called a “smash and grab” – it was well coordinated armed robbery. The investigation is active and ongoing and I understand there are leads that can’t be discussed. We’ve increased patrols downtown with our cops on bike and foot as well as vehicle patrols throughout the city. As I said at the time, it was more than just an attack on a store owner, it was an attack on our entire community and it’s being treated as such.

Q: Do you use Pronouns in your official City work?
A: No, I still maintain my amateur status.




According to a scientific sample of our 28,100 MB Weekly readers, at the age of 12, only 34% of participants slept at least eight hours. This statistic fell even further as the adolescents got older, falling to 23% at 14 and 19% at 16. Boys tended to sleep even less than adolescent girls. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, six to 12-year-olds should sleep for nine to 12 hours nightly, while 13 to 18-year-olds should sleep eight to 10 hours each night.


General Manager Jacob of SLAY Steak and Fish in Manhattan Beach.


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Experts Say Dead Humpback Whale Spotted On Half Moon Bay Beach Likely Struck By Ship:

A dead humpback whale washed up at Manhattan Beach in Half Moon Bay on Sunday, which is just south of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The whale was first reported by beachgoers around 3 p.m., says the Marine Mammal Center. Scientists at The Marine Mammal Center suspect the humpback whale died due to injuries “consistent with a ship strike.” A team of experts from the Center and partners at the California Academy of Sciences performed a necropsy, or animal autopsy, on the dead whale to determine its cause of death.

Suspect In Deadly Dockweiler Beach DUI Crash Was Out On Bail For Prior DUI:

The family of a 21-year-old woman killed in a suspected DUI crash near Dockweiler Beach is demanding answers about the suspect, who police say was out on bail for a previous DUI earlier this year. The Los Angeles Police Department on Monday morning appeared at a news conference with the family of Jennifer Bledsoe-Bean, who was killed near Vista Del Mar and Imperial Highway on June 12. Police say the suspect, Neal Cooper, was arrested in February for a separate DUI case in Manhattan Beach and again on August 11 for the collision near Dockweiler Beach. He posted bail each time and was released. “One of the things that the family is upset about, and we’re not happy about either, is that despite his bail amount being set very high there was a bail reduction and he was able to bail out,” said LAPD Detective James Dickson.


Uncle Bill’s Pancake House in Manhattan Beach has been serving up delicious pancakes since 1961, and the current owners, have been here since 1973.

By Rachel Johnson

Police Chief

Based on recent calls MBPD has received regarding homelessness, noise complaints, and disorderly conduct, I would like to assure the community that the Police Department does not take these calls lightly. MBPD has dedicated additional resources to help us improve our response times to such quality-of-life issues.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Willi


Have you ever stolen money from a friend?
Have you ever experienced an earthquake?
Do you go to Dodgers games?
Would you get involved in an open relationship with someone?
Do you think that white lies are justifiable?

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By Mark Burton

Former Mayor of Manhattan Beach

Priority #1 should be expanding our MB Police Department by hiring more patrol officers, foot beat officers and establishing a Special Problems Unit for enhanced crime suppression and enforcement. Random and regular foot beat patrols in Downtown MB, North MB & El Porto and at the MB Mall are essential to prevent crime. As a former Prosecutor and General Counsel to LAPD and the Airport Police, I know that the presence of a police officer is the best deterrent to crime. Finally, we need to explore adopting a City Charter to hire our own City Prosecutor, in addition to providing our City with the greatest degree of local control of our zoning and land use matters.


President Joe Biden Announces His Intent To Nominate Manhattan Beach Resident To Serve As A Key Leader In His Administration:

Gene Rodrigues

Gene Rodrigues is the Nominee for Assistant Secretary of Energy (Office of Electricity), U.S. Department of Energy. Rodrigues is a nationally recognized expert in clean energy policy and programs with over 30 years of professional experience in the field. Rodrigues is a Vice President in the Energy, Environment and Infrastructure practice at ICF, a global advisory and digital services provider. Prior to joining ICF, Rodrigues garnered 23 years of industry experience at Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. During his tenure at SCE, he represented the company in regulatory proceedings and held leadership positions over the company’s portfolio of demand-side management programs and policies, which helped to ensure the provision of affordable, reliable, and resilient electric service for over 15 million people in Southern California. He and his wife make their home in Manhattan Beach.


Chase Meidroth has waited 21 years for this. T-ball led to Manhattan Beach Little League. The dream became clear when he was a Mira Costa Mustangs infielder. He wanted to play professionally.

By Phillip Cook

Manhattan Beach Financial Planner

The adage “short term pain for long term gain” comes to mind. The crazy inflation of the late ‘70s early ‘80s (13% plus) could not continue if consumers were going to have any buying power. Paul Volker, former chair of the Federal Reserve, jacked up interest rates to slow the economy. Slower economy equals more layoffs, equals fewer purchases (since money was dear) equals less demand equals lower prices. Bottom line is to slow demand. The inflation we’re seeing today is, to a large degree, what happens when the government increases the money supply. $13 trillion pushed out ($5.2 for COVID, $4.5 QE and $3 trillion for infrastructure) to offset the economic damage caused by Covid and to keep interest rates low. The $1 trillion of personal relief checks paid directly to taxpayers is probably why a lot of businesses can’t find enough workers. On August 14, an El Segundo Whole Foods employee told me that one specific part of the store wasn’t open because they are “short staffed.” Too busy spending free money to bother with working?

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Ben

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Two MBPD officers conducted a traffic stop in the El Porto neighborhood. During the traffic stop, officers recovered a concealed ghost gun from an 18-year-old passenger in the car. The subject was arrested and booked into the MBPD Jail and the illegally possessed gun taken off the street.


The folks of Manhattan Beach LOVE their pets. All told, 70% of households in the city owned a furry friend in 2022. Americans’ spending on their pets has skyrocketed in recent years, reaching over $123 billion in 2021.


Max First, 32, won the 45th Catalina Classic by paddling from Catalina Island to Manhattan Beach Pier in 5:26:05. Alex Merrill, 30, of Seal Beach came in second (5:29:09), followed by last year’ winner, Scott Clausen, 26, of Seal Beach (5:31:41).


El Segundo  •  Hermosa Beach  •  Redondo Beach

** A Los Angeles jury ordered the El Segundo Unified School District to pay $1 million to a former El Segundo Middle School student after failing to intervene when the teenager was bullied for almost a year. The District was found negligent, including in the training and supervision of its employees, which a jury deemed was a factor in the harm suffered by Eleri Irons, who was 13 years old in the fall of 2017 when the bullying started, according to court documents filed last week. Irons suffered PTSD and self-harmed as a result of the bullying, Irons’ attorney Christa Ramey said in a statement.

** LAX reported more than 1.8 million international travelers passing through the airport in July, a 97% increase compared to the same month last year. That contributed to a nearly 14% total increase in passengers in July compared to a year ago, with 6.3 million people passing through the gates.

** In appreciation of their support of Torrance Memorial Medical center, donors were invited to dinner under Air Force One at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum on July 30.


Russ Lesser, along with 28,100 other residents of Manhattan Beach and surrounding South Bay communities.

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A recent sample reader poll of the 28,100 weekly readers of MB Weekly has chosen Ercole’s 1101 as having the Best Dive Bar in Manhattan Beach. Ercole’s 1101 is a longstanding bar offering draft beer, pub food & billiards in a laid-back, neon-lit setting.



Brunch in Manhattan Beach? “This fifth wine has bright apple and pear notes, with just the barest hint of a blinding headache.”


Beautiful sunny day in Manhattan Beach. Come take a stroll into the streets around Downtown Manhattan, the Pier, and The Strand bike path.




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1. ** Now hiring: Urban Plates in Manhattan Beach, call 424-350-0393 or apply online at www.urbanplates.com/careers.

2. ** With the open borders, it’s easy for criminals to enter our state and bring more violence and crime to our cities. These crimes can be well organized and each store should be more aware and prepared for unexpected robberies and violence. Our law enforcement must be alert for unexpected violence. —- Bonnie Scali, Manhattan Beach

3. ** On our recent vacation, our grandson’s luggage never arrived to our location after being lost. We needed to purchase clothes for a 10-year-old who only had what was worn to travel in. We arrived at a port and went directly into a store to buy him a few shirts. The owner took pity on us when I told him about our grandson’s missing luggage and gave me two additional nice shirts in the bag. It brought tears to my eyes, and I will never forget it. —- Lauren C., Manhattan Beach

4. ** All the Manhattan Beach world is a stage, and most are desperately unrehearsed. —- Paymon A., Manhattan Beach

5. ** Is there an afterlife – life after this life ends? There probably isn’t a human being who hasn’t asked this question at one time or another. And here’s the answer: If there is a God, there is an afterlife. It’s that simple. —- Claude K., Manhattan Beach

6. ** The problem with lawyer jokes is that lawyers don’t think they’re funny, and the rest of us don’t think they’re jokes. —- Stacey L., Manhattan Beach, a former lawyer

7. ** Raise your Google search ranking. Guaranteed. —- www.PRPrime.net

8. ** David Slay just opened a new restaurant in Hermosa. —- Victoria T., Manhattan Beach

9. ** Sometimes, honest to God, I think that not having to worry about your hair is a secret upside of death. —- Hailey B., Manhattan Beach

10. ** It’s hard to imagine how we could screw up higher education any more than we already have, but we’re about to – if we make sweeping student loan forgiveness a reality. —- Cici W., Manhattan Beach

11. ** We own Handel’s Ice Cream. A few years ago one of our customer’s grandsons was in a coma from a skateboarding accident whereby he didn’t wear a helmet. He lost the ability to go to UCSB. He almost died, so when I see children without helmets, I will remind them. —- Susan Danylik, Redondo Beach

12. ** I stopped my car at a three-way stop when I saw two preteens on an E-bike approaching the stop sign in the opposite direction. I assumed they were going to blow through the stop sign, so I patiently waited for them to go through the only reason I’m posting is that this could be very dangerous and distracting for some drivers. If these are your kids, please tell them to knock it off before they cause an accident that could also hurt them. —- Luna N., Redondo Beach

13. ** How about this for a new concept? Personal responsibility means holding yourself accountable for your words and actions, instead of blaming others or making constant excuses. It means taking responsibility for your own successes, but also – and this is even more important – for your own failures. —- Coach J.L., Manhattan Beach

14. ** My ex-husband was said to have two kinds of blood coursing through her veins: on her left side, her blood was lethal; on her right side, it was life-giving. —- Samantha G., Manhattan Beach

15. ** I don’t understand what the point of this is, but I woke up to what seems to be someone’s failed attempt to steal my FRONT? License plate… & then proceeded to lift my wiper blades, and to top it off, they removed my for sale sign from the back window? This happened on my property, right outside of my dining room, last night. I can’t decide where to be upset or concerned for this person’s mental health. —- Javier Mauleon, Torrance

16. ** There is no actual donkey in the Donkey Kong game. —- Sissy V., Manhattan Beach

17. ** So my husband’s car and my car both got broken into. He parked his car in the garage, right in front of our apartment. They broke into his car which was inside the garage, took his extra iPhone chargers and his ID but left $20 dollars for some reason. Be careful we never thought that in our quiet neighborhood, this would happen —- Perla Castellon, Redondo Beach

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