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By John Altamura

Mr. Altamura has been both a homeowner and business owner in Manhattan Beach for 54 years.

“The crime rate is significantly up in MB as it is in all of L.A. I wonder if our Fearless Leader George Gascón would even prosecute these robbers even though they used a gun. Why not rob, steal, threaten, car jack or commit any number of crimes, NO ONE is going to jail. There are NO CONSEQUENCES. They probably would have all gotten citations with a promise to attend court in 3 months. What a joke law enforcement has become in L.A. You get what you vote for, and the City of L.A. and surrounding areas are getting the DA they voted for. How is that working out in the Minority neighborhoods that are mostly liberal and are bearing the brunt of these crimes. Even in Woke West L.A. and Hollywood, you cannot walk down the street wearing an expensive watch or rings without it being stolen right on Rodeo Drive.”


Almost a century ago, the city of Manhattan Beach seized the properties that make up the park known today as Bruce’s Beach. In 1995, the two parcels closest to the ocean were transferred to Los Angeles County.

By Mark Francis Burton

Former Mayor of Manhattan Beach

“I have always believed that the cornerstone to making Manhattan Beach a great city to live, raise your family and successfully age is public safety. Being safe. Now, crime is rising and we need to be proactive. Since police presence is the number one deterrent to crime, we need to hire more patrol officers, deploy more patrol officers and institute regular foot beat deployment in Downtown MB, North MB/El Porto and the MB Mall. We also need to adopt a City Charter so we can hire our own City Prosecutor and keep our MBPD and MBFD Departments.”


A man and woman visit Bruce’s Beach in Manhattan Beach.

L.A. Dodgers Star Chris Taylor Snags Manhattan Beach Home for $6M:

Los Angeles Dodgers star Chris Taylor has put down some MB roots. In May, the versatile infielder-outfielder scooped up a brand-new build in Manhattan Beach for $6 million. Previously, the man known as CT3 rented a penthouse a few blocks away for $8,500 a month. It had two bedrooms and a deck with ocean views.


Wendi lived in Manhattan Beach in the summer of 2017.
She continues to visit regularly.


Are you claustrophobic?
Have you ever fainted?
Have you ever gotten surgery?
Have you ever had a near-death experience?
Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

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By David Harris

Wealth advisor

“The bystander video proves once again the importance of community. Although the perpetrators wore hoodies and face coverings, the video shows the license plates of at least two of the get-away cars. While those cars are likely stolen and dropped a few blocks away, the video gives important clues to the police for apprehending these thieves. Fortunately, no one was injured, but property crimes like this hurt the whole community. It’s important to be observant and if you see something, say something. This group no doubt cased the place and planned their robbery. Too bad it was not a busy evening. I could just see traffic blocking the alley just as they tried to drive away!”


Manhattan Beach musicians prepare to play at Disney Concert Hall.

Michael Zislis

A visionary entrepreneur, restaurateur, hotelier and philanthropist, Mike Zislis has captivated consumers with a cavalcade of well-loved and highly successful establishments. He brewed his first beer for a school science experiment when he was 13. By the time he was a student at USC, he was a master brewer. In the late ‘80s, Zislis opened his own brew pub, one of the first in California, Manhattan Beach Brewing Company. Soon after, he opened a second brew pub in nearby Redondo Beach, then more up and down the coast. In 2000, he introduced Rock’N Fish, a seafood and steak house in Manhattan Beach. He has since opened additional Rock’N Fish restaurants.



On June 3, a burglar who is thought to be a member of a professional burglary gang scales a third-story balcony to enter a house in the Hill Section. Photo captured on security video.


Award-Winning Private Chef

Tracy’s passion and interest in food started at the early age of 11. Growing up, her family owned a well-known grocery business in Palo Alto, Calif., for 65 years. Using the freshest ingredients, her mother and grandmother taught her everything they knew about cooking and baking. It was then she found her zest for preparing delicious, natural meals and her excitement with food started to flourish. In 2014, Tracy founded Set The Table Personal Chef Services to share her passion for food with others. Recently Tracy was selected by Access Hollywood as its Food Stylist.

When Tracy isn’t in the kitchen, you will find her exploring the outdoors, hiking, or tending to her garden. She enjoys Pilates and Gyrotonic Bodywork and is always ready for her next deep tissue massage. Currently, she’s learning how to play the guitar and loves animals so she enjoys visiting with all her clients’ furry friends.



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By Steve Revel

As of Friday night, a week ago, Manhattan Beach is under attack. These are words well worth considering. Military strategist Sun Tzu on preparation: “The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” –Source: The Art of War.


The recent holiday spirit at SLAY Steak + Fish.

Farmers’ Market Health Survey:

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is currently investigating an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness after several people became ill from eating foods from the Manhattan Beach Farmers’ Market on June 21, 2022. We would like you to fill out this survey whether or not you became sick after eating at this location. All personal information is kept strictly confidential. We ask that you complete the survey as soon as possible. This survey link will be closed as of Friday July 8, 2022. This is an anonymous, open link and can be shared with anyone who may want to fill out the survey and does not receive an email. If you have any questions you can email FoodSafety@ph.lacount.gov


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“This summer, in Manhattan Beach, I’m going backpacking across a sleeping woman’s bedroom floor.”


1. ** Personally, I don’t care about precedent. As the saying goes, tradition is peer pressure from dead people. I also don’t believe in being a slave to the Constitution. It wasn’t self-evident to the founding fathers that Black people should be free and women should have the right to vote. That’s why we have amendments! —- Elaine W., Manhattan Beach

2. ** Coyotes can breed with both wolves and dogs. For example, a type of coyote hybrid named the eastern coyotes contains genes of both wolves and dogs and are known as “coywolves” and “coydogs.” —- Dr. Patrick G., Manhattan Beach

3. ** Parents, don’t despair. Dyslexia has affected some of history’s greatest figures, including Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, and Prof. Stephen Hawking. Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Steve Jobs – who went on to build billion-dollar companies – have also dealt with developmental dyslexia. Now, scientists have discovered people with the learning disorder actually have special skills that have enabled our species to survive. —- Ashley Z., El Segundo

4. ** I heard that today, that a mob of bikers were on the bike trail again breaking all the bike laws. Why don’t the Manhattan Beach Police do something about this? This is clearly breaking the law and safety of others. —- Steve Roddey, El Segundo

5. ** The recently nightmarish smash and grab in Manhattan Beach was indeed a 9/11 moment for our community. We are under attack and utterly unprepared for what happened. Shame on us. —- Linda Z., Manhattan Beach

6. ** Cindy Carvel and Misty Frasier bring over 25 years of combined Real Estate experience to your real estate transaction in the South Bay. https://cindyandmisty.com

7. ** I can’t wait for Thanksgiving dinner at The Kettle. —- Rose P., Manhattan Beach

8. ** Assaults at stores have been increasing at a faster pace than ever imageable. Some workers are tired of fearing for their safety and will ultimately fight back. Trust me. —- Phillip C., Manhattan Beach

9. ** Suzanne Hadley is a common-sense public servant. We are lucky to have her. —- Allison (Ali) S., Manhattan Beach

10. ** After a recent trip to St. Louis, I finally made it back home in Los Angeles. But by the time my plane touched down in Burbank, I had spent $800 on a one-way ticket after the original flight was canceled. I slept on the floor at Salt Lake City International Airport after being rebooked, flight also was canceled. Three days after arriving home, my luggage showed up. Don’t fly unless you absolutely have to! —- Lisa P., Manhattan Beach

11. ** The word on the street needs to become that if you’re thinking about a place to rob and not get caught, you’d best stay away from the South Bay. —- Mike Simpson, Manhattan Beach

12. ** Every city has its charlatans and rogues, including Manhattan Beach. —- Lawrence K., Manhattan Beach

13. ** I doubt there will be any sort of moment when the Sean Hannitys and Laura Ingrahams of the world will tell the faithful: We were wrong; we made an idol of the wrong man. But after January 6th, there may be a quiet drifting away. —- Gloria N., Manhattan Beach

14. ** 5 months in probation camp for the teen who plowed his car into a mom and her 8-month-old son. We must recall District Attorney George Gascon. https://www.recalldageorgegascon.com/

15. ** LA Times relies on the Bruce’s Beach History Report on our city website and repeats multiple falsities about Manhattan Beach. BruceBeachGetTheFacts@gmail.com (BBGTF)

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