MB Weekly Bonus Edition 08/13/2023


Former MB Mayor Russ Lesser and his wife Charlotte.


Jacob, the General Manager at the new Bruxie in El Segundo.


Two happy team members at Slay Italian Kitchen in Manhattan Beach.


Community activist Rita Crabtree (left) and (right) City Council member Joe Franklin and Hometown Fair volunteers at the opening of the new Dunkin Donuts in Manhattan Beach.


Mandeep Singh, owner of Oath Pizza in El Segundo.


Owner of the new Dunkin Donuts in Manhattan Beach.


A busy grand opening at the new Bruxie in El Segundo. (left) Three happy team members at the new Bruxie in El Segundo.


Annie, General manager at Slay Steak and Fish in Manhattan Beach.


Eric, owner of Brazilian restaurant Tapizon in El Segundo.



** The Fed actually has two levers to try to tame inflation. Interest rates and the money supply. Remember quantitative easing and tightening? So far the Fed’s efforts have proven effective with inflation coming down from its high of 9.1% [9.06%] in June 30, 2022, to 3.0% [2.97% U.S. Inflation Rate USIR] June 30, 2023. However, employment remains tight with unemployment at 3.6%. The economy remains resilient despite tighter credit from lenders and a number of significant labor strikes. The problem is the lag between Fed action and results in the economy. The Fed doesn’t know the effect of their action until months later. Will we avoid a recession? The concensus opinions are moving toward probably avoid a recession. Nevertheless, corporate profits may soften and deflation will likely affect segments of the economy. So, there will be pain. But, probably not the widespread disruption and ills of a full blown recession. —- David L. Harris, Wealth Advisor – www.harrisadvisory.com

** The stock market (S & P 500 year-to-date performance +19.61%) is telling us that if there is a recession, it won’t be much of one. —- Phillip Cook, Certified Financial Planner – www.cookandassoc.com

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Green living room in Manhattan Beach.


** I attended this city council meeting, and I was very proud that Amy Howorth, Steve Napolitano, Richard Montgomery, and David Lesser represented Manhattan Beach. I could not say the same for Joe Franklin, who hid behind the guise of liability to avoid offering an apology. To Amy’s point, Joe was more than willing to subject us to tens of millions of dollars in liability when it came to Highrose. Is this the same mentality we saw from past city councils who got us into the Bruce’s Beach situation in the first place? Do we need to apologize for Joe Franklin? —- Brenda O’Leary, Manhattan Beach

** The role models of a public person usually indicate the beliefs and, therefore, the priorities of that elected official. The campaign pics people snap and display, their endorsements, their campaign contributions, etc., tell us where their heart is. So, when the mayor praises Alvin Bragg… that’s newsworthy. When a council member poses for pics with DA Gascon and gives Gascon money… that’s newsworthy. Neither Gascon nor Bragg is serious about fighting crime. Those who support them probably aren’t, either. —- Suzanne Hadley, Manhattan Beach

** Suzanne Hadley has a number, if not all, of the traits you would want city council members to have. She’s smart, uses common sense, and takes a longer-term, realistic view of the issues facing MB. Her business background creates fertile ground for figuring out how to run a city effectively. We could not ask for a more qualified, well-rounded person to sit on the council. MB’s residents and business owners are the worst because she was not re-elected to the city council. If Suzanne says the city council was remiss in timely reporting the two armed robberies over the Father’s Day weekend, the council was negligent. It is essential to rapidly spread the news of this type of event as we will all be more vigilant and aware of what is happening around us. The bad guys will soon get the message that MB is on high alert, and residents/business owners will likely spot trouble in time to get the police involved. In other words, too much trouble for too little gain. Thank you, Suzanne, for speaking out on this matter. —- Phillip Cook, Manhattan Beach

** Clearly, the City of Manhattan Beach desperately needs a City Prosecutor to file and prosecute misdemeanor crimes. By adopting a City Charter, we could have a City Prosecutor and maximum local control of zoning and land use matters. Although I have no interest in serving on our City Council, I am strongly interested in supporting candidates in next year’s City Council election who will commit to adopting a City Charter. I hope your family and friends will join me in that effort. —- Mark Burton, Former Mayor of Manhattan Beach

** As city officials prepare to introduce an ordinance officially designating Los Angeles as a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants, the Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday, July 18, approved a report outlining the LAPD’s continued commitment not to enforce immigration law. The 2022 report on Immigration Enforcement, Task Force Reporting Requirements, and Department Operations was unanimously approved by the police commissioners. This yearly report guarantees that the LAPD does not participate in any enforcement activities concerning immigration status violations. The study claims that in 2022, the LAPD received 783 detainer requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement; none were complied with. Let me see if I understand this correctly: Los Angeles proudly welcomes illegal aliens into our already decaying city. What kind of deranged people believe this is a good idea? Please consider this genius proposal the next time you find yourself waiting hours and hours in an emergency room in a hospital. —- Sara Garcia, El Segundo


Summertime and the livin’ is easy in Manhattan Beach. Feel free to send your photos to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net


** A creepy man FOLLOWED ME HOME from Whole Foods to threaten me? Ladies, be careful. There’s a predator roaming:( It gave me an anxiety attack. He hangs around Whole Foods and even followed me in the store. Person Hair: Thin gray, Top: Dark blue, Bottom: Jeans, Age: Old, Sex: Man, Race: White, Physical Build: Skinny Vehicle Color: Black, Make: Bike. —- Tara Leigh, Redondo Beach

** Mailbox thieves, keep your eyes open. At 11:30 p.m., an individual parked his skateboard and proceeded to steal the mail from our mailbox; a police report was made. Don’t leave mail out for them to steal. I believe there was an accomplice on the other side of the street, but it is not too clear. —- Dennis Taylor, Manhattan Beach

** Has anyone else had any packages stolen or delivered by FedEx? A neighbor and I had packages stolen in the last week delivered by FedEx. Our ring camera sensitivity was turned down, so we don’t have footage. There is proof of delivery, but the slim package was put in a bizarre location (on top of a slanted mailbox instead of inside or in a discreet location). —- Emily Taylor Miller, Manhattan Beach


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1. ** I love Manhattan Beach. —- Andrea E., Manhattan Beach

2. ** Nothing has changed regarding having a police presence downtown. Nothing. —- Mark B., Manhattan Beach

3. ** “Wokeism in the entertainment industry has made its way to Nashville.” Freedom and creating art go hand-in-hand, and wokeism is destroying both. —- Brenda R., Manhattan Beach

4. ** Honest to Go. There is little to no police presence downtown. I live and work downtown and see almost no police in the bustling downtown area. —- Jonathan A., Manhattan Beach

5. ** Smashburger in Manhattan Beach might be South Bay’s worst fun fast food restaurant. —- Arlene P., Manhattan Beach

6. ** From a distance, as a 35-year resident of MB, the Council and staff have done a very commendable job, day in and day out. I don’t believe a few dead plants deserve a formal inquiry. Tell the plants you are sorry, and let’s work on reducing crime and helping little old ladies cross the street this week. —- Tom A., Manhattan Beach

7. ** Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate you both highlighting and reporting on crime in MB. You are doing an excellent service to the community…in addition to countering the mainstream narrative of under-reporting (criminal in its own right)….not to mention dangerous for residents! Yesterday I was having lunch at The Source in HB and chatted with a fellow from India who was living in SF and fled last year to the South Bay with his wife… He knew about the armed robberies in MB because of … “MB Weekly”! Your reach is impact-full! —- Heidi R., Manhattan Beach

8. ** I thought the Mayor answered the questions very well. He has done the best for the City in his years of service. —- Ed M., Manhattan Beach

9. ** Boring news is an excellent indicator of a healthy society. —- Grant S., Manhattan Beach

10. ** You can lie about a dream, and everyone will believe you. —- Charlotte L., Manhattan Beach

11. ** I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it. HADLEY for Governor. —- Tom A., Manhattan Beach

12. ** Since the Greatest Generation, adults have become less and less adult. Our grandparents had to grow up during the Great Depression and World War II; they learned to “adult” long before becoming actual adults. —- Leonard S., Manhattan Beach

13. ** Monsters remain human beings. —- Harvey M., Manhattan Beach

14. ** Hi, I’m 14 years old and have a window cleaning company. If you are interested, call 424-400-1553 —- Adam Afify, Manhattan Beach

15. ** We were ranked “one of L.A.’s best Social Media teams.” Our data-driven approach can take your Social Media performance to a new level. —- www.BoundlessMediaUSA.com

16. ** Coyote — Sausalito Circle and Village Way. I was walking my dog, and it started chasing us. I picked up my dog and ran back home. How do we scare them off? I tried making noise at it. —- Stephanie L., Manhattan Beach

17. ** I love MB Weekly, and its no B.S. approach to our city. —- Clinton D., Manhattan Beach

18. ** Forgiven is the wrong description of these loans. Someone, somewhere, will pay for the loan. It will not just evaporate like a puffy cloud on a sunny day. What’s next, forgive car loans? Forgive home loans? I don’t think so. Let us take personal responsibility for what we sign up for unless you can get your rich uncle to help you. This subject is getting tiring. I didn’t go to college, and I’m a little miffed that some believe I should pay for their college. —- Tom A., Manhattan Beach

19. ** Do you really expect the Police Chief of Manhattan Beach to enforce the no camping law when she constantly refers to the homeless as our “unhoused neighbors”? —- Kim C., Manhattan Beach

20. ** No amount of belief makes something a fact. —- Jonathan L., Manhattan Beach

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