MB Weekly 08/10/2023

by Clay Tobias

1. Specify guidelines on when to discard unwanted items. Junk is likely to stop being a problem once clear guidelines are established. This is because any rule would be preferable to our implicit ones (such as “keep this broken stereo for five years in case I learn how to fix it”).

2. Avoid giving CDs as gifts. There is Spotify there. Instead, please provide them with merchandise from a band they enjoy. The band earns more money, and it’s more intimate.

3. Time and money are trade-offs when making purchases. Spend extra time looking for deals if you have a limited budget. If you’re pressed for time, skip the excellent offers and make a quick internet purchase.

4. Tea Steeping: Greens at 3, black at 4, and herbaceous at 5 minutes of steeping. It’s that easy to make good tea!

5. Food can be affordable, nutritious, delectable, and very easy to prepare. To prepare many meals for the week, just a few hours one day are needed.

by Mike Michalski

Manhattan Beach Realtor & Columnist

I was disappointed in the August 3 Q&A with Mayor Richard Montgomery. Instead of offering thoughtful and insightful answers to a number of serious questions posed by MB Weekly, he instead used that forum as an opportunity to indulge in frivolous attacks against a past City Council opponent, Mark Burton, and a former colleague on Council, Suzanne Hadley. He doesn’t specifically mention them by name but the references are obvious.

His criticism of Hadley is particularly ludicrous and lapses into revisionist history when he maligns her for expressing concern while on Council for the criminal-coddling policies of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, claiming that her condemnation of Gascon was unproductive and that “residents want council to focus on city issues that we can control.”

Is that so?

Apparently suffering from amnesia, Mayor Montgomery has forgotten that some 60% of Manhattan Beach’s residents voted against Gascon’s election in 2020, that Gascon’s policies have negatively impacted public safety here in Manhattan Beach (obviously a concern to residents) and that two years ago, Montgomery himself joined Hadley in a 4-1 Council vote of no confidence in Gascon.

He even appeared at a “Recall George Gascon” rally in Polliwog Park with Hadley and former DA Steve Cooley, as pictured below (that’s Richard on the right).

I feel that the Q&A format can be a valuable service to the public when used appropriately. Instead, with Mayor Montgomery’s responses, MB Weekly’s readers were treated to a display of petty political score-settling. The residents of Manhattan Beach deserve much better from their mayor.

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The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Rabbi Yossi Mintz
Part Two

The Friendship Foundation

A: My advice is very simple: approach each day with a day-by-day mindset. While the challenges may seem overwhelming, try to shift your focus to the positive aspects of your life. Cherish your relationships with family and friends, and engage in activities that bring you joy, such as hobbies or passions you may have. Taking an active role in the community, through volunteering and connecting with others, can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment. By stepping out of your home and engaging with people, you can create meaningful connections and find support during trying times. Remember to count your blessings and acknowledge the good things you have in your life. Focusing on gratitude can be a powerful tool in fostering a positive outlook and improving various areas of your life. While it may not be easy, taking small steps towards positivity and personal growth can be a transformative process. Embrace this step-by-step journey, and with time, it can lead to significant improvements in your overall well-being.

A: When reflecting on my life, both personally and professionally, there is only one regret that stands out for me. That regret is not placing a greater emphasis on continuous learning and seeking inspiration. I firmly believe that in order to make a significant impact on others, one must be a source of fire and passion themselves. To ignite the flame in someone else, you must possess that inner fire. Becoming an inspiration to others requires a commitment to constant growth and learning. It involves embracing the discomfort of stepping outside one’s comfort zone and making it a personal journey. By actively studying and exploring new things, we gain fresh perspectives and insights that fuel our own inspiration. While I am grateful for the life I am currently living, this regret serves as a reminder that personal growth and continuous learning are essential for becoming a source of inspiration. It is through this ongoing process that we can truly empower and positively influence the lives of others.

A: That’s an interesting question. At our core, we believe in embracing everyone, regardless of their background or origins. When it comes to intermarriage within Jewish life, it can indeed present certain challenges on many levels. Marriage itself is a complex journey, and unfortunately, many marriages face difficulties that may lead to divorce. In the context of intermarriage, one potential challenge is aligning the perspectives and values of partners coming from different backgrounds. The differences in cultural upbringing and focus on what they envision for themselves and their children’s future can create additional complexities and challenges. In my position, I have witnessed the impact of these challenges firsthand. However, it’s important to acknowledge that every marriage is unique, and no guarantees can be given regarding its outcome. However, if we can work toward aligning our faith, perspectives, and values of each other, it can lead to a more spirited and loving marriage. Addressing this topic requires more in-depth conversation, as it touches upon various aspects of life and relationships. I am open to discussing it further to gain deeper insights and understanding.


by Darby Winston
Smashburger in Manhattan Village

Honest to God, I don’t know how this place remains in business as I’ve never seen more than one person there at any time – day or night. It’s a literal ghost town of a restaurant with all the depressing spirit that it evokes. I have eaten here two or three times, and the food is OK though a bit pricey; as I said, the place is pathetically empty, and the small number of staff seems quite dispirited, not to mention third-tier in service or hospitality. Speaking of pricey, Smashburger has a $7.00 milkshake on the menu. Yikes! Sadly, like most chain restaurants, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in charge of the place, and it’s left to operate on its own. If Smashburger is still there in a year, I will be shocked. BTW, Smashburger seems quite an unfortunate name.

Food: B  •  Service: D  •  Atmosphere: F

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Fête Bistro by Slay:

Fete Is Now Open At 2:00pm
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday!



Celebrating a summer open house at Gallery 208 in downtown Manhattan Beach.

by Steve Revel

A few months ago, I was teetering on the brink of feeling overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities, afflicted by the ambient anxiety that seems to be an intrinsic part of life in the 2020s. I embarked on a personal endurance challenge to maintain – or maybe restore – my sanity. At similar moments, other people begin competing in grueling triathlons or head off on intensive meditation retreats. Me? I decided to give up listening to podcasts or music while running, driving, loading the dishwasher, or doing almost anything else. To focus, in other words, on what I was doing, one activity at a time. It was surprisingly hard. Once you’ve finished mocking me for treating such a trifling alteration to my habits like a grand existential struggle, I have one request: Try it. Identify the small tricks you use to avoid being fully present with whatever you’re doing, and put them aside for a week or two. You may discover, as I did, that you were unwittingly addicted to not doing one thing at a time. You might even come to agree with me that restoring our capacity to live sequentially – that is, focusing on one thing after another, in turn, and enduring the confrontation with our human limitations that this inherently entails – may be among the most crucial skills for thriving in the uncertain, crisis-prone future we all face.

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Lido Bakery:

Home of the Most Extraordinary Wedding Cakes


by Tara G.

Manhattan Beach

We all know what to do to feel better: drink more water, walk more, and indulge in less tequila binges. Another is meditation; studies have shown that it can assist with everything from anxiety and depression to better sleep, lower levels of stress, and the treatment of chronic pain. But it can be challenging to know where to begin if you’ve never meditated before. Start simple by doing five minutes of breathing exercises each morning to help clear your mind. According to Dr. Eva Tsuda, a meditation instructor at the UMass Memorial Health Center for Mindfulness, in addition to “setting the tone for the day,” meditating early in the day may also make the practice easier to maintain. In recent research of nearly 900,000 users of meditation apps, those who practiced in the morning had a higher likelihood of sticking with the habit.

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The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Mandy


Are you sick of the cold weather and rain this winter?
Who did you like better, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
Would you marry for money?
Do you see enough police in the downtown area of Manhattan Beach?
Do you ride an e-bike?
Have you ever dated a man 20 years older than you?
Do you sleep eight hours a night?

MB State Housing Element Law Compliant:

The City of Manhattan Beach was informed by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) that the Housing Element, as it had been submitted to HCD on May 31, had been judged to comply with the State Housing Element Law substantially. Each Housing Element update sent in by cities across California must have HCD certification. The Housing Element is an eight-year plan for addressing the city’s housing requirements while abiding by state housing regulations. In July 2021, city staff members started developing the 6th cycle Housing Element. “Our City Council has been dedicated to representing the needs of our residents and business community. Part of that has been maintaining as much control over the decision-making process as possible,” said Mayor Richard Montgomery. “This is a monumental step for the City and will allow us to maintain authority to issue residential and non-residential permits – keeping the integrity of our zoning laws and saving our small town character. …”

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Happy participants at MB Chamber mixer.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Melinda

Melinda has worked in Manhattan Beach since August 2001

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by Suzy Cawthon

Manhattan Beach

Last week our family was at Polliwog Park for the concert. We saw a young boy about 9 remove a turtle from the pond, put it on the grass, and walk with it. We went to the pond; we assumed he would gently lower the turtle in. Instead, he threw it with all his might far across the water. We were shocked. This is animal abuse and cruelty. Where were his parents to teach him compassion? We feel the Park should also monitor the people for animal protection. By the way, my daughter spoke to this kid, and he seemed totally unfazed. Very sad.

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A summer scene from Manhattan Beach… “I hate it when they dress you with their eyes.”


“Thank God we finally have an independent, spirited, unbiased publication to read and consider. Congratulations on your great success, MB Weekly.” —- Les M., Manhattan Beach


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by Yvonne Horvat Murphy

I called police dispatch on a man CAMPING illegally on the grassy knoll of the public space last night. They did not remove him or get him to a shelter. He is CAMPING there now… here are photos… please call and tell Police this is a NO CAMPING ZONE.

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It’s time to play…


  1. Professional Ice Skater?
  2. Dentist?
  3. Chief Operating Officer of Zislis Group?
  4. Veterinarian?

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1. ** There are no chaste minds. Minds copulate wherever they meet. —- Holly M., Manhattan Beach

2. ** California’s public education system is now ranked 29th out of the 50 states in the union. What a disgrace! —- Rebecca K., Manhattan Beach

3. ** MBPD hosted a California Office of Traffic Safety DUI & Drivers License checkpoint on Friday night on Manhattan Beach Blvd. at John St. and here are the stats: *780 Drivers Screened *3 DUI Drivers Arrested *4 Unlicensed or Suspended License Tickets *3 Vehicles Impounded. —- Editor’s Note

4. ** Good decisions flow downstream from good values. —- Lowell W., Manhattan Beach

5. ** Memo to young people: You Do Not Need To Take A Picture Of Every Single Thing You Experience In Your Life. —- Stella G., Manhattan Beach

6. ** Isn’t it long past time to admit that Hunter Biden is a crook? —- Natalie F., Manhattan Beach

7. ** MB Weekly Reader Question: How has an act of kindness – either given or received – affected you? —- Send your reply to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net

8. ** I fear Manhattan Beach is moving toward where Santa Monica was eight years ago. Careful! —- Dr. Kyle H., Manhattan Beach

9. ** The New York Times is now reviewing the best vibrators in its newspaper. I’m out! —- Claire Y., Manhattan Beach

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11. ** The cost of ice cream at the new Salt & Straw is a total rip-off. My entire family agrees. —- Patsy K., Manhattan Beach

12. ** Sushi Roku in Manhattan Beach offers pick-up and delivery for beach picnics and park concerts. —- Howard Z., Manhattan Beach

13. ** We are social creatures to the inmost center of our being. —- Devin H., Hermosa Beach

14. ** Our faces are the end product of thousands of people who loved each other’s faces. —- Roman C., Manhattan Beach

15. ** There’s no way to smell your fingers without looking suspicious. —- Jim T., Manhattan Beach

16. ** The ability to quickly unsubscribe from a subscription is a good indicator of how great a company is. —- Lois W., Manhattan Beach

17. ** The Manhattan Beach pier and the Strand have become disgustingly filthy with smeared dog feces, urine, cigarette butts, and trash. There are several e-bike riders and cigarette smokers on the Strand. Mayor Montgomery said enforcement is not a priority. —- Dr. Sharon A., Manhattan Beach

18. ** I spotted two coyotes eating a young cat outside my front window at 12:45 am yesterday. After working on my yard, they moved it to my neighbor’s and finished. It was horrifying. —- Anita G., El Segundo

19. ** What do you know about teachers’ unions? Suppose you think they support educators by negotiating better wages and working conditions. In that case, you may be shocked and disturbed that today’s teachers’ unions are well-funded, highly politicized organizations that are hurting – not helping – the public education system in America and keeping even the worst teachers protected. —- Lawrence G., Manhattan Beach

20. ** Covid — https://www.racket.news/p/so-friggin-likely-new-covid-documents And they wonder why trust in experts has collapsed. —- Virginia G., Manhattan Beach

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