MB Weekly Bonus Edition 07/16/2023


Coffee with the Mayor Richard Montgomery at Manhattan Village.


Prominent realtor Misty Frasier having lunch at Fishing With Dynamite.


Wooden Spoons at Urban Plates Manhattan Beach.


Manhattan Beach City Councilman Steve Napolitano at a Chamber of Commerce mixer.


Former Mayor Suzanne Hadley at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Manhattan Village.


Happy security guard at Downtown Bank of America.


Rita Crabtree at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Manhattan Village.


Fireplace at the Metlox Shopping Center.


Local columnist Mike Michalski.


208 Manhattan Beach Blvd.
Friday, July 21, 2023
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

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Manhattan Beach Former Rotary Club President Gerry Morton.


A New Survey From Massmutual Life Insurance Says 70% Of Americans Are Worried About Increasing Housing Costs

** That condition is undoubtedly due to the fact that most Americans are too busy spending to bother with building a solid financial foundation. Just got to have a new car, bigger TV, vacation to wherever and so on. This things come AFTER building a solid foundation. —- Phillip Cook, Investment Advisory

** More than housing costs, the losses in portfolio value in 2022 still weighs heavily on investor’s psyche. Yet the S&P 500 Index is up more than 12% YTD! —- Dave Harris, Wealth Advisor

** The housing market is a lot stronger than the Main Stream Media would like us to believe and here is why! One: The Current Mortgage Rate on Existing Mortgages First, let’s look at the current mortgage rate on existing mortgages. According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), as of the fourth quarter o last year, over 80% of existing mortgages have a rate below 5%. That’s significant! And to take that one step further, over 50% of mortgages have a rate below 4%. Now, there’s a lot of talk in the media about a potential foreclosure crisis or a rise of homeowners defaulting on their loans, BUT consider this, homeowners with such good mortgage rates are going to work as hard as they can to keep that mortgage and stay in their homes. That is because they can’t go out and buy another home or even rent an apartment, and pay what they pay today. Having so many homeowners with such low mortgage rates helps us avoid a crisis with a flood of foreclosures coming to market like there was back in 2008. Two: The Amount of Homeowner Equity Second, Americans are sitting on tremendous equity right now. According to the Census and ATTOM, roughly two-thirds (around 68%) of homeowners have either paid off their mortgage or have at leas 50% equity. In the industry, the term for this is equity rich. This is significant because if you think back to 2008, some people had to make the difficult decision to walk away from their homes because they owed more on the home than what it was worth. This time things are different because homeowners have built up so much equity, it helps us avoid another wave of distressed properties coming onto the market like we saw during the crash. It also creates an extremely strong foundation for today’s housing market. BOTTOM LINE: We are in one of the most foundationally strong housing markets of our lifetime! —- Tara Klein, Realator

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4TH of July celebration at the Manhattan Village homeowners community in Manhattan Beach.


** In America, corporate wokeism is rife. Previously restricted to the faculty lounges of the most left-leaning universities in America, wokeness has now spread to almost every organization in our society, including some of the most prominent and most recognizable businesses. Wokefulness is present everywhere, especially during Pride Month, from American beer firms to large merchants. You are constantly confronted with left-wing messaging about race, gender, and anti-Americanism when you turn on the T.V., go to the movies, or enter a big-box retailer. We’re done with it! —- Mr. and Mrs. Howard Benjamin, Manhattan Beach

** Corporate wokeism plagues America. Shoved down your throat! Wokeism has spread to practically every societal institution, including some of America’s largest and most recognizable organizations. During Pride Month, wokeness is everywhere. Left-wing themes on race, gender, and anti-Americanism are everywhere – on TV, in movies, and big-box stores. Enough. Vote with your wallet. —- Alana H., Manhattan Beach

** Have the L.A. Dodgers lost their mind? The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, drag performers from San Francisco who have offended Catholics by appearing as nuns and participating in fictitious crucifixions, were invited, this time by the Dodgers. They were then asked to Pride Night by the Dodgers. They didn’t explain why. Imaginary nuns disparaging the Dodgers’ predominantly Catholic fan base didn’t make any sense. (The marketing company Portada estimates that 2.1 million of the 3.9 million attendees at Dodger games in 2022 were Latino.) Maybe it was because drag queens started to gain attention between 2022 and 2023. Suddenly, righteous people were expected to be concerned about them and think that they were to be honored, even by young people in libraries…Get woke, go broke. —- Darby Winston

** While reparations aim to address historical injustices, it is crucial to consider the potential drawbacks and challenges that arise with their implementation. Practical hurdles, the erosion of personal responsibility, the allocation of limited resources, and the risk of overshadowing progress warrant careful evaluation before embracing reparations as a policy in California. By engaging in comprehensive discussions and exploring alternative approaches, society can strive for true reconciliation without inadvertently exacerbating divisions. —- Sara Garcia, El Segundo


An aerial view of the famous Manhattan Beach pier. Feel free to send your photos to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net


** Let’s talk straight. The problem with wild coyotes in Manhattan Beach is getting worse and worse by the week. I’ve had several neighbors take photographs, call the city, and the problem continues to expand, putting pets and young children in danger. It’s time to take more drastic action as the situation worsens. —- Clay Tobias

** Trap all the coyotes. —- Tim T., Manhattan Beach

** I disagree with trapping coyotes. —- Steven N., Manhattan Beach

** I agree with trapping the coyotes. —- Sherri B., Manhattan Beach

** The thing to do is go out to the desert, capture some road runners, bring them to Manhattan Beach, and turn them loose. That will occupy the coyote’s time….problem solved. —- Tom A., Manhattan Beach

** I am not impressed with the City saying they may spend $35,000. To hire a consultant to teach us how to live with Coyotes. Is the goal that we will have friendly and tame Coyotes who will not kill our outside pets or harm our children when they are outside? This is not a mountain community where wildlife lives. This is a highly populated city where we expect to be safe from wildlife that can kill and eat pets whenever they are hungry. —- Nina Michaels, Manhattan Beach


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1. ** MB Weekly is the largest digital publication (by far) in the South Bay. —- Editor’s Note

2. ** Regarding Affirmative Action for colleges, there’s something very offensive to most people about being judged, not by their achievements, work ethics, or accomplishments, but just by being considered based on something they had no control over. —- Dr. Melanie G., Manhattan Beach

3. ** Woke Disney Lost Almost $900 Million On Last 8 Films. —- Claudia E., Manhattan Beach

4. ** Poor Putin never got the memo! Machiavelli: “The mercenary captains are either capable men or they are not; if they are, you cannot trust them because they always aspire to their greatness, either by oppressing you, who are their master, or others contrary to your intentions; but if the captain is not skillful, you are ruined in the usual way.” —- Dwayne W., Manhattan Beach

5. ** Please join us on Wednesday, July 19th, at 6 p.m. in the Manhattan Beach Library as Eric Martin, our Aquarist and Facilities Director, discusses the behaviors and history of 3 separate resident pods of dolphins using spectacular drone videos of these incredible sea animals! —- Mark Burton, Manhattan Beach

6. ** Today, a young African American woman broke into a house in R. Beach while people were inside! She was standing in my room when the police were called. R.B. police arrived in 5 minutes. She’s mentally ill, police said. She shattered the front window but took nothing. Very scary! —- H.B., Redondo Beach

7. ** Police seek man who hurled fireworks into Hermosa Beach Pride crowd, injuring many. —- Damian R., Hermosa Beach

8. ** Some ideas for Manhattan Beach – The best places to eat al fresco across the country. —- Hailey W., Manhattan Beach

9. ** Social anxiety is basically conspiracy theories about yourself.

10. ** City of Manhattan Beach Concerts in the Park – Guests are encouraged to bring blankets, lawn chairs, and picnic setups to Polliwog Park for Manhattan Beach’s free summer entertainment offerings. The series will run from July 2 until Sept. 3. More information can be found on the city website. —- Editor’s Note

11. ** Any restaurant serving a Martini in a non-traditional Martini glass should be charged with a misdemeanor. —- Stewart Fournier, Manhattan Beach

12. ** Hadley for Governor. Also, anyone who supports George Gascon I do not want representing me. To say Gascon is “a controversial figure” is a gross understatement. For real. —- Tom Anderson, Manhattan Beach

13. ** Suzanne Hadley is 100% correct! Action needs to be taken! Thank you! —- Julie Muer

14. ** Remember, most far-left people believe evil white men entrapped the citizens of a new nation into a life celebrating white male privilege. And today, the progressive left’s mission is to destroy that. —- Taylor C., Manhattan Beach

15. ** What happened in Manhattan Beach Village’s north Macy’s about 4:30 5:00? A young blond female was handcuffed on the ground and many police were blocking roadways. Manhattan Village Shopping Center, Manhattan Beach, CA —- John A., Manhattan Beach

16. ** I wish Randy’s Donuts store in El Segundo were better run. The place is a mess. —- Wendi P., El Segundo

17. ** Henry Mitzner presented his 47 years working in the finance department for our city. You can see the video here: https://youtu.be/IRFOfjWqJws

18. ** Pioneer videos will be posted on our Historical Society Fanpage on Facebook:

19. ** Gary McAulay presented on the history of real estate in Manhattan Beach and a presentation about the Historic Real Estate Office that is still looking for a home. You can see those videos here: History of https://youtu.be/z_ZroZWeKfI and Real Estate office https://youtu.be/e2D58labcrY

20. ** Redondo PD is searching for suspects at Juanita & Sepulveda while SWAT surrounds Chase Bank. Interestingly, they are both at the same time, and folks on here say crime is down. —- Dr. Don C., Redondo Beach

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