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Wow! A recent reader poll conducted by MB Weekly, revealed that a staggering 71% of its readers would be willing to pay to witness a cage match between two tech giants: Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Rumors have long circulated about the competitive nature between the two visionaries and the prospect of seeing them physically clash seems irresistible to the public. The frenzy around the possibility of this unprecedented event highlights the allure of competition and the insatiable curiosity of the masses. It underscores people’s fascination with the clash of titans, ready to support their favorite innovator in this ultimate battle for supremacy.

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On the first anniversary of the tragic smash-and-grab armed robbery at Pasha Fine Jewelry in downtown Manhattan Beach, we asked MB Weekly readers throughout Manhattan Beach and surrounding South Bay communities three fundamental questions for their consideration. Here is a compilation of the large response we received:

  1. DO YOU FEEL SAFER IN THE DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN BEACH AREA OVER THE PAST YEAR? The response was strongly no, with many saying they felt less secure.
  2. HAVE YOU OBSERVED AN INCREASED POLICE PRESENCE IN THE DOWNTOWN AREA? Again, no, and strongly so many saying they have seen virtually no increase whatsoever in the last year in police presence in the downtown area. There was much frustration in many of the replies.
  3. ARE YOU SURPRISED BY THE ABSENCE OF ANY ARRESTS IN THE ENTIRE SPAN OF THE PAST YEAR? Yes, and lots of disappointment around that, too. In the responses, many said that the crime was committed on cell phone video.


Manhattan Beach’s Lila Mokhtari, a Mira Costa High School student, took home first place in the Saunders Scholars National Competition and will receive a $30,000 scholarship and more. Her business Maji is an eco-friendly and organic motivational soap that empowers kids to care for their own hygiene.

Manhattan Beach May Slow Sepulveda Boulevard Traffic:

The City Council recently approved several Valley Drive traffic-reduction measures between 27th Street and Sepulveda Boulevard. City traffic engineer Erik Zandvliet said residents requested traffic calming measures earlier this year after noticing many crashes. Due to its proximity to a busy main route, local drivers routinely exceed the 30 mph speed limit. The City Council approved painting a solid double-yellow centerline on Valley Drive between 27th Street and Oak Avenue.

The Rockefeller:

Fish and Chips


The Dogs of Manhattan Beach

Meet Leila, Labradoodle, Manhattan Village, and Ryan Morrell’s Millie.

After Resident Outcry, Manhattan Beach May Employ Consultant For New Coyote Management Plan:

The City Council passed a resolution approving an agreement with Michael Baker International to provide environmental consultant services for the coyote management response program. The environmental review is not to exceed $35,970. Michael Baker International has done previous work with the city and currently is working on the scout house project. In reference to the coyote management plan, Michael Baker worked with other wildlife management plans including with the city of Pasadena. One resident said they were concerned the coyotes could get more aggressive and move up from cats to kids.


According to a sample of MB Weekly readers in Manhattan Beach and surrounding South Bay communities, MB Weekly readers have spoken.

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Another Robbery In Manhattan Beach:

On July 3, 2023, at approximately 12:36 a.m., an MBPD officer responded to the 500 block of 35th Street regarding a robbery in the 300 block of Rosecrans Avenue. The victim told the officer that on July 2, 2023, at approximately 11:30 pm; he was walking east on Rosecrans Avenue when a male approached him and brandished a silver handgun. The suspect told the victim he was being robbed. The victim told the suspect he did not have money, only a cell phone, and an ATM card. The suspect told the victim to get into his vehicle and drove him to an ATM. The victim withdrew money from the ATM for the suspect. The suspect forced the victim back to the 300 block of Rosecrans Avenue and let him out of the vehicle. The suspect kept the money and the victim’s cell phone. The suspect was apologetic to the victim and told the victim he had “bills to pay” and would return his cell phone to him tomorrow. The victim provided the suspect with his Instagram handle so they could be in touch. The suspect drove away in an unknown direction. Anyone with information or surveillance cameras in the 300 block of Rosecrans Avenue is asked to contact Detective Seth Hartnell at 310-802-5127

Nando Trattoria:

Paccheri di Mare al Nero Malibu Stone Crab,
Black Ink Squid, Bottarga


by Dr. Mitchell B.

Manhattan Beach

You could feel like you’ve discovered a ground-breaking productivity trick if just one supplement could improve your mental performance, increase alertness and attention, erase brain fog, enhance your memory, and decrease the desire to delay. According to cognitive neurologist Dr. Joshua Cahan of Northwestern Medicine, the search for this has existed since the beginning of civilization. All of the experts (7) I spoke with said they were not aware of compelling evidence that a supplement could improve the mind in such a way, despite claims by many supplement manufacturers that their brain-boosting capsules, gummies, and powders do just that – with one company saying its “smart pill” promotes mental skills including “focus, learning, clarity, alertness, cognitive improvement, logical reasoning, memory recall, overall energy, and more.”

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The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Elise Howard

Real Estate Advisor


Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?
Do you cover your eyes during a scary part in a movie?
Have you ever practiced kissing in a mirror?
Did your parents ever give you the “birds and the bees” talk?
Have you smoked at least one cigarette in the last year?



July 4th, 1973, Hermosa Beach, California.

by Arthur P.

Manhattan Beach

Recently a formal ceremony led by Manhattan Beach Mayor Richard Montgomery was held in Manhattan Beach as the titles to all five vehicles – four cruisers and an SUV – were given over to Mayor Moore for the benefit of her small hometown in Mississippi of 1,300 residents, primarily retirees, with a median income of about $23,000. Who the Hell cares? What does this have to do with Manhattan Beach? Why is our City taking it time and money when it doesn’t benefit our community? Can you find some coyotes to catch?

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Gascón Recall Supporters Sue Election Certification:

Proponents of recalling District Attorney George Gascón filed a lawsuit Friday, July 7, alleging that tens of thousands of valid voter signatures were wrongly rejected by Los Angeles County election officials nearly a year earlier. The Committee to Recall District Attorney George Gascón’s complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court contends that the registrar-recorder’s defective counting method and exaggerated signature requirements owing to swollen voter registrations rejected the signatures in August 2022. “For nearly a year, the Registrar of Voters tried its best to stymie the review, including blocking reasonable access to the recall petition, blocking voter data needed to evaluate signature rejections, and more,” the committee wrote. The committee needed a court injunction to examine the recall petition. After gaining access, the committee found astonishing.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Belinda

A Manhattan Beach homeowner since 1993.


“I’m sorry, my service is acting up – I’m going to have to take this meeting with audio only.”


Retired MBPD Officer Jim Ruiz lost his battle with Leukemia and passed away on July 4, 2023. According to the MBPD Facebook page: “Jim attended the academy in 1977 and upon his graduation from the academy was laid off due to budget cuts. He maintained a Reserve Officer status for several months and was then rehired full time in 1978. He retired in 2009 with 32+ years of service to the City of Manhattan Beach. Jim worked many assignments throughout his career (Patrol, DUI team, FTO, Detective, CSI, Drivers Training Instructor). Jim will always be remembered for his quirky sense of humor and his compassion for others. Please keep the Ruiz family in your thoughts and prayers.” James S Ruiz commented, “Thank you for this. My dad was an amazing man. He was a hero to us and the best grandfather my kids could have ever asked for.”


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1. ** We used to trust the mainstream media. They reported the facts and let us decide about the day’s issues. But that’s no longer the case. —- Dennis Z., Manhattan Beach

2. ** On Father’s Day, we went to one of my favorite restaurants, well-known in Manhattan Beach – a pair of two-year-olds and six grownups. The total was $253.00. We didn’t realize they had already added the tip; therefore, they received a larger tip because WE TIPPED. My poll question is: Should a restaurant manager or waitress VERBALLY notify a customer when they add the TIP to the bill out of courtesy? —- Robert T., Manhattan Beach

3. ** More crime in downtown? Has anyone heard about the attempted armed robbery last night on the Strand? Downtown MB. Police everywhere! —- Charlotte P., Manhattan Beach

4. ** Hunter Biden is a disaster who deserves to be in jail, and if he had any other name, he would already be there. —- Heather R., Manhattan Beach

5. ** South Bay’s most trusted and experienced dog-walker. —- Call Silvia 310-714-9877

6. ** Hermosa’s Prospect & 8th. Crash and sirens. Gun-wielding HB, MB, El Segundo, and Hawthorne police. The suspects fled after the car hit a tree. —- Anthony P., Hermosa Beach

7. ** In American schools, children are attacking teachers for confiscating their cell phones. Could a combination of parent absence and restorative justice practices in education be causing this inexcusable student violence? —- Sara Garcia, El Segundo

8. ** The Manhattan Beach Soroptimists have mentored high school girls for the past 70 years, given grants to single moms, and donated to charity anything from breast cancer comfort kits to sanitary supplies for females in Africa. —- Carrie M., Manhattan Beach

9. ** I do not see any police presence in downtown Manhattan Beach or even around town. Even after the new officers were hired, I’ll see a patrol car cruising around, but that’s it. Never see any officers writing a ticket for anything. Blanch, Valley, and Rosecrans are race courses all day and night. Have no idea what our officers do on their shifts. —- Janet Bradfield, Manhattan Beach

10. ** Interested to know if MB Weekly poll responders were against a 7th-grade discussion of vaginal sex? —- Dayle Eisenhauer, Manhattan Beach

11. ** Something killed my cat – likely a coyote. My yard had corpses. Head and body gone. —- Grace Y., El Segundo

12. ** People, people, people, I had no idea we had such a large (12%) proportion of sick-minded citizens. Or did somebody stuff the ballot box? There is no good reason to teach anyone about rectal sex and, least of all, our children. Could someone out there help me with this in case I’m wrong? Tell me what good purpose this serves, other than the deviates who preach it. —- Tom A., Manhattan Beach

13. ** Do you not fly on United Airlines? The CEO chooses pilots based on “diversity” instead of experience and skill. Don’t put yourself in danger because he’s got a loose screw. More woke insanity. —- Kay A., Manhattan Beach

14. ** As a 35-year resident of Manhattan Beach, I have had a few occasions to use the services of the sworn officers of the Police Department. To a person, they have always been friendly, helpful, courteous, and professional. A genuinely great asset for our little town. Just a little shout-out to remind other citizens what a great resource we have that is often overlooked. You guys and gals rock! Stay safe. —- Tom A.

15. ** Finding out you have the same birthday as someone makes you like them more for no reason. —- Hailey R., Manhattan Beach

16. ** Original Tupperware will likely outlast all of us. —- David L., Manhattan Beach

17. ** High schoolers have been riding e-bikes. A kid hit my wife’s car today, and they started threatening her and demanding $20. She contacted 911, but the dispatcher told her she was pranked. One child kicked our car and rode away as they got up. Beware of these careless kids. —- Vincent C., Hermosa Beach

18. ** I am surprised no arrests for Pasha Jewelry in over a year. No noticeable increase in police patrols downtown. —- Roger B. Manhattan Beach

19. ** I have grown children, ages 51 and 43, who argue and hate each other because of their heavy drinking. My older son is an alcoholic. The younger one is on the same path. When they are drunk, they fight badly, and it’s tearing me apart. —- Cindy V., Manhattan Beach

20. ** The issue isn’t Johnny’s inability to read. Even Johnny’s inability to think isn’t the issue. The problem is that Johnny mistakes thinking with feeling since he doesn’t understand what thinking is. —- Lorenzo L., Manhattan Beach

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