MB Weekly Bonus Edition 05/14/2023


The main auctioneer at the Rotary Club Annual Fundraiser.


A happy bartender at the Rockefeller Restaurant in Manhattan Beach.


Lido Bakery chocolate rugalah.


A happy team member from the Rockefeller Restaurant in Manhattan Beach.


A cool darkroom in Manhattan Beach. Feel free to send your photos to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net


Former Manhattan Beach Mayor, Mark Burton, and Rotary Club President Gerry Morton.


Financial Planner, Dave Harris, at the recent Rotary Club Fundraiser.


A ultra-modern bathroom in Manhattan Beach. Feel free to send you photos to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net

** Downtown MB is the crown jewel of our City. With the increase in crime in Downtown MB, I suggest the City Council consider funding foot beat officers Downtown from May 1 through September 30. As you know, it will take some time for MBPD to become fully staffed, but I don’t think we can wait to have foot beat officers. So, you should request that Chief Johnson report to the City Council with a plan of foot beat officers in Downtown MB for May 1 through September 30. The Council likely may need to provide overtime funds for such a plan. When I served with the Honorable City Councilmembers Howorth and Lesser, our Council asked the Chief for a plan for overtime for foot beat officers in Downtown MB. For three months, we funded the Chief’s plan with overtime. The Downtown MB merchants and residents loved the foot beat officers. Of course, we didn’t have enough officers or overtime funds to continue having foot beat officers. Since the presence of a police officer is the most effective way to deter and prevent crime, Downtown MB foot beat officers are a great investment in keeping the crown jewel of our City safe. —- Mark Burton, Former Mayor of Manhattan Beach

** Torrance’s crime rate decreased by 24% between 2022 and 2023, according to Torrance Police Chief Jeremiah Hart, who gave a community report on April 27. He attributed the decrease to a significant number of guns removed from the streets and the neighborhood’s greater awareness of suspicious activity. I sure hope the Manhattan Beach chief can deliver a similar optimistic report soon. —- Clay Tobias, Manhattan Beach

** My car was stolen Friday night! 1:06 a.m. (Saturday morning), these guys ran down our street checking car doors. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my purse in the car… so they could start it and go! A neighbor down the road also had their car gone through (same guys, same night) If anyone else has footage, I would love to see it! Lock up, neighbors. MB has gotten scary! —- Tiffany S., Manhattan Beach

** Last Friday morning, our silver Subaru Outback was hit by a teen on an e-bike while parked near Mira Costa (on Meadows near the southern entrance to Journey of Faith). This was a significant crash, with repairs estimated at over 4K. The teen jumped back on their bike, so we are hoping they didn’t have a significant injury. We have some fuzzy video of the incident, so we are sure it was an e-bike. —- Cathy C., Manhattan Beach

** Hi, Everyone in South Bay! So, today we were the victims of the Catalytic converter theft. The bad guys arrived in RB and surrounding cities, and we need to be aware of our properties (vehicles and residences, yes, they are house burglars, too). This incident happened today, 5/4, at 4 a.m. They took 90 seconds for the theft, targeting Toyota Prius. The criminals seem to be driving a white Mercedes sedan with custom silver wheels in a group of 3 individuals. (not official description). —- Jevan Araujo, Redondo Beach

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Three Favorite Restaurants?

** Fox and Farrow, Sausal, Source Cafe —- Phillips Lee, Manhattan Beach

** Our two MB Michaels, Michael Simms and Michael Zislis, have several excellent MB restaurants, as does David Slay… —- Mark Burton, Manhattan Beach

** Strand House, Sugarfish, the Arthur J. —- Zein Obagi, Redondo Beach

** My 3 favorite restaurants are: Urban Plates, Joey’s, Tin Roof. —- Nina Michaels, Manhattan Beach

** The Strand House, Rock’N Fish, Sea Level Restaurant & Lounge. —- Jenna Record, Manhattan Beach

** O’Sho, Urban Plates, and Slay Steak & Fish. —- Dave Harris, Manhattan Beach

** Ercole’s for hamburgers, Slay Steak and Fish for steaks, Mercado for upscale Mexican. —- Phillip Cook, Manhattan Beach


As A Last Resort, Do You Favor Trapping Wild Coyotes In Manhattan Beach?

** Yes, I am —- Nina Michaels, Manhattan Beach


“Once A Week, But Never Weakly”

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1. ** Even though I am happily married, I had a dream last week that I went out on a date with Kathie Lee Gifford. Weird. —- Pat H., Manhattan Beach

2. ** I promised never to drink another Bud Light beer for the rest of my life! —- Hank K., El Segundo

3. ** Following a weekend of street takeovers and “flash mob” burglaries in Compton, sheriff’s deputies reached out to the public for help identifying perpetrators. —- Ashley E., Manhattan Beach

4. ** I love Lido Bakery in Manhattan Beach. —- Nancy C., Manhattan Beach

5. ** Two thoughts while traveling: 1) Why do so many men 25-45 wear baseball caps backward? Do they think it’s cute? 2) Why do many young fathers call their sons ‘Buddy’? —- David M., Manhattan Beach

6. ** Today at the Pier in Manhattan Beach, the breeze is balmy. The sea is turquoise. Heaven! —- Loni A., Manhattan Beach

7. ** Would you rather your taxpayer dollars go to: 1. Hiring more IRS employees? 2. Hiring more border employees. —- Oliver F., Manhattan Beach

8. ** Recently, I saw a group of adult males run three stop signs in succession without slowing or caring about nearby cars or pedestrians – Center lane from Manhattan Ave to Hermosa. —- Devin P., Manhattan Beach

9. ** The Los Angeles-Long Beach metropolitan area was again named the most ozone-polluted region in the nation in an annual air-quality report released by the American Lung Association. —- Carin F., Manhattan Beach

10. ** Oh, the comfort – the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe in my beach city. I am feeling concerned. —- Dallas T., Manhattan Beach

11. ** There are more Panda Expresses than pandas. —- Barbie Y., Manhattan Beach

12. ** Forgive me, but our country seems on a path of doubt, division, and self-destruction. —- Abby W., Manhattan Beach

13. ** “Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by way of inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation.” —- Ronald Reagan

14. ** It may seem a small thing, but a stranger invited me to take the empty seat beside her in the front row at a concert. I’d arrived early, fully expecting to get a good seat, but everyone else in the audience had the same thought. Not three minutes later, a lady approached me and asked if I’d like to use the vacant seat beside her. Front row, center. One of the best seats in the house. It was lovely of her. —- Taylor H., Manhattan Beach

15. ** My neighbor found my cat dead in the middle of the street. The person who bashed her skull in did not even stop to move her to the curb. —- Tina M., Manhattan Beach

16. ** Can we agree that Kars 4 Kids is the most obnoxious, idiotic T.V. commercial ever created? —- Darcy P., Manhattan Beach

17. ** I would estimate 99% of people at Coachella are on drugs. And I might be low. —- Lindsay W., Manhattan Beach

18. ** The 12th Annual Officer Mark Vasquez Memorial Blood Drive takes place on May 22. To make an appointment to give blood, see RedCrossBloodDrive/org and search for Mark Vasquez. —- MBPD

19. ** MB Weekly has been a breath of fresh air – TY for your efforts. —- Jim Burton, Manhattan Beach

20. ** Thank you, MB Weekly. I appreciate the time and effort in producing my interview video. —- Stewart Fournier, Manhattan Beach

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