MB Weekly Bonus Edition 04/16/2023


A fast-moving bar at the Arthur J in Manhattan Beach.


Realtor Stewart Fournier.


Videographer Phil Goldner from Hermosa Beach.


Manhattan Beach chef David Slay and famed restaurant critic Merrill Shindler.


Manhattan Beach City Manager Bruce Moe speaks at the Manhattan Beach State of the City Address at Westdrift Hotel.


Lido Bakery owner Ernesto.


Olivia, a happy waitress at Mercado restaurant.


Friendly parking attendant at Bank of America in downtown Manhattan Beach.


Alex Marks, Manhattan Beach resident.

** As a concerned citizen, I believe that the best crime-fighting strategy is prevention, and this can be achieved by having more visible cops on the street. The police force should focus on proactively patrolling the streets, rather than merely reacting to crime incidents. It is crucial to recognize that crime prevention is more effective than crime-solving. When police officers are visible on the streets, potential criminals are deterred from committing crimes. This can be achieved by increasing the number of patrols, creating foot and bike patrols, and increasing community policing initiatives. By doing so, the police force can build trust and rapport with the community they serve and provide a visible presence that promotes safety. Moreover, it is essential to stop instructing police officers to behave as social workers. While some individuals may benefit from social services, it is not the primary role of law enforcement officers. Their primary role is to maintain public order and enforce the law. By focusing on their core responsibilities, they can effectively prevent and reduce crime, thereby ensuring the safety of the community. —- COMMENTARY by Sarah Garcia

** We should be incredibly proud and grateful to the Manhattan Beach Police Department. The truth is that investigators and officers from the MBPD worked all night long to pursue leads in the heist of Pasha Fine Jewelry. … in the early morning hours, SWAT units from the MBPD and Gardena Police Department executed a search warrant in the City of Los Angeles. Two children were detained in a different traffic stop from the five adults who were detained after the end of the chase last night. Both the car used in the pursuit and the vehicle the kids were driving contained jewelry and other goods that had been taken during the heist. —- COMMENTARY by Steve Revel

** With Council’s expansion of our MBPD force, it is now time for our Council to consider having its own City Prosecutor to prosecute misdemeanors, the quality-of-life crimes that are the foundation for law and order. Here’s the problem in that regard. Misdemeanor crimes in Manhattan Beach, such as theft, trespass, disturbing the peace, criminal threats, public intoxication, loitering, and resisting arrests, are not being prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney. Over time, this failure to prosecute will erode law and order. We are talking about hundreds of misdemeanors every year. Under existing state law, general law cities, such as Manhattan Beach, need only to obtain the perfunctory consent of the District Attorney to hire their own City Prosecutor for the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes. —- COMMENTARY by Mark Burton -Former Mayor of Manhattan Beach

** Last weekend I decided to walk around downtown, stopping in some restaurants, getting ice cream, and enjoying this extraordinary area in our beautiful Manhattan Beach community. While the evening was splendid (though the weather was a bit cool), in my 2 1/2 hour downtown journey, I did not see one police officer downtown – either by foot or car. Isn’t that concerning, given the second Pasha armed robbery just a couple of weeks ago a few blocks from the police station? Given the significantly increased crime environment of the day, I don’t understand how anyone can think that’s a good idea. —- COMMENTARY by Darby Winston

** Beware: I got cash from Bank of America (inside the bank) at the Manhattan Village Shopping area on Saturday morning at about 10:45 a.m. It was in two envelopes as I left the bank. I held it with my purse blocking the view of it most of the walk to my car in the lot. I drove one minute to the CVS in the same shopping area. Went into the store for a few minutes. When I came out, I found that someone had broken my car windows, stolen the cash out of the closed console in my car, and then sped off. A witness saw the car speed away (black SUV) and even got a photo, but I probably won’t get the cash back. Clearly, this is a scheme – that is well-planned. Be extra careful!!! —- Commentary by Pamela Ashe, Hermosa Beach

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1. ** LAUSD is a disaster! Thanks, teacher’s unions! —- Gloria H., Manhattan Beach (a former LAUSD teacher)

2. ** Manhattan Beach Police and Firefighters arrived with sirens blaring at the home of Joe Arrigo last Thursday to present him with a City commendation on his 100th birthday. Happy Birthday, Joe. —- MBPD

3. ** My sister lives in Houston, and I was there last week to attend my brother-in-law’s memorial service. He wanted his ashes scattered in Galveston Bay, and while buying flowers for the service the cashier asked me if they were for someone special. I explained the occasion to her, and when it was time to pay, she smiled warmly and said there was no charge for the flowers. —- Darren H., Manhattan Beach

4. ** Made in China has also become a branding liability. —- Howell R., Manhattan Beach

5. ** Award-winning (Best of Los Angeles) Computer – Technology consultant now working in the South Bay – Call Nick —- www.comnetexpert.com

6. ** Care about health and fitness? Check out: www.EnergyFirst.com

7. ** I agree with Russ Lesser about the absurdity of building 400 low-cost units in Manhattan Beach. The concept sounds good, but the reality is impossible. It makes no sense. Thank you, Russ, for pointing out the facts; when generalizing, politicians don’t know what they are talking about. Perhaps, our city council members should speak up as well. Indeed this mandate is unenforceable. What’s the remedy? —- Dave Harris, Manhattan Beach

8. ** The governing body for track and field and other running-related athletic events, World Athletics, has announced that transgender female athletes who have been through male puberty will be excluded from world rankings competitions. Amen. —- Harvey F., Manhattan Beach

9. ** Emily C. said she needed help because the “emergency” money she gives her brother is spent on vacations. Help is on the way. A software program in development allows you to see how the money you “loaned” or “gave” was spent. Soon you will have evidence of how your brother spent the “emergency” money. This software would also be a must-have for anyone with a child away at college. —- Phil C., Manhattan Beach

10. ** I agree. Russ Lesser’s comments were accurate. Our state representatives need to support us, not unrealistic expectations. —- Steve Nicholson, Manhattan Beach

11. ** I enjoy Redondo Beach’s Little French Bakery’s pastries, baguettes, quiches, and charming couple. Everything’s tasty. It feels like a French boulangerie. —- Glenn J., Redondo Beach

12. ** There’s an app for everything except clear thinking. —- William R., Manhattan Beach

13. ** My truck’s catalytic converter was stolen last night in Manhattan Beach. —- Kelly R., Manhattan Beach

14. ** I’m not too fond of feral cats. —- Abbott J., El Segundo

15. ** What has happened to 60 Minutes? Used to be interesting and stimulating. No longer. Now, there’s trans people playing field hockey and ice receding near the South Pole. That story put the penguins to sleep. —- Greta T., Manhattan Beach

16. ** My best friend Mike died alone. That was how he lived, too. He ate alone. He slept alone. Aloneness was his natural state. At age 50, it was sepsis that officially did him in. But really, it was solitude. —- Henry E., Manhattan Beach

17. ** Moments ago, when I was standing at the intersection of Rosecrans and Highland Avenue, I counted no less than 20 Manhattan Beach Police patrol cars hurriedly driving north toward El Segundo. —- Nick T., Manhattan Beach

18. ** The shooter who killed six people at a Nashville school this week had legally purchased seven guns recently, the police said. Think about that for a moment. This sick f—k bought seven (7) gun legally! —- Amanda G., Manhattan Beach

19. ** Thanks for highlighting Pasha in your newsletter … disgusting. —- Heidi, Manhattan Beach

20. ** Ranked in “top ten most influential business books” of the decade —- www.BrokenWindowsBook.com

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