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Firefighters In Manhattan Beach Make An Average Of $328,000 Per Year

The Manhattan Beach Firefighters Association and the Manhattan Beach City Council’s negotiations have been at a standstill since an impasse was declared in May. A city council meeting on July 19 saw a crowded house of firefighters and their supporters pleading with the council to change its attitude on labor negotiations, according to a local newspaper serving Manhattan Beach and the surrounding areas.


Is $328,000.00 average pay per firefighter too high, too low or just about right?

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The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Riley


Have you smoked at least one cigarette in the last year?
Have you ever played naked tag?
Have you ever peed your pants in public?
Have you ever snuck out of your house in the middle of the night?
Have you ever cheated on a test?
Have you ever been in a fistfight?
Have you ever done something that you regret?
Have you ever lied to your parents?

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The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Rudy Mejia

MB Firefighter – President



Repairs continue at Pasha Jewelry in Manhattan Beach.


Congratulations to the entire team at MBPost for being recognized by The Michelin Guide. Big and buzzing with excitement over Chef/co-owner David LeFevre’s creations, this is a fun and casual place that has something for everyone, just a stone’s throw from Manhattan Beach Pier. The food is a proud foray into just about every global cuisine – from pork chili chimichangas and bibimbap to Scotch eggs – but always with clear Californian flair. Their bacon-cheddar buttermilk biscuits are so good that they don’t even need the maple butter that accompanies them. Everything revolves around gathering, conversing and sharing; portions are small so plan your ordering as a group to explore a majority of the menu. Weekends can veer towards loud and crowded with plenty of young families in tow, so this isn’t a place for anyone with a yen for calm.



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The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Philanthropist Suzanne Karger


Do you drink coffee?
Do you play sports?
Have you ever performed on stage?
–Does high school choir and a college musical count?
Have you ever been in a band?
Do you like cilantro?

MB Weekly Launches City Talk Lunches With MB Firefighter Of The Year:

MB Firefighter Of The Year – 2022: Steve Fairbrother

MB Weekly, the most popular weekly digital magazine in Manhattan Beach, has launched a luncheon conversation series titled City Talk recently. The month luncheon series began on Friday, August 12, featuring MB firefighter of the year – 2022, Steve Fairbrother, and drew a good crowd of city influencers. Hosted at the popular Urban Plates in Manhattan Beach, the conversation was spirited and touched on the ongoing dispute between the leadership of the Fire Department and the City. The City Talk luncheon will be held monthly and feature a timely guest of honor to discuss all things related to Manhattan Beach.


The Skechers Invitational Summer Pickleball Championships, the first nationally televised competition in the young, rapidly expanding sport, will be sponsored by the Manhattan Beach-based Skechers brand. The South Bay-based Friendship foundation, which assists students with special needs, will profit from the Skechers Invitational.

This Mostly Original Midcentury Modern In Manhattan Beach Still Looks Marvelous:

In the South Bay Area of Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach is a very chill, connected community. A safe environment for kids, the quintessential SoCal beach town boasts one of the nicest beaches in the area. Of course, as in most of Southern California, buyers have to pay – and pay dearly – for that kind of coastal tranquility.

Over the last 20 or 30 years, throughout the community, humble beach cottages have been replaced with spacious houses built cheek-to-jowel with other expensively expanded homes. Prices are expectedly high; Redfin sets the year-to-date median price for a single-family home at more than $3.6 million. There are, however, some original treasures still to be found. To wit: a modestly proportioned, 1,700-square-foot midcentury residence in the sought-after Tree Section that was designed and built in 1947 by local architect John R. O’Donnell, Jr., for his own family.


How can you have a garden with fresh fruits and vegetables when space and water are limited? There is a solution and it’s called aquaponics. “I don’t even think I understood what it meant, but I’ve always been interested in stuff like this,” says high school senior Jordan Karambelas. Jordan will be a senior at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, and her aquaponics system on campus is meant to show classmates what can be done to creatively grow food. With help from Mike Garcia, a South Bay landscape contractor, Jordan used a school courtyard where traditional gardens sit unused, as the site for her Permaculture Club’s 4X6, two-level structure. It’s one that could easily fit in your front porch or apartment balcony. “You can do much more simple versions of this, just put it in your house and stuff like that. Even stuff like that can start helping. And the part that even helps more than doing it is at least you’re spreading it to other people,” she explains.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Dalia Frias


Dalia Frias, a recent graduate of Mira Costa High School, has concluded her record-breaking year by being named the California State Girls Athlete of the Year by CalHiSports.com, the authority on high school athletics in the Golden State. Just a few weeks prior, Frias broke the girls’ two-mile outdoor National Federation of High Schools record.


Caprese salad with fresh garden tomatoes at SLAY Italian Kitchen.

By Darcy Winston

Silverlake Ramen

After our long awaited wait, my husband and I visited Silverlake Ramen, one of the newest restaurants featured at the updated Manhattan Village Mall. Believe me, it was worth the wait! Not only was the food delicious – imagine massive bowls of savory broth, highly slurpable noodles, and fresh veggies – but the atmosphere was relaxed, contemporary, and cool. The friendly and knowledgeable wait staff were a breath of fresh air (in a time where service usually blows) and the prices were just right. Just for reference, we ordered The Classic Ramen Bowl with chicken and the Handmade Grilled Gyoza. Delicious and plentiful for splitting, if you’re interested in sharing a lighter meal. Highly recommended.

Food: B  •  Service: B  •  Value: B


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“It’s summer in Manhattan Beach. We should be at the pier dreaming about air conditioning.”


Like so many Americans, I have been called into a relationship with guns since I was a child and have been made to understand, even long before I could articulate it, that guns represented something essential about what it means to become a fully realized American man. —- Fernando C., a former Manhattan Beach homeowner


1. ** As a former Mayor, I was reluctant to file an appeal of the Planning Commission’s approval of a behemoth, 4-story, 79-unit luxury apartment building at Highland Avenue and Rosecrans Avenue, that we all know is so out of character with our low profile. The project site is located on the old Chevron refinery property, previously leased for oil and gas drilling. —- Mark Francis Burton, Manhattan Beach

2. ** President Trump’s behavior on January 6th is nothing short of disgraceful, and it should eliminate him from ever holding political office again. —- Nancy P., Manhattan Beach

3. ** An acceleration of people leaving California began during the first year of the pandemic. But new data show the moves continued even after lockdowns and other COVID restrictions eased. Two years in a row, and people are leaving in droves. No surprise. —- Lola G., Manhattan Beach

4. ** My husband just got back from his walk through Sand Dune Park and he said it is not being watered. Why is there such a problem with the Parks Department that they can’t get the irrigation system up and working? Who is in charge? It’s reclaimed water so no problem there. They also did all the tree trimming and left lots of branches, etc. on the ground! The city seems like it’s on a downward swing. —- JL B, Manhattan Beach

5. ** What is going on in our neighborhood lately? I feel like every time I come on here I see package thieves, shootings, robberies … I know bad things have always happened but does anyone else notice the increase or am I overreacting??? So scary —- Arianna Lin, Manhattan Beach

6. ** The Biden administration has said that its announcement on student loan forgiveness is coming soon, which means the news could break shortly before Americans vote in the midterm elections in November. Convenient time, huh? —- Brad H., Manhattan Beach

7. ** There is a man who used to live in Manhattan Beach who accidentally threw away a hard drive containing 8k bitcoins has a plan to get them back. The $11m scheme includes purchasing two $75k robotic dogs to help excavate his local landfill. —- Wesley B., Manhattan Beach

8. ** Far left comedian Samantha Bee’s late-night show was canceled this week – low ratings. Ms. Bee is in the smug club with the other leftist pundits Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel; the list seems endless. All of these people have talent, but I’m pretty sure most Americans have had quite enough of liberal arrogance and condescension, so others will be following Ms. Bee. —- William K., Manhattan Beach

9. ** It is long over that the ideals that have stood the test of time must be reinstated in our Manhattan Beach schools. The knowledge passed down from one generation to the next is priceless. Characteristics like work ethic, family love, learning to learn, and pride in being an American must return to the classroom. We must pay more attention to civic duty and history. Sorry Wokesters, it’s past due time to end your dangerous nonsense. —- Dr. Alice K., Manhattan Beach

10. ** There’s a 94-year young man in El Segundo who lives alone and needs someone to check on him late in the morning and in the evening around 8:30. He is single, never married and no kids. He is a friend of mine and I live in Arizona most of the time. He’s pretty independent, but needs help with a few self-care tasks, light housekeeping and reminders to take meds. Please call Cyndi (805) 341-6672 —- Cyndi Myatt, El Segundo

11. ** What I love about your M.B. Weekly thus far is its independence. Not Liberal. Not Conservative. Great job. —- Ashley G., Manhattan Beach

12. ** And rather of focusing on teaching what it means to be an American, our school board leaders are more concerned with issues of color, gender, and sex. —- Dr. Claude W., Manhattan Beach

13. ** WE’RE HIRING! There are a number of open positions available including these three:⁠ Director of Marketing, Kids Content, Motion Graphic Designer and Creative Conceptor/Writer – To learn more and apply, visit PragerU.com/jobs

14. ** Without a firm commitment from our leaders to safeguard our local bodies from encroaching outside influence, the independence of our MBPD, MBFD, and MBUSD from LA County and the California State Board of Education is gradually disappearing. —- Holly M., Manhattan Beach

15. ** Watching my fellow Manhattan Beach creators shows that we are social creatures to the inmost center of our being. —- Michael Manning, Manhattan Beach

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