MB Weekly 08/11/2022

Best Lasagne In Manhattan Beach:


A recent sample reader poll of the 25,800 weekly readers of MB Weekly has chosen Slay Italian Kitchen as having the best lasagne in Manhattan Beach. Their style is Rustic Italian featuring a rotating menu with fresh and dried pastas, meats, stone fired pizza, vegetables and wines from our own Santa Barbara County farm, Slay Estate and Vineyard.


Manhattan Beach Downtown?

An MB Weekly reader photo was taken just east of the 900 Club (9th St. between Manhattan Ave. and Highland. Evidently, the individual has no place to live but can afford to have a dog. This photo was taken five weeks after the worst, most brazen smash and grab crime in the Manhattan Beach history, according to the photographer.


Popular Realtors Cindy Carvel and Misty Frasier, based in Manhattan Beach.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Anita

A happy team member from The Kettle in Manhattan Beach.


Gascón Wants Death Sentence Dropped For Killer Of Two South Bay College Students:

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón has asked a judge to reverse the death sentence of a man convicted of slaying two Marymount California University students during a 1994 carjacking in a San Pedro supermarket parking lot.

In a 264-page resentencing recommendation filed earlier this month in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Gascón said Raymond Oscar Butler, who was 18 when he killed Takuma Ito and Go Matsuura, should instead be resentenced to life in prison without parole because at the time he suffered “significant, cognitive impairment,” meaning his brain was not developed enough to regulate his behavior.

Butler’s mental state was further impaired by a history of trauma and mental illness, causing him to use alcohol and drugs daily to numb his emotional distress, according to the motion. The resentencing request does not seek to lift a separate death sentence Butler received in 2012 for the fatal jailhouse stabbing of fellow inmate Tyrone Flemming while awaiting trial for the murders of Ito and Matsuura.


The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Olivia


Would you be able to forgive the betrayal of a friend?
Have you ever been arrested?
Do you get along with your parents?
Have you ever fainted from drinking so much?
Have you ever witnessed a crime?

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The new principal of Manhattan Beach Middle School is Jennifer Huynh, a current administrator at Mira Costa High School. She succeeds Rose Ahrens, the leaving principal of MBMS. Huynh has been a vice principal at Mira Costa High School for the past year, managing the school’s safety, activities, and athletics initiatives.




We asked our 25,800 weekly readers in Manhattan Beach. Here are their replies.

3 Openings On The School Board And 2 On City Council:

School Board Candidate Information: Call 1-800-815-2666 (option 4) M-F 8-5. NOMINATION FILING PERIOD: JULY 18 – AUG. 12, 5:00 P.M. Candidate Information HERE.

City Council Candidate Information: City Clerk’s Office (310) 802-5056 M-Th 8-5, Fri 8-4. NOMINATION FILING PERIOD: JULY 18 – AUG. 12, 5:00 P.M. Email For More Candidate Information Here: mbvote@manhattanbeach.gov


Did you know that Pancho’s in Manhattan Beach has been in business for over 80 years?

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Steve Fairbrother

The 2022 Firefighter of the Year

Steve Fairbrother the Manhattan Beach 2022 Firefighter of the Year.


Pregnant supermodel Shanina Shaik, 31, looked gorgeous in a white bikini during a beach day recently in Manhattan Beach.


The Friendship Campus will soon be constructed. Following 15 years of work in South Bay schools assisting in bridging the gap between children with special needs and their peers and society at large, the project enters its next phase on August 10 with a public groundbreaking ceremony. The $55 million, 64,000-square foot facility will be built on 3.5 acres at the former Franklin Elementary School site, its grounds to connect to adjacent Franklin Park in Redondo Beach. The Campus will offer job training and skills in various fields aimed mainly at serving young adults when they leave the public school system at age 22. Companies which have already signed on to participate in training and hiring are Skechers, Chevron, Kinecta Bank, Lakeshore Learning and more.


Fish N Chips at Tin Roof Bistro in Manhattan Beach.

By Darcy Winston

Dan Modern Chinese

Excited for a modern and contemporary Chinese restaurant here at our Manhattan Village Mall, I was thrilled when Dan Modern Chinese finally opened its doors. Familiar with the chain, after having dined at their Playa Vista location a few times, I was hoping they would have had time to work out their kinks. Sadly, more time is needed. Although their food is good, the overall vibe of this restaurant is cold, flat, and inhospitable. The restaurant(s) just seem devoid of warmth, kindness, and are severely lacking in Manhattan Beach’s lively community spirit that makes our city unique. The wait staff are not rude by any means, but simply do their job in a very doldrum and lackluster kind of way. After you’ve gotten the job done (eaten), you DEFINITELY want to keep it moving. For reference, their Handmade Pork/Shrimp Dumplings are delightful and the Three Cup Chicken is savory, sweet, and spicy, hitting all the right notes … too bad their service doesn’t match.

Food: C  •  Service: D  •  Value: C


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Congrats to MBPD Officer Beranek who completed field training last night! After his last training shift, he made sure to #LeadTheWay up Sand Dune Park in full uniform!


“One way to cool off in Manhattan Beach”


For all four initiatives on South Bay ballots, Elliot Lewis and Catalyst Cannabis Co. have rented space in the S.E.A. Lab building to use as a campaign office. The autumn elections would permit marijuana shops in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and El Segundo if they were to be approved.


** In Your Aug 2022 MB Weekly Issue You Ask The Community: Since the SchoolBoard approved this training, what age and grade should this be limited to? Do you approve or disapprove of this proposal?” Please correct your statement as the training is for MBUSD staff (not students). By asking your question on what age and grade this should be limited to, you are misleading the community to think that such training is for students. Misinformation is why our community is becoming so divided. I know you understand the importance of sticking to the facts so that there is productive dialog. —- Diana Skaar, MB Resident and MBUSD Parent

** To MB Weekly, You asked readers to answer the question, “What age and grade?” My response: The training is for staff and teachers. I’m not sure I understand your question, which implies training to students. That is not what is happening. —- Regards, Laura Kiely, MB resident and Costa Parent


1. ** Two coyotes (I missed the first one) are coming from Circle K at PCH and Maple and heading towards Indiana Court. Luckily they didn’t bother me and my little dog as we ran back to the house. —- Sainte DeLude, El Segundo

2. ** All of the biggest names pushing CRT have affirmed that they are promoting Marxism. —- Jose G., El Segundo

3. ** Speak up. Let your voice be heard. Writing an e-mail to the Manhattan Beach City Council: citycouncil@manhattanbeach.gov

4. ** The Los Angeles Times, which supported DA Chesa Boudin in San Francisco and George Gascon in LA, remains unrepentant of its far-left fanaticism. In fact, that newspaper is a good roadmap to where progressives really want to go. In a recent column, Times scribe Nicholas Goldberg actually dismantles the Constitution. —- Hailey R., Manhattan Beach

5. ** The plate pass at Urban Plates is a great deal! —- Colby L., Manhattan Beach

6. ** I would sure like the men’s room in the Coffee Bean on Sepulveda if it ever had toilet paper in it. —- Oscar L., Manhattan Beach

7. ** Does Anyone have any info on the mess down on Vista Del Mar last (Saturday, July 16th)? Trying to get back to MB at about 6:30 pm, it was gridlocked and there was a Nixle about police activity. Had to turn around and head back to Pershing and try and get home that way and it was gridlocked too. Is this just due to the crush of people trying to get into the beach parking lot or was it something else? It was so bad – never seen it like that! —- Cyndi Strand

8. ** Over the last year and a half, some far-leftists in town have attacked the concept that residents have a legal right to voice their opinion with the protection of keeping their names confidential. Their attacks are about the confidentiality of the resident and never the facts presented by the resident. Their frustration and anger behind their comments on social media and during School Board and City Council meetings reveals a sinister desire to either “flush out” the names of residents or drive residents underground who oppose the bad policies of the far left. —- MB Strong

9. ** Please tell the people the truth, the council, staff and many residents believe it’s better for Manhattan & Hermosa Beach to push the feared pot shop problems into poorer communities and onto their children not ours; even if it does have a slight stench of privilege, prejudice and elitism. The teen pot use argument is a compelling red herring. Don’t take the bait. Teen pot use is an educational issue. Those that don’t buy into it will still get their pot, maybe from the Sinaloa Crime Family instead. —- Tony Higgins, N. Hermosa Beach.

10. ** What’s it going to take to keep the Southbay from becoming like Venice Beach? This morning, within just three hours, we had TWO tweakers walk down our entry steps & past our front door to our outdoor shower. The first one came to poop in our shower & wipe with a receipt he generously left for us to clean up. The second … who knows what his plans were as he passed our son’s bedroom window? I was able to catch him & use our Nest camera to tell him to leave! Both were smoking something & both were young, able-bodied men up to no good. —- Holly H., Hermosa Beach

11. ** West Hollywood agreed to reduce the number of deputies in the sheriff’s station gradually and to increase the number of unarmed security guards – dubbed “ambassadors’ – patrolling the streets. A few days later Starbucks closed its West Hollywood store permanently, stating it was “no longer safe to operate.” Let’s not turn Manhattan Beach into West Hollywood! —- Kay D., Manhattan Beach

12. ** Recently single, I decided to try online dating for the first time in my life. It’s only been a month, but here are words I would use to describe my experience thus far: “frustrating,” “exhausting,” “depressing,” and “fun.” —- Mike G., Manhattan Beach

13. ** A special shout-out to former Fire Chief Denise Groat, to whom we all owe a great deal of gratitude. He was a Chiefs Chief. —- Stewart Fournier, Manhattan Beach

14. ** I love your new weekly digital magazine MB Weekly (www.MBWeekly.net). A great shot in the arm to our great community. —- Lawrence K., Manhattan Beach

15. ** WTF is wrong with Brad Pitt? While walking the red carpet in Berlin on Tuesday for a screening of his new film, Bullet Train, the 58-year-old actor struck a pose in his weird ensemble, which consisted of a brown, raw-hem knee-length skirt and matching jacket. —- Tammi A., Manhattan Beach

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