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On Saturday, January 21, Dennis Jarvis, whose Spyder Surfboards store opened 40 years ago, and carpenter Chip Herwegh established Gallery 208, an 800-square-foot art space in what was a women’s boutique for more than four decades. The gallery held a grand opening party with many Manhattan Beach leaders in attendance. The founders’ work will be displayed at 208 Manhattan Beach Blvd., but they also want to attract guest artists like Kelly “Risk” Graval, who painted the gallery’s mural and will have a solo show in March.

by Phil Cook

(Mr. Cook is a prominent financial planner and longtime business owner and homeowner in Manhattan Beach.)

One more to add to our growing MB crime list. A few Sundays ago, around 5 p.m. (no one likely to be in the building), the security cameras at my office building at 818 Manhattan Beach Blvd., filmed two girls wearing masks (worried about COVID, right?) defeated my entry security or were given the code by someone (janitor, FedEx, etc.). Once inside the lobby area, they went up and down the stairs looking for a way into the offices. All the doors that would give them entry were locked, so they walked away empty-handed.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Gabrielle Herendeen

Broker Associate & RE/MAX Estate Properties


Are you a Harry Potter fan?
Have you known any of your friends since childhood?
Have you ever lived in another country?
Do you speak more than one language?
Do you know how to code?
Do you own Bitcoin?
Do you bake?
Have you ever taken a road trip?
Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?
–YES, they don’t call me Go Gabby for nothing!
Have you smoked at least one cigarette in the last year?
–NO, never.



A Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting at Studio MR.

Mercado Manhattan Beach:

Classic and contemporary cuisine inspired by fresh, local ingredients and Chef Jose’s Mexican roots – Manhattan Beach is the fifth outpost of the popular Mercado by Cocinas y Calaveras restaurant group. Enjoy popular favorites like tacos, carnitas, mole enchiladas, and fresh guacamole and chips. Don’t forget the best flan in the universe! Open for takeout, pick up or delivery, with beer, wine and tequila options as well as margaritas to go.


The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Dr. John Bowes

Dr. John Bowes is the superintendent of the Manhattan Beach Unified School District.


by Dario Vullo

(Owner of Nando Trattoria)

I am writing to express my extreme disappointment and frustration about the recent verdict to close outdoor dining in our city. This decision shows a complete lack of understanding and empathy for the struggles that local businesses are facing during these difficult times. As a resident of Manhattan Beach and proprietor of Nando Trattoria, I believe that the closure of outdoor dining is not only detrimental to the local restaurant industry but also limits the ability of residents and visitors to enjoy a a meal in a safe and socially-distanced setting. Outdoor dining has been a lifeline for many restaurants and small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has allowed them to continue to serve customers and generate revenue while providing a safe and socially-distant option for diners. Additionally, Nando and many other restaurants have invested in heaters and other equipment to make outdoor dining comfortable during the colder months. The closure of outdoor dining will not only hurt the restaurant industry, but also on the overall economy of our city. Restaurants are a vital part of our community and employ many of our citizens. Closing outdoor dining will result in job losses and financial hardship for many families.

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Slay Steak & Fish House:

Healthy Options Beet Salad.



1967 Classic Ford Mustang in Manhattan Beach. Feel free to share your photographs. Send to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net


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The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet David Lesser

One of the two new City Council members in Manhattan Beach.


*****Christmas in El Segundo stunk. At least according to residents. It wasn’t because people there weren’t celebrating the holiday, but they did have to try to prevent a rotten egg smell from wafting in their doors and windows while trying to feast and have fun with their families. The odor, from hydrogen sulfide, has been a continual problem in the city since a July 2021 sewage spill at the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant, residents say. Residents have complained about headaches, nausea, mental distress and other symptoms that they’ve attributed to breathing the El Segundo air. *****Award-winning King Harbor Brewing Co. quietly closed down on New Year’s Eve after eight years in Redondo Beach, according to its Instagram page. The craft brewery announced its “last days” in a December 26 post, offering guests the chance to come in for a “proper goodbye.” Craft Beer & Brewing magazine included King Harbor Choco-Latte, a Mexican-style mole stout, on its Best of 2022 list. The brewery also won a gold ribbon at the 2022 San Diego International Beer Competition for Flightless Pilot, an American-style Indian Pale Ale, and a silver ribbon for Topside Pilsner. *****Saint Rocke was to shut its doors one final time on January 5, or so it seemed. Whether hosting a local band or a performer with legend credentials, Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach has been an intimate venue for music lovers since it opened in 2008. But on Friday, the day following what was billed as the venue’s closing night party, Saint Rocke founder Allen Sanford announced the music spot has a new owner. Sanford said Saint Rocke is going into escrow, but he will stay involved as an investor.

Presented By The Manhattan Beach Chamber Of Commerce:

Unity In The Community

The Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce Inclusion Committee in coordination with the South Bay Community Coalition Against Hate (SBCCAH) and LAvsHate.org, brings you the Third Annual Unity in the CommUNITY Event.

FEBRUARY 2, 2023
1:00 PM TO 2:30 PM



A small bar in Manhattan Beach. Feel free to share your photographs with your neighbors in Manhattan Beach and surrounding South Bay communities. Send to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net

People From Manhattan Beach

Athletes – Football

Tim Brown: 1987 Heisman Trophy winner and NFL Hall of Famer
Pete Carroll: head coach of the Seattle Seahawks
Norm Chow: former University of Hawaii head football coach
Jeff Garcia: former NFL quarterback
Tony Gonzalez: former tight end for the Atlanta Falcons
Matt Leinart: Heisman Trophy winner, former USC and NFL quarterback, broadcaster
Jim Mora: former UCLA head football coach
Don Mosebar: played for the Los Angeles Raiders for 13 years
Rick Neuheisel: former Colorado, Washington, and UCLA head football coach; PAC-12 network broadcaster
Ken O’Brien: former quarterback for the NY Jets
Josh Rosen: quarterback for Arizona Cardinals
Michael Strahan: television personality, former defensive end for the New York Giants


Manhattan Beach’s Mira Costa Girls Volleyball.

by Sara Garcia

George Gascon continues to show his twisted priorities. A new Gascon policy orders prosecutors to consider a criminal’s immigration status when charging them “with the goal of avoiding or mitigating the adverse immigration consequences of a decision.” In other words, in George Gascon’s Los Angeles, criminals come before law-abiding citizens and residents. What’s new?

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** Prominent financial investment counselor, Phil Cook, having dinner at Mercado in Manhattan Beach.

** Political Columnist, Michael Michalski, having dinner at SLAY Italian Kitchen.

** Real Estate Executive, Larry Kosmont, having dinner at Mercado in Manhattan Beach.

** Veteran Realtor, John Altamura, having New Years Eve dinner at SLAY Steak and Fish.

** Prominent software developer, Dan Humbert, having lunch at Urban Plates in Manhattan Beach.

** Prominent personal injury attorney Paymon Khatibi having dinner at Nando’s Restaurant in Manhattan Beach.

** Veteran realtor and political columnist, Michael Michalski, working out at the Bay Club in El Segundo.



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1. ** St. Rocke’s new owner, who lives in Colorado, says existing staff will oversee the facility when it reopens in April. —- Gabbi R., Manhattan Beach

2. ** Dario, the owner of Nando, is quite a charmer. —- Lilly T., Manhattan Beach

3. ** L.O.L. is the most used lie in history. —- Clarence C., Manhattan Beach

4. ** A 4.7-star rating on a product looks much better than a 5-star rating. —- Jacklyn D., Manhattan Beach

5. ** Seeing someone consume multiple beers at a Chili’s at 9 a.m. is suspect. Move that Chili’s inside an airport and suddenly it’s totally normal. —- Blair S., El Segundo

6. ** The closest most of us will ever get to hunting our own food is by tracking our food delivery order status. —- Deborah H., Manhattan Beach

7. ** I was returning from visiting my daughter at the Orlando airport with three heavy bags. I rented a cart to take me to ground transportation. It was a long way and involved an elevator ride. At 81 years old, I was having trouble navigating the extremely heavy cart. A couple with a baby in a stroller and a large roll-on suitcase approached me. The young mother said, “Here. You push the stroller and I will push the cart.” What a lifesaver for me! They had flown from Manchester, England, and went out of their way by four floors to see that I had arrived at my shuttle. —- A.A., Manhattan Beach

8. ** Celebrate our first anniversary with us on January 28th! Get a free caipirinha with your dinner! —- Tapizon restaurant, El Segundo

9. ** Our southern neighbor hurts this country daily by exporting violence, narcotics, and millions of poor migrants. Mexico has absolutely no interest in helping. Comprende? —- Dr. Dabney C., Hermosa Beach

10. ** The new Plate Pass deal at Urban Plates is a no-brainer. Great deal! —- Cindy C., Manhattan Beach

11. ** Our 2006 Silver Honda Odyssey minivan was stolen. —- Hans D., Hermosa Beach

12. ** More virtue signaling! The last: “Unhoused neighbor.” So P.C. —- Reggie J., El Segundo

13. ** Colombian and Bogotá cuisine reflect its international population. Encanto restaurant in Hermosa Beach has worldwide style. —- Terri A., Manhattan Beach

14. ** I cannot stand Prince Harry. What a whiny, self-involved, ingratiate! And do even get me started on that wife. —- Carla H., Manhattan Beach

15. ** Dining critic Merrill Shindler says the Soul Food Shack in Gardenia serves up a perfect combination of feel-good food and happy people. I am going to try. —- Kennedy L., Manhattan Beach

16. ** The Manhattan Beach Police Dept is actively hiring Police Recruits as well as Police Laterals to join our family. —- MBPD

17. ** George is a great waiter at Mercado restaurant. Fun! —- Sally P., Manhattan Beach

18. ** Why did Super-Wokester Jason Boxer resign from the Manhattan Beach Unified School District Board of Trustees? —- Angela P., Manhattan Beach

19. ** We unwittingly amplify commonalities with friends, dissimilarities with strangers, and contrast with enemies. —- Jonathan S., Manhattan Beach

20. ** Nextdoor is a sanctuary to many bitter folks with lots and lots of free time on their hands. —- Gloria B., Manhattan Beach

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