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Exactly seven months to the day of the audacious smash and grab (June 26, 2022) in downtown Manhattan Beach (a few blocks from the police station), last Thursday afternoon (January 26, 2023) in broad daylight, saw MB Police officers respond to a possible robbery that had just occurred at Vons in downtown. One suspect was detained immediately, and a second fled in a vehicle. Officers pursued the car through Hermosa and Redondo, where the suspect eventually crashed and fled on foot. The suspect was ultimately found hiding in a trash can and made the smart choice to give up at the request of a barking police dog. Officers recovered a large amount of stolen alcohol and arrested the suspects for organized retail theft (among many other things). Seven months later, no arrests have been made in the organized smash-and-grab at Pasha Jewelry involving twelve men and a gun, again in broad daylight on a crowded downtown Manhattan Beach street.

Readers Comment:

** “With crime continuing to spike, and criminals getting more and more brazen, the need for more police officers and a City Prosecutor becomes pronounced. Doing nothing will only exacerbate the problem.” —- Mark Burton, former Mayor of Manhattan Beach

** I was sitting on my patio reading yesterday around 3:30 ish. I look up and a car is hauling ass down Ocean Ave. (the alley between Manhattan Ave. and The Strand). I’m thinking to myself, “This guy is an idiot and I expect to hear a crash in the next few seconds.” Instead of a crash, I start hearing police sirens. Sure enough, 3 cop cars are chasing the idiot plus one unmarked car with a siren. I start wondering what the idiot did to have so many cops chasing him. Turns out it was the Vons perp. Never seen that before so close to the water. Crime must be up noticeably in MB. But, the cops were definitely on it. —- Phillip Cook, longtime resident and business owner

** Gascon is Killing LA County. There are no consequences for Robbery, Car Jacking, Home invasion, even Murder. Why do these people even wear masks. A sitting Judge told me all of these decisions are coming from Sacramento. This State and City are turning to shit. Manhattan Beach used to be a wonderful safe place to live. Ever since Obama got elected we have been on a downward spiral. Trump brought prosperity because he was not a politician and the Establishment, Media and Deep State destroyed him. Liberal and Weak City Council and Woke School Board. Gender Identity more important character. So Sad. I do believe if the Liberals continue to lie and cheat their way into winning elections, at some point there will be some type of Civil War. Both Coast against the Middle of the Country. Florida is the only exception. America will destroy itself from Within. —- John Altamura, longtime resident and business owner


The Gallery 208 ribbon cutting. Left to right: MB Councilmember David Lesser, David Diaz (Artist), Chip Herwegh (Business Partner), Dennis Jarvis (Gallery 208 Co-Owner), Crystal Jarvis (Gallery 208 Co-Owner), David Archer (MB Chamber of Commerce President/CEO), Steve Napolitano (MB Mayor), Joe Franklin (MB Councilmember) and Wayne Powell (former MB Mayor/Councilmember).

by Mike Michalski

All of Los Angeles is now firmly in control of the far left, from the Los Angeles city mayor’s office to the L.A. County District Attorney and Board of Supervisors. Our new supervisor for the South Bay, Holly Mitchell, has even expressed open animosity toward police and prosecutor’s unions, stating they are “clearly white supremacist organizations.” Of even greater significance, in terms of our local crime problem, is the radical soft-on-crime agenda of County DA George Gascon, who was elected in 2020. After two years, his agenda has certainly taken hold throughout Los Angeles with a predictable county-wide increase in crime, much like his previous tenure as San Francisco’s DA. Needless to say, Gascon’s criminal-emboldening policies have impacted Manhattan Beach, which falls within his jurisdiction and which has experienced two years of rising crime as well, especially property crimes, a trend that shows no sign of abating in 2023.


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The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Jill Lamkin

Jill Lamkin is executive director of Manhattan Beach Downtown Business and Professional Association.



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Bruce Family Sells Returned Land, Sparks Social Responsibility Discussion:

Some thought the family had a duty to keep Bruce’s Beach, but others claimed they could do what was best for them: The community support and easy legislative process seemed to indicate that everyone wanted the Bruce family to become the first known benefactors of property-based reparations. The Bruce family received two plots of coastal land in Manhattan Beach last year, more than nine decades after the original Black owners, their ancestors, had the property legally taken for racial reasons. Some are sad that the family sold the seaside property, which Willa and Charles Bruce ran as an African American coastal resort in the early 20th century. Monday, January 30, marks the $20 million sale to Los Angeles County. “I never envisioned it would be sold back to the county,” said community activist Kavon Ward, who led the drive to return the land to the Bruce family. I imagined Charles and Willa’s idea would come true. She said, “For it to remain what it is already is simply horrible.” The choice to sell the land so soon after gaining it back has divided restitution watchers. Ward believes the family should have maintained the property and redeveloped it into a permanent source of income to honor Willa and Charles Bruce. They think selling the property hurts the equity struggle.

Blood Drive & Free Vaccination Clinic:

On Tuesday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day), the Manhattan Beach Farmers Market will be hosting a Blood Drive and a Free Vaccination Clinic.


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*****Hermosa Beach businesses, in yet another sign of the pandemic’s waning influence on policy, may soon have to pay more for outdoor dining decks – potentially doubling the city’s revenue from encroachment fees. *****A 13-year-old boy died and a man was injured when they were struck by a vehicle in a Hawthorne intersection, authorities said Monday. The crash occurred about 8:35 p.m. last Sunday at El Segundo Boulevard and Truro Avenue, according to Hawthorne Police Investigator A. Barlin. The boy, the man and a girl were crossing El Segundo Boulevard when the boy and the man were hit by a westbound vehicle on El Segundo, Barlin said. Information on their relationship to one another was not immediately available. *****Several elementary schools in L.A. County’s Beach Cities have already earned state honors this year. Pacific, Pennekamp and Meadows elementary schools – all part of the Manhattan Beach Unified School District – were among more than 350 campuses statewide to be named 2023 California Distinguished Schools this week. Other local schools to receive the distinction, from the California Department of Education, are Hermosa View Elementary, part of the Hermosa Beach City School District; Jefferson and Birney elementary schools, in Redondo Beach Unified; and Richmond Street Elementary, in El Segundo Unified. *****Redondo Beach Councilmember Christian Horvath only has two months left in office – but a local development watchdog group is trying to get him out of his seat sooner. That group, Rescue Our Waterfront, demanded Horvath’s resignation or removal from office in a Sunday, January 8, post on its website, accusing the councilmember of living in Torrance since October, citing voter registration records sent to them. Horvath has denied the allegations and said he has no intention of resigning. *****Jim Lowrey has a family of lifesavers. “I’m the luckiest person who could have this happen to them,” said the Hermosa Beach resident. “It couldn’t have gotten any better.” Brothers James and Jackson Lowrey’s CPR training swiftly kicked in last September, when their father, Jim, went into cardiac arrest and fell unconscious at his home while on the phone with his wife. James, 15, launched into the process that he and his brother learned as Junior Lifeguards through the Los Angeles County Fire Department. After briefly talking with his mom, Nicola, on the phone, Jackson, 13, called 911 while she dashed home.


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People From Manhattan Beach

Athletes – Basketball

Matt Barnes: Los Angeles Clippers player
Jeanie Buss: Executive Vice President and co-owner, L.A. Lakers
Brian Cook: forward for the Los Angeles Clippers
Mike D’Antoni: Head coach of the Houston Rockets
Robbie Davis: Lakers team trainer
Andy Enfield: head basketball coach for USC
Devean George: former NBA player
Blake Griffin: forward for the Los Angeles Clippers
Shaun Livingston: point guard for the Golden State Warriors
Slava Medvedenko: basketball player, former power forward for the Los Angeles Lakers
Chris Mihm: former center for the Los Angeles Lakers
Steve Nash: former NBA superstar player
Michael Olowokandi: former NBA player
Kurt Rambis: NBA player and coach
Željko Rebrača: former center for the Los Angeles Clippers
Brian Shaw: former NBA player and coach of the Denver Nuggets
Diana Taurasi: basketball player, three-time Olympic gold medalist, three-time NCCA champion, and three-time WNBA champion
Sasha Vujačić: shooting guard for the Brooklyn Nets
Luke Walton: Head Coach of the L.A. Lakers


Bread pudding dessert at Mercado restaurant in Manhattan Beach.

by Justin Randolph

Owner of Yoga Loft

We are disappointed to write this – as I’m sure you’re aware, there has been an uptick in crime in Manhattan Beach over the past several months. To keep our yoga family – both teachers and practitioners safe, we want to remind you of some important policies we have in place and will be fully enforcing moving forward. The doors to both locations will open no earlier than 15 minutes before class and will close either at the scheduled class time if all registered students have arrived or 5 minutes after the start of class if someone has registered but has not arrived yet. Please sign up in advance for the class. Due to safety and security, we must adhere to our 5-minute late arrival grace period. Also please remember not to leave any valuables in your car. Our studio door downtown will lock once we begin class, and in El Porto, you can secure your belongings in one of the lockers in the locker room. Namaste.


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“But Ronald, I never want to leave Manhattan Beach!”


1. ** AWARD-WINNING SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Linkedin —- www.BoundlessMediaUSA.com

2. ** Crime is not down, and the world isn’t flat. —- Davis H., Manhattan Beach

3. ** The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same. —- Stephen S., Hermosa Beach

4. ** Individuals can support people and families affected by the Monterey Park shooting on Saturday, January 21, by donating directly to verified fundraisers on GoFundMe. —- Eric C., Manhattan Beach

5. ** The stakes have never been higher. If we lose America, the whole world will be lost. There is no other country with as much liberty as the United States of America. If we lose our freedoms here – there will be no one left to fight. —- www.PragerU.com

6. ** Larry Page and Sergey Brin wrote a landmark paper explicitly warning that advertising-led search engines would be biased against the true needs of consumers. —- Joan R., Manhattan Beach

7. ** George Gascon supports the criminal, not the law-abiding citizens and the surviving and mourning families. He should be recalled. Let’s try again. He’s evil. —- David Denitz

8. ** You know you’re getting older when headlines no longer blame your generation for all of the problems going on. —- Lois C., Manhattan Beach

9. ** You may have noticed that the Academy Award nominations were announced this week. It is also notable that few cared. —- Henry O., Manhattan Beach

10. ** Incredibly grateful for every MBPD officer & law enforcement everywhere … those who serve us daily & risk their lives doing so are the true heroes in our society. We are living in a criminal’s paradise thanks to Gascon, his special directives, reclassification of crime resulting in the normalization of crime in L.A.: all of which makes a career in law enforcement 1000x more dangerous. Thank you MBPD. —- Heidi R.

11. ** From 2019-21, 3,700+ stock trades by Members of Congress posed potential conflicts of interest. – too many in both parties care more about lining their own pockets than serving the people. —- Tara G., Hermosa Beach

12. ** One does not need to be a genius to figure out L.A. is losing the battle against mental illness among its homeless. —- Lynn H., Manhattan Beach

13. ** More Woke crap! A Disneyland tradition for more than half a century that brought the sounds of trumpets, saxophones and drums marching down Main Street U.S.A. has come to a sudden end with the abrupt cancellation of a beloved college music program. —- Harvey and Harriett W., Manhattan Beach

14. ** I like Councilman David Less because he is frugal with our money! Thank God someone is. —- Kim B., Manhattan Beach

15. ** I was driving out of the Manhattan Village today, along the fairway, and noticed a man I did not recognize. I looked at him, and he took off towards the golf course; he either ran into someone’s yard or hopped the fence. Please lock your doors and garages and be careful. —- Lee P., Manhattan Beach

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