MB Weekly Bonus Edition 12/18/2022


Manhattan Beach realtor Mike Michalski.


Kelley Misetich, Community and Membership Coordinator, Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce.


Mark Ogren, chef of Fleming’s Steakhouse in El Segundo.


Charlotte Lesser, community activist.


Manhattan Beach City Manager Bruce Moe.


Frank Chiella, MBFD Battalion Captain (Retired) who ran for City Council.


Dan Humbert, community activist.


Manhattan Beach Mayor Steve Napolitano and realtor Abby Waddell.


City Talk guest of honor Larry Kosmont at Urban Plates Manhattan Beach.


Former Manhattan Beach mayor, Russ Lesser, celebrates his birthday.


Gerry Morton, Manhattan Beach Rotary President.


Chef David Slay, a third-generation American restaurateur, grows specialty vegetables, herbs and fruits in raised and in-ground beds at his small farm in Stanton. Check out the award-winning Slay Italian and Slay Steak and Fish.


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“Now that I don’t have to ‘make the most of the holiday’ in Manhattan Beach, I can finally relax.”


1. ** South Bay’s best private chef – https://www.setthetablela.com

2. ** South Bay’s most trusted dog walker. 5 years experience. Reasonable prices. 310-714-9877 – Silva Zambon – alohamydogs@gmail.com

3. ** Generally, my wife experiences a migraine prodrome – a general feeling that a migraine will strike. This usually occurs one or two hours before the headache starts. —- Dr. Lance H., Manhattan Beach

4. ** Multiple cars were broken into early this morning (0130-0300) in the Tree Section of Manhattan Beach. Windows were smashed. Please contact me if you have video evidence of the perpetrators, and I will pass them along to the authorities. —- Ernest DP, Manhattan Beach

5. ** COVID test at Exer Urgent Care was quick, easy, and painless, and you feel so much better when the test is negative. You also get notified of results very quickly. —- Frank Markland, Manhattan Beach

6. ** Of fictional clowns, Ronald McDonald has a much higher body count than The Joker. —- Jayme B., Manhattan Beach

7. ** SLAY Steak and Fish House on Manhattan Avenue is a great dining experience! Excellent food, service, and ambiance! —- Mark Burton

8. ** South Bay Bee Removal – 310-662-1397 —- Tod and Cynthia P., Manhattan Beach

9. ** Yes, I still have a landline but only because whenever we try to cancel it, Spectrum tells us our cable and internet prices will go up because we save money by “bundling.” The landline only gets spam calls, and we keep the ringer turned off. —- Jim Selth, Redondo Beach

10.** Does anyone know why there are hundreds of dead cockroaches on the strand? I have never seen so many concentrated between tenth and sixth streets. —- Dorie Alexandra, Manhattan Beach

11. ** Car Detailing Service: We provide the service at your driveway at a reasonable price (470) 467-2928 —- Katherine Peller, Manhattan Beach

12. ** By the time you read this, you’ll be older than you remember. —- Leslie G., Manhattan Beach

13. ** Raw sewage and poop flowed down 23rd Street from about Highland in Manhattan Beach. Be mindful of crossing the strand at 23rd Street bc that is a poop river. —- Alexandra W., Manhattan Beach

14. ** This morning at about 6:05, I took my dog “Betty” for her Morning walk. As we rounded the corner at Rowell to head down Gates, we came across a solo Coyote on a slow trot heading East. I made a lot of aggressive noise, it glanced over and picked up its pace, then it headed down the hill toward Voorhees. —- Brent Gilliland, Manhattan Beach

15. ** My housekeeper Alma has openings. I’ve been working with her for years and could not recommend her more. (310) 619-3904 —- Matt Austin, Manhattan Beach

16. ** Protect your home and valuables this holiday season and remember to follow the #9pmroutine. —- MB Police Department

17. ** Southwestern Carpet Cleaning. Mark always does superior work! He preps stains, cleans exceptionally well, and lays down walking paper. We have used him for MANY years, and we are Never disappointed. —- Barb Woodward, Manhattan Beach

18. ** Business beware. Get woke, go broke. —- Amanda L., Manhattan Beach

19. ** The results of the Manhattan Beach elections were not about partisanship. They were about ideology. Those are two different concepts. No one brought party politics (partisanship) into our elections. —- Christopher O’Brien, Manhattan Beach

20. ** My high school son has friends who shoplift from the Manhattan Beach Target store because they know they won’t be prosecuted. Imagine 16-year-old boys who know that George Gascon won’t file misdemeanor charges, and they also know that Manhattan Beach doesn’t have a city prosecutor. What has California become? —- Jaime McKesson, Redondo Beach

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