MB Weekly Bonus Edition 06/18/2023


Two happy guests at the recent Rotary Club Annual Fundraiser.


Torie Lee, Ellah Seno and Richard McQuillan at a Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce Mixer.


Addison Evans, the general manager at Rockefeller Restaurant in Manhattan Beach.


George and Zoey, two happy servers at Mercado in Manhattan Village.


Isabela from Brazil, a new team member from Urban Plates in Manhattan Village.


Marilyn Alcantar, general manager, and Ryan Whalen, server, at Fete Bistro Manhattan Beach.


Aaron Garisek, the popular general manager at Tin Roof in Manhattan Village.


Eddy, a chef, and Hector, a cashier, at Urban Plates Manhattan Beach.


Über Chef David Slay doing an interview in his restaurant Fête Bistro, in Manhattan Beach.

** Sometimes I feel like I’m driving in a third-world country while driving the streets of Manhattan Beach. When is our Public Works Dept going to do something about it? My road on the 14th between Pacific School and American Martyrs Church is so ridiculously torn up. We’ve emailed the Public Works dept several times to no avail. Where does all our tax money go? Other streets are just as bad, and I hope all these streets can be repaired. —- Liz Stromath, Manhattan Beach

** A woman was attacked with a sword by a mentally unstable homeless man. When will LA County address the homeless population along Dockweiler and Grand Beach near Tower 60? —- Tamara Kcehowski, El Segundo

** My seven-year-old son was hit by a car yesterday on Lenore St between Grant and Kent around 5 pm May 5th next to an ice cream truck. Thank God he is ok and only came out of the ER with a couple of broken bones in his leg. I am reaching out here hoping that someone may have video surveillance footage of the ice cream truck in the neighborhood anytime between 4:30 and 5:30 on May 5th. I have knocked on a few Neighbour’s doors hoping there is a video of the accident, but I have been unsuccessful so far. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you! For the record, the driver did stop but won’t respond to get me his insurance information. (Email: JessicaStark302@gmail.com) —- Jessica Stark, Torrance

** I can understand the Pasha armed robbers getting bonded out, even though I would instead prefer they be stuck in jail for years. However, that does not mean they will not have to go to trial. Please keep on this story because I bet there is a good chance we will never see them again. The big question is how they came up with all the money needed for the bond. —- Russ Lesser, Former Mayor of Manhattan Beach

** WARNING… A friend was walking her dog at 8:30 am on the bark trail near Manhattan Village Mall. A tall, mentally unstable man jumped out of the bushes and screamed at her. She ran to safety and called the police. Another neighbor also saw this man and said he was aggressive/unstable. Please be aware of your surroundings. Call the police if you see someone that appears to be a danger to themselves or others. —- C.H., Manhattan Beach

** I went to the Strand in Manhattan Beach yesterday but only had time for about four miles. In that time, seven people on e-bikes zipped past at well above the 8 MPH limit. Well above. Two zipped through the walk-only zone at the Hermosa Pier. That was on a relatively tranquil Thursday afternoon. Is there anything tangible that can be done to enforce the speed limit? I mean, before someone gets seriously hurt? I have a secondary concern as someone who relies heavily on an e-bike for work commuting and other transportation (due mainly to finances). I am concerned that if (when?) someone does get hit by a bike and seriously injured, restrictions or bans may follow. However, my primary concern is for the many people who walk, jog, and bike responsibly on the Strand. —- Len Kinzel, Manhattan Beach

** In the evening, around 10:00 PM, I was walking my dogs and saw a young man leaning against a neighbor’s trash can. I got home. I asked him if he was a family friend, and he said yes (my dogs were barking at him). A few minutes later, I looked outside, and he was gone. He looked to be around 20 or so, maybe 5’10”, blonde, baseball hat on backward, and light-colored sunglasses. Has anyone else seen him lurking about? This was on 32nd Place, 400 block, Manhattan Beach. —- Debbie D., Manhattan Beach

** I walked on the Strand at 8 am from El Porto to Manhattan Beach Pier; I always take this walk with no problems and always people around. However, when I stopped at the Pier, a 20-something Hispanic man approached me, asked if I was there yesterday, which I wasn’t, and then told me his S. $ got jacked. He had a long ponytail and tat on his left hand SOS; from his mannerisms and demeanor he was in fight mode and clinching his fists, and I watched his every move. As I started to walk on, he was walking with me, and I kept feeling he was about to take a swing but never did. I called MBPD and left a report; he ended his conversation if that’s what it was with him just getting out of jail. So if you’re on the Strand, just be aware. Always be ready. —- Corey Lubak, El Segundo

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Walking with my 88-year-old grandmother, who took the train from NY with four little kids in 1954 and landed in the South Bay, and has been here ever since. She is an amazing woman and an inspiration. —- Melissa Charlton


** The American government took unprecedented action in the early, terrified days of the outbreak. Within a few weeks, it changed into something resembling a welfare state in the mold of Europe. The social safety net was quickly strengthened by Congress, making it far stronger than it had ever been. It increased the generosity of programs like Medicaid and food stamps. It established new federal benefits like free school lunches and paid sick and caregiver leave. Also, it nearly universalized some pandemic benefits like stimulus checks and kid allowances. Since March 2020, it is anticipated that the government has spent $5 trillion assisting citizens and companies. —- Steve Revel

** According to a recent analysis from the U.S. Census Bureau, Los Angeles County, our County, suffered the greatest loss of life from COVID-19 at the height of the pandemic than any other major county in the nation. A regional population collapse last seen in Southern California during the aerospace crisis of the early 1990s was caused by the significant fall in the country’s most populous county, even though other nearby areas fared better. Over the course of a 27-month period, the population of Los Angeles County decreased by 2.9%, going from little over 10 million people on April 1, 2020, around the time the first COVID-19 deaths were making headlines, to just over 9.7 million people on July 1, 2022, when the pandemic was less severe. Much her for our Manhattan Beach City Council and city leaders to think about. —- Clay Tobias

** It all began with government-mandated school closings and student masks during the coronavirus pandemic. In the current culture war between conservatives and liberals, school board meetings in the South Bay and across the country have become a key battleground. Anatomy teacher in Placentia was suspended for bringing up gay sex while discussing the reproductive system. Outside of a school board meeting, protestors and counter protesters got into a fight over how the district teaches about gender identity, and Glendale police had to break it up. In the past, school board meetings in Southern California were unassuming, with little attendance. Now they can more resemble a WWF broadcast. —- Darby Winston


Manhattan Beach Sunset by former MB Mayor, Wayne Powell.


** Are you kidding? The murders were very horrific, shocking and unheard of at the time. The Manson Family lunatics took away 5 lives and the future of an 8 ½ month fetus. They killed a total of 9 people plus the fetus over a two-month period. Their lives, in terms of freedom, should be taken away from them for as long as they live. They were sentenced to death but CA’s soft on crime abolition of the death sentence got them life in prison. That sentence, life in prison, should mean just that. As a society, we should have more compassion for the victims and less concern for the perpetrators. Manson died in prison and the others should be in prison when they die. —- Phil C., Manhattan Beach


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1. ** Last week, a jack-ass teen riding an e-bike through Metlox Center Plaza almost hit us. I would be mortified if my children behaved like today’s youngsters, who are disrespectful and obnoxious. The e-bikes are unsafe, and someone will be gravely wounded soon. The police station across the street lets minors ride dangerously in the nighttime plaza. Disgraceful. —- Hillary C., Manhattan Beach

2. ** Our family loves Tin Roof! They have fantastic meals, a great wine list, and fast service. Tin Roof is great for dinner and socializing. —- Erin G., Manhattan Beach

3. ** Manhattan Village – WTF? Gun-wielding police are swarming Mercado and Tommy Bahama stores! —- Alison J., Manhattan Beach

4. ** Before wasting time and money on college, ask yourself if you genuinely need to go. —- Tony O., Hermosa Beach

5. ** I can’t believe Bob Dylan is 82. —- Alvin L., Manhattan Beach

6. ** I am impressed with Councilwoman Howorth’s apology for donating money to that disaster D.A. George Gascon. —- Lois P., Manhattan Beach

7. ** Who the Hell does the hiring at Randy’s Donuts in El Segundo? Disaster. —- Jess M., El Segundo

8. ** At High School Debates throughout the country, debate Is No Longer Allowed. At national tournaments, judges are making their stances clear: students who argue ‘capitalism can reduce poverty’ or ‘Israel has a right to defend itself’ will lose – no questions asked. —- Dr. Howell R., Manhattan Beach

9. ** Spires Restaurant is closing after 46 years in Torrance. The building that houses the restaurant will be demolished, and two 2,479-square-foot restaurants, each with 495-square-foot outdoor dining areas. —- Editor’s Note

10. ** Shoot the coyotes…on sight! They bring no value to populated areas. The risk of losing one child….well, do you want that responsibility hanging around your neck? The other wild critters they feed on can be handled separately. —- Tom T., 35-year resident, “Keep Manhattan Beach Safe”….kill the coyotes!

11. ** M.B. Weekly is AMAZING! WE ARE DYING OVER IT. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. IT REALLY IS PERFECT! I will be seeing a group of Southbay girlfriends tomorrow night and will ensure they are all signed up for this newsletter if they aren’t already! —- Betty H., Manhattan Beach

12. ** Drywallers must be incredible at putting cream cheese on bagels. —- Adam C., Manhattan Beach

13. ** Running out of fuel will become a much bigger problem when we have flying cars. —- Barb T., Manhattan Beach

14. ** I’ve seen coyotes in Manhattan Beach four separate times in the past few months. Since coyotes are entering backyards, will the city reconsider its options? —- Harvey D., Manhattan Beach

15. ** We love Andrew at Mercado! —- Sandy and Marla P., Manhattan Beach

16. ** Nikki Haley is the real deal! —- Gwen A., Manhattan Beach

17. ** Frenemies can wreak more havoc on your well-being than enemies. —- Adam K., Manhattan Beach

18. ** Award-winning P.R. / Branding firm seeking an entry-level part-time, 10-15 hours a week (flexible hours) special project coordinator. You must be smart, hungry to learn, reliable, tech-savvy, and resourceful. Excellent knowledge and opportunity for the right person. www.BoundlessMediaUSA.com. Email resume to: AmandaK@BoundlessMediaUSA.com

19. ** Last Saturday at about 4 p.m., Hermosa Beach Police, L.A. County Firefighters, and Lifeguards responded to a stabbing on the upper level of the downtown parking lot. Fire and lifeguard paramedics treated a 20-something male with an abdominal stab wound. Harbor General received the victim. —- Leslie K., Hermosa Beach

20. ** As a liberal, I often don’t agree with Mike Michalski but honestly often find his writing thought-provoking and difficult to challenge. —- Michelle A., Manhattan Beach

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