MB Weekly Bonus Edition 03/12/2023


Theresa Plakos, Cancer Support Community South Bay (CSC South Bay).


Former MB Mayor Russ Lessor.


Cool kitchen in Manhattan Beach. Feel free to share your photos with your neighbors in Manhattan Beach and surrounding South Bay communities. Send to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net


Photographer Jefferson Graham.


Realtor Vince Altamura.


Realtor Stuart Fournier.


Magical bathroom in Manhattan Beach. Feel free to share your photos with your neighbors in Manhattan Beach and surrounding South Bay communities. Send to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net


What Book Are You Currently Reading?

** The Body (Bill Bryson) —- Ed Kushins, Entrepreneur

** Wonder by R J Palacio, The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi. —- Deborah Hofreiter, Educator

** Currently reading “An Incomplete Education” – 3,684 things you should have learned but probably didn’t. Judy Jones and William Wilson are the authors. Things you may have heard of but don’t know the details ( Miranda rights) and things you’ve never heard of (Lionel Trilling, Hannah Arendt, Democratic Republicans, National Republicans). Ernesto Miranda kidnapped and raped an 18 year old. He confessed and was sentenced to prison. Ultimately the Supreme Court set him free (you have the right to refuse to answer self-incrimination questions). Justice was done when he was stabbed to death in an Arizona bar 10 years later. Fair warning: Some of the stuff you probably don’t give a sh** about but other stuff is fascinating and leads to a more complete education. —- Phillip Cook, Financial Advisor

** Money Dick —- Jacquely Nemay

** It’s such a timely question because I read “Metropolis” by Ben Wilson. It’s an incredible book that ties in the history of planning and development in all the world’s cities from Mesopotamia to today. Interestingly it mentions Manhattan Beach and goes into depth about Compton. I never knew our neighboring City Of Lakewood was the first planned residential development in the United States. —- Stewart Fournier, Realtor

** The Five Dysfunctions of a Team —- Mark Burton, Former MB Mayor


Should Parents Of Mass Shooters Be Charged If They Helped The Shooter Acquire Guns?

** Yes. “Parents of individuals who were engaged in serious violence to others, including all gun shootings, should be held criminally accountable if they assisted in helping acquire the weapon used and knew, or should have known, that their child was mentally unstable or had a history of violence.” —- Wayne Powell, Former MB Mayor

** YES —- Zein Obagi Jr., District 4: Council Member


Who Would You Rather Have Dinner With – Elon Musk Or President Biden?

** Well, dinner with crazy uncle Joe over Elon. President Biden is still president of the United States of America which is the greatest country second to none. I love our country, I love our democracy, unfortunately I don’t love where it is right now, but this will pass. It would be a distinct honor to have dinner with any president of the United States of America no matter which party. —- David M. Slay, Slay Restaurants


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1. ** Have you had enough of the pronoun crap yet? —- Leslie H., Manhattan Beach

2. ** The catalytic converter from my Prius was stolen overnight while parked in Torrance. —- Olivia K., Torrance

3. ** Every day, there is a silent war being waged on the minds of our children. Drag Queen Story Hour, hyper-sexualized books in children’s libraries, and transgender social media influencers are confusing our impressionable, young children. It’s time we said, “Enough is Enough.” —- S. H., Manhattan Beach

4. ** Dare I confess, I once ate three Cinnabons in a day. —- Pablo M., Hermosa Beach

5. ** We were trying to raise money for her and her two sons when my brother-in-law was fatally shot. —- Name withheld by request., Torrance

6. ** Thank God Lori Lightfoot was defeated! Amen. —- Paul O., Manhattan Beach

7. ** Has anyone else experienced poor security at Whole Foods in El Segundo? My bag was stolen. —- Andrea B., El Segundo

8. ** I went into the Vitamin Shop in Manhattan Beach on Rosecrans Blvd. for the first time the other day and won’t return. The service was horrible, like most retail businesses, but after I made a $14 purchase, I asked for a bag, and they said there was a $0.50 charge for bags. I’ll find another place to buy vitamins. —- Mallory M., Manhattan Beach

9. ** I love Girl Scout cookies! Yum. —- Drake P., Manhattan Beach

10. ** Yoelin is a good waitress at The Kettle. —- Garrett U., Manhattan Beach

11. ** Redondo Beach loses another tiny business. Calimex Artesia closed permanently. Excellent meal. Kind, honest owner. —- Sandra and Bill W., Hermosa Beach

12. ** I had an excellent experience at the new Studio MDR in Manhattan Beach. Primi is a great teacher —- Tara G., Manhattan Beach

13. ** Tipless – Why do 20% of food delivery customers not tip? Do they not realize we must pay for our gas, car, supplies, and phone? If you think not tipping is a good idea, think again. —- Kelly S., El Segundo

14. ** Big surprise? – Crime skyrockets on the L.A. Metro system, including a jump in drug deaths. The incidents of violent crime, illicit drug use, and people dying from drug overdoses on the L.A. Metro transit system skyrocketed in 2022, leaving board members saying that the alarming trend should be treated as an emergency to be addressed immediately. What the Hell took them so long to notice? Are they blind or just stupid? —- Fern O., Manhattan Beach

15. ** Another consumer rip-off! SoCalGas is asking the Public Utilities Commission for permission to collect another $4.7 billion for 2024 through 2027; SDG&E wants another $3 billion (not all of it for gas). —- Dr. Lance M., Manhattan Beach

16. ** The souls of emperors and cobblers are cast in the same mold. —- Howie L., Hermosa Beach

17. ** Hello MBW – What will it take to stop kids on electric bikes to stop blowing stop signs and riding at night with no lights or reflectors? Really! Dark clothes on a black bike with no lights coming from nowhere at 35 mph! I, for one, do NOT want to lose these precious young people. —- Dave Harris, Manhattan Beach

18. ** Trader Joe’s purse stealing was awful! I hope the woman is okay. Did the cops catch him? Rosecrans Trader Joe’s. Beware! —- Clay T., Hermosa Beach

19. ** Cheesecake Factory marks 45th anniversary this week. I am proud to say I have only “eaten” there once. Once was quite enough! Actually, once too many. —- Ryan M., Manhattan Beach

20. ** According to exit polls, 63% of voters ages 18 to 29 voted for the left in the 2022 midterm elections. That means a majority of Gen Z support destructive left-wing policies, such as socialism, open borders, student loan forgiveness, and higher taxes. —- Brittany S., Manhattan Beach

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