MB Weekly Bonus Edition 02/12/2023


Southern California Gas Co. said in late December that customers can expect to see their bills almost triple this winter compared to last year, warning in no uncertain terms that: “There’s no easy way to put this. January bills are likely to be shockingly high.”


Owner at Tapizôn restaurant’s one-year anniversary party in El Segundo.


Wild bike in Manhattan Beach. Feel free to share your photographs. Send to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net


Retired professional boxer Cedric Jones was one of the panelists at the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce’s 3rd annual virtual UNITY in the Community event recently.


Desk and bed in Manhattan Beach. Feel free to share your photographs. Send to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net


Lisa Solomon owner of The Studio (mdr).


Crazy woodwork in Manhattan Beach. Feel free to share your photographs. Send to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net


Do Thank-You Notes Still Matter?

** Thank you notes matter more than ever today. In a world that is all about the tap back’ and fast digital dopamine hits, the written word, on an excellent hand-delivered paper stock, means more than ever before. It was expected when it was the only way (only a decade ago) to send a note, but today it’s a true delight when you receive one. These notes convey the emotion and human touch we are missing in 2023. —- Erik Logan Toppenberg, Chief Executive Officer, World Surf League (WSL)

** Thank you notes matter more than ever. AI has taken over our lives so much it’s hard to feel relevant. We have all been trained to be on hold or stand in line to move forward. Did you know that until the 70s, putting someone on hold at all was considered rude behavior? Thank you notes are the only proof someone was really thinking of you. —- Stewart Fournier, realtor

** As a society, we have become lax in our communication skills. It has become easy to hide behind a keyboard and comment on social media, bang out a quick quip of a remark that may sting so that we feel clever. Thank you notes matter. Handwritten notes are best. We as a society have recently been dismayed at the attitudes of people driving selfishly as if STOP signs and speed limits were a suggestion. We are aghast when people stare at their phones rather than chat with table mates at dinner. Thank you notes matter. Handwritten notes are best. I don’t know anyone who has ever been disappointed in the personal connection made by someone jotting down a follow-up note of appreciation acknowledging a person’s time, experience, or advice. Thank you notes allow both the writer and recipient to reflect and appreciate one another. —- Rita Crabtree-Kampe, philanthropist

** Manners have meaning. People feel good when they know what they did was appreciated. Being too busy means you are less likely to have repeat business or be offered more than one kindness. It takes little time or money, so why wouldn’t you say thank you? Did manners suddenly become passe because we’re too busy, too important, or have too much ego? If the world isn’t kind, a thank-you note makes it less so. —- Phil Cook, business owner

Mercado Manhattan Beach:

JOIN US ON VALENTINE’S DAY! Mercado locations will be offering a special prix fixe dinner on Tuesday, February 14. Regular dinner menu not available at Manhattan Beach.



Would You Prefer Streaming Services Be Paid
Without Ads Or Free With Ads?

** I’m OK with a tiered offering that gives users a choice of either. While I might be willing to pay a little extra to eliminate ads, someone else might tolerate seeing a few ads if they came with a discounted subscription price. —- Kate Danaj, entrepreneur

** Ads are a complete waste of time. I will pay for the streaming service if it has compelling content. —- Phillip Cook, business owner

** I’d like to be given the option… if I knew the cost I’d be able to make a more informed decision. —- Ed Kushins, entrepreneur

** Free with ads. —- Patricia Jones, philanthropist


“Once a week, but never weakly”

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1. ** DO YOU KNOW? Understanding people’s needs can teach you about potential buyers. —- www.BoundlessMediaUSA.com

2. ** Congratulations to MB Weekly. I just started reading in the last month or two and find your weekly digital publication extraordinary. —- Holly W., Manhattan Beach

3. ** At the Manhattan Village in Manhattan Beach, another wild coyote roaming at 6:50 a.m. in the morning. I’m unsure what the city has done to deal with this growing menace. —- Ryan P., Manhattan Beach

4. ** I am sick and tired of irresponsible dog owners picking up their dog poop for them. —- Jim B., Manhattan Beach

5. ** My daughter lives three hours from our Manhattan Beach home. After her boyfriend of three years and she broke up, I decided to arrange for a care package to be delivered from her local grocery store and began online ordering. —- Edna G., Manhattan Beach

6. ** Quick question who would you rather have dinner with, Mike Lindell or George Santos? —- Harriet S., Manhattan Beach

7. ** Tyre Nichols’ tragedy is heartbreaking. Poor young man has a 4-year-old baby. Police behaved like thugs. They deserve the utmost punishment. It’s a shame they couldn’t act like men in charge. —- Kelly K., Hermosa Beach

8. ** It all begins with you. We customize all our menus to meet your culinary and dietary needs. Whether it’s meal prep or a special event, we’ve got you covered. – Winner – “Best of Los Angeles Award” – Owner operated right here in the South Bay —- www.setthetablela.com

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10. ** I think my neighbor poisoned my cat, who vomits three times a day. She’s still vomiting, so I won’t let her out. —- Virginia G., El Segundo

11. ** Let’s be honest; any pet owner that calls their dog or cat a “fur baby” needs a psychiatrist. —- Arlene F., Manhattan Beach

12. ** CVS pharmacy in Manhattan Village is now closed for lunch. Urrgh! Annoying. —- Howie S., Manhattan Beach

13. ** Something to think about. My friend Robin dropped out of both Twitter and Nextdoor, saying, “I don’t have to be complicit in the culture of bitterness, anger, and time-wasting.” —- Glenn S., Manhattan Beach

14. ** Our house was burglarized as we slept. A window allowed the intruder. Ring captured it all. I am sick and tired of listening to the denial crowd that naively says we don’t have a crime problem! —- Lucy Z., Hermosa Beach

15. ** The House of Representatives voted recently to remove Representative Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee over her long history of making antisemitic remarks. Amen! Why this took so long is dispiriting. —- Lawrence S., Manhattan Beach

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