MB Weekly Bonus Edition 01/15/2023


Former Manhattan Beach Mayor Russ Lesser at City Talk at Urban Plates.


Tina Thimen, manager at California Pizza Kitchen in Manhattan Village.


Andrew DeMeter, general manager of Mercado Restaurant in Manhattan Beach.


Prominent software entrepreneur Dan Humbert.


South Bay philanthropist Patricia Jones.


Ceaser, new manager of Mercado Restaurant in Manhattan Beach.


South Bay entrepreneur Kate Danaj.


Carla, a waitress at Mercado in Manhattan Village.


Veteran realtor Mike Michalski.


Kennedy and Annie, two happy team members from Slay Steak & Fish House.


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1. ** Are you ready for the Last Waltz. —- amazon

2. ** Tapizon restaurant in El Segundo. Come Join Our Team. Send your resume to: careers@tapizon.com

3. ** Put 10 pennies in your left pocket. Find something for which you are grateful. Move one penny to your right pocket. You should find all pennies have moved to the right pocket at the end of the day. Celebrate. —- Mike Wilson, Manhattan Beach

4. ** For two months, L.A. City Councilman Kevin de León has been followed by a group of angry protesters demanding he leave office for his role in racist remarks made during a secretly taped backroom meeting in October 2021. He should resign. He is a disgrace! —- Lola F., Manhattan Beach

5. ** In your closet and your life, subtract whenever you add. —- Mary Shanklin, Manhattan Beach

6. ** Nikki Ridley is a brilliant talent photographer! —- Arthur Z., Manhattan Beach

7. ** I lived when simply waiting was a large part of ordinary life: when we waited, gathered around a crackling radio, to hear the infinitely far-away voice of the king of England … I live now when we fuss if our computer can’t bring us everything we want instantly. We deny time. —- Darcy P., Manhattan Beach

8. ** I want to thank the gentleman on Harkness who brought me a flower arrangement my daughter had sent me and was delivered to the correct number but the wrong street! He walked over and hand-delivered them. Having a birthday between Christmas and New Year sucks, and my daughter was distraught that the arrangement hadn’t arrived as scheduled. Thank you, kind sir, you made several people very happy! —- Jo-Ann Eastwood, Manhattan Beach

9. ** The problem of polarization isn’t so much that we disagree but rather that we disagree badly. —- Pamela P., Manhattan Beach

10. ** For over 80 years, researchers at Harvard have studied what makes for a good life. They found one surefire, scientifically proven predictor of happiness: developing warmer relationships. Duh? —- Dr. Andrew S., Manhattan Beach

11. ** Dear friends on the Left: It is not hate speech to defend America. —- Heather M., Manhattan Beach

12. ** To the person who returned my little canvas black and grey Vans wallet. Thank you!! I had lost it; downtown Manhattan Beach retraced my steps and looked everywhere. When we got home, my husband said he’ll take one more look in our car. Then he checked our mailbox, and low and behold, and my wallet was there. It is a nice feeling to know there are good people out there. —- Ellie Just, Manhattan Beach

13. ** Everyone is going through something. —- Rose Fischietto, El Segundo

14. ** The best way to make a decision: Does it light me up? —- Robyn Pichler, Hermosa Beach

15. ** Earlier this month, Nahant’s three-member Board of Selectmen voted to enlist federal sharpshooters to track and kill some of the coyotes, making Nahant the first municipality in Massachusetts to seek the expert help through a new state partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The plan has relieved many anxious residents, some of whom now carry whistles and baseball bats on strolls around town, and dress their dogs in $100 “coyote jackets” covered with metal spikes to repel attacks. What are we waiting for Manhattan Beach? I am sick of living in fear. —- Stella G., Manhattan Beach

16. ** WANTED: NEW VIDEO HOST: Looking for a new video host for the Best of Los Angeles award. You can be male or female but must have a good on-air presence and video editing capacity. Be the star of your new show on the Best of Los Angeles award community short videos with significant impact on a large and influential audience throughout Southern California. No payments but great promotional opportunity. If you’re interested, contact Aurora DeRose: Aurora411@TimeWire.net

17. ** It’s been over six months since the horrendous smash-and-grab robbery at Pasha Jewelry in downtown Manhattan Beach. Thus far, no suspects and no arrests. And this audacious robbery with 12 men in broad daylight on a crowded street in downtown Manhattan Beach. Very disappointing! —- Darnell N., Manhattan Beach

18. ** I recently took my leather boots to be rehealed at Tiffany Cleaners in Manhattan Beach on the corner of Artesia and Sepulveda/PCH. The repairman did a good job and even polished them both up! —- Karen Kohles, Hermosa Beach

19. ** Growing up in Manhattan Beach, I remember my mother attracted con artists and losers like iron filings to a magnet. —- Terrance P., Manhattan Beach

20. ** I am a high school administrator and work with our National Honor Society chapter. In December, they collected winter clothing to donate to our city mission. The 100+ members donated almost 1,000 items – including winter coats, hats, gloves, sweaters, and boots for adults and children. Giving back to the community and those in need is something we want them to carry into adulthood. —- Jerry E., Manhattan Beach

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