MB Weekly 11/24/2022

The History of Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach Pier’s Roundhouse

This aerial view of the pier from the late 1920s shows the Roundhouse and the 200-foot extension completed in 1928.

The Roundhouse at the end of the Manhattan Beach pier is one of the city’s most recognizable icons. But it wasn’t part of the city’s original Iron Pier, which stood from 1901 until the winter of 1913-14, when it was destroyed by violent storms. The city’s residents spent several years coming up with designs and financing for a fitting replacement, one that hopefully would rival the efforts of pier builders to the south in Redondo Beach. Construction of the new pier officially was completed on September 15, 1920, without the distinctive Roundhouse. The structure, then called the pavilion, would be added in a second phase. The city’s special engineer, A.L. Harris, gave two reasons for the round design at the pier’s end. One was practical: the circular design was “much stronger against the action of the waves.” The other was aesthetic: no other pier on the coast featured a round end at that time, to his knowledge. The round end of the pier was reinforced with concrete in preparation for construction of the pavilion, which began on November 18, 1921. The pavilion opened on July 4, 1922, and featured a bait shop, tackle rental business and cafe. By July 1928, a 200-foot extension to the pier had been built beyond the Roundhouse. During the 1930s, a fishing barge would operate from the pier extension.



Mira Costa High School girls volleyball. Once again they are undefeated Bay League champions – All three of the team received this honor.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Suzanne Karger

Coordinator Of The Santa Stroll

–The California Great Santa Stroll, is a 5K fun run, walk or stroll to benefit Mychal’s Learning Place. Inspired by a world competition to set the record for the most Santas gathered in one place at the same time. The funds raised throughout the campaign will directly benefit Mychal’s Learning Place programs for youth and young adults with developmental disabilities in our community as they learn to strive to achieve their goals and dreams of living a more independent life. For more information go to: https://santastroll2022.funraise.org/

–I became interested in volunteering for Mychal’s after attending their 2018 Annual Fundraising Luncheon where I was inspired by the obvious joy in the students that performed that day. I was also moved by the “Story of Mychal,” beloved daughter of founder and executive director, Ed Lynch and inspiration for Mychal’s Learning Place.

–I have lived in Manhattan Beach for 25 years.

–One of my favorite books of all time is Anna Karenina, gotta love the Russian writers.




According to a sample of MB Weekly readers in Manhattan Beach and surrounding South Bay communities, MB Weekly readers have spoken.

Community Takes A Stand Against Hate In Manhattan Beach:

After experiencing a number of reported hate crimes since the beginning of the year, Manhattan Beach city officials and community members gathered to let people know that hate has no place in Manhattan Beach. On Sunday the South Bay Community Coalition Against Hate launched its “United Against Hate Week” with an event at Polliwog Park where students and city officials spoke out against the hate symbols that have been popping up on campuses in the city. “I envision a future of inclusive, supportive, respectful, and kind environments that allow students to feel safe as who they are enabling them to thrive and learn,” said Ava, a fourth-grade student at Pacific Elementary School. “When hate exists, it can affect my learning environment and affects our social confidence and ability to grow. It can also affect the ability to ask questions without judgment. Let’s help our students feel safe, supported and accepted.”


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The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Paul Wafer


Do you think that lying is always wrong?
Is there anything that you really want to do before you die?
Do you think that it’s important to have dreams and goals?
Do you think there is more than one right answer to a question?
–Except if it is a math question
Do you think that it’s important to be yourself?
Do you believe that there is good in everyone?
–Absolutely YES

I am very thankful that I have spent more than 1/2 of my 68 years in Manhattan Beach and was able to raise my kids in this community. So proud of how they have become productive and successful members of society!

Set The Table:

Fall is here. Pumpkins are a quintessential part of fall and fall recipes especially since the holiday season is here. Whether it be a pumpkin pie or a pumpkin spice latte, it will always be a part of our holiday seasons.


by Rita Crabtree-Kampe

Congratulations to the newly elected City Council and MBUSD members! It was an honor to run beside the 6 City Council candidates and learn from all the issues brought forth by each person’s campaign in both races. Manhattan Beach is a special place. Let’s keep the integrity of our community growing moving forward. Let’s engage in our local government and schools to support our elected officials and each resident. Thank you to each voter who went to the polls, sent in their ballots and made their voices heard. We are neighbors first and foremost and I am thankful and blessed to be a part of our community. Congratulations to everyone who ran for office. Manhattan Beach is lucky to have so many people interested in service to our community!


City Talk is a monthly conversation series by MB Weekly at Urban Plates.

Reader Questions To
MB Mayor Steve Napolitano

Q: Mayor, what is your astrological sign? —- Devin A.
A: I’m an Aries by the Greek/Roman zodiac and a horse under the Chinese zodiac, whatever that tells you. I also like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Send Your Questions To
The Mayor Of Manhattan Beach

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Nando Trattoria:

Sicily to Manhattan Beach. The atmosphere of real Italy rules the mood at our restaurant. We invite you to a warm and comfortable setting paired with our leisurely Italian spirit and heartfelt cooking. Experience food beyond compare with inspiration in every detail and joy at the table; we honor the home cooking we were raised on by taking traditional recipes that reflect our deep Sicilian roots and update them by adding a modern twist to these Italian staples.



Children of Manhattan Village, Manhattan Beach.


** The Laguna Beach Unified School District announced the appointment of Kim Johnson as its director of early learning, a decision that was approved by the school board. Johnson comes from the Manhattan Beach Unified School District, where she has served as the director of child services since 2006. The position has had her oversee daily operations for more than 300 preschool students.


“MB Weekly presents an independent voice for our South Bay community. Long overdue. Thank you.” —- Mora W., Manhattan Beach

Acclaimed sleep doctor, Dr. Douglas Trask

** Acclaimed sleep doctor, Dr. Douglas Trask, having dinner at SLAY Steak and Fish in Manhattan Beach.

** Realtor Michael Michalski having lunch in El Segundo.

** Manhattan Beach Mayor Steve Napolitano having coffee outdoors at Le Pain Quotidien in Manhattan Beach.

** Former Manhattan Beach Mayor Russ Lesser having dinner at SLAY Italian Kitchen in Manhattan Beach.

Cement Truck Crashes Into Home In Manhattan Beach:

A cement truck crashed into an unoccupied Manhattan Beach home on 42nd Street recently, according to police. Officers were dispatched to the area of 42nd Street and the Strand where a cement truck crashed on its side and into a home. There was no fire or hazard caused by the crash and no injuries were reported according to Christopher Ineguez with Manhattan Beach Police Department. The driver of the truck remained on the scene and cooperated with officers. Investigators are still determining the details of the crash Ineguez said.


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“I think it might be time to text him the Talk.”



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2. ** Manhattan Beach’s electrical grid is Worse than Tijuana’s; how the heck can we always have power outages? #3rdworld what new candidate will fix this? —- Rick Buchta, Manhattan Beach

3. ** I recently read “The Winds of War” by Herman Wouk for the second time. It is all about the lead-up to WWII. There are so many parallels to what has been happening in Ukraine; it is scary. —- Paul Wafer, Manhattan Beach

4. ** Law Office Looking for office space in Manhattan Beach. E-mail: lebentallaw@gmail.com

5. ** Without Notes T.V. show with Elliot Mintz – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxD5sVOc0xU

6. ** I watched this wounded warrior struggle with his surfboard making his way across the sand. I was about to help when I saw another surfer approach him, give him a fist bump, and then carry his blue surfboard the rest of the way to the water. If you’re that surfer, thank you. —- Marilyn Slominski, Manhattan Beach

7. ** Nothing makes you feel more like The Main Character than starting your car just as a song starts playing on the radio. —- Bobbi R., Manhattan Beach

8. ** Soon, tombstones will probably have QR codes on them that share the life stories of those buried there. —- Russell T., Manhattan Beach

9. ** On the National level, we often hear why I am always voting for the lesser of two evils. It’s because good people don’t want the job. Let’s not create that same atmosphere in Manhattan Beach. —- Erin Freeman, Manhattan Beach

10. ** Your MB Weekly Free Bulletin Board is cool! —- Yasmine R., Manhattan Beach

11. ** Need: (Part-Time) Mother’s Helper/Nanny: weekday evenings and some weekends. Meal prep, light cleaning/laundry, responsible driver, kids supervision, help with homework and activities —- julie.jaklich@gmail.com

12. ** My daughter and her family live close by, and her 2-year-old son has kidney cancer. On the day of his big surgery to remove the largest tumors, my friend surprised me with a large chicken potpie around lunch time. —- Kerri N., Manhattan Beach

13. ** Big shout out to Michael Greenberg, the President of Skechers, for paying three months of patio rent for El Sombrero downtown MB so they could keep their outdoor dining. Thank you, Michael and Skechers. —- Christi McCaverty, Redondo Beach

14. ** I own a prominent restaurant in the downtown area of Manhattan Beach. Tonight around midnight, a homeless man came in asking for food. There was, of course, no police presence in the downtown area. (Name withheld by request)

15. ** My daughter is having issues with her Learning Center teacher at Costa. Since she’s 18, they won’t schedule an IEP meeting without her requesting it. MBUSD could care less about the parents. —- Fred Taylor, Manhattan Beach

16. ** I love Tapizôn restaurant in El Segundo. —- Ashley Z., Manhattan Beach

17. ** I lived in MB with the love of my life for seven years. I want the world to know. I love DD more than I could ever love another person. God gives us many choices. For once, I chose right. Beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, caring, and I’m madly in love. Thank you, D, for being my best friend. My love. My everything. —- Thomas Johnson, Manhattan Beach

18. ** I think your MB Weekly team is doing an outstanding job in your reporting. Your interviews with the local political candidates have been very informative —- Nikki Ridley, Manhattan Beach.

19. ** Forgive me but I get a smug, self-satisfied attitude from Mayor Napolitano. Smart but quite pleased with himself. —- Claire Y., Manhattan Beach

20. ** To read fast is as bad as to eat in a hurry. —- Paula E., Manhattan Beach

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