MB Weekly Breaking News Edition 06/30/2023


Former Mayor Suzanne Hadley has expressed her disappointment and concern over the lack of communication from the current council regarding two armed robberies that occurred on the Strand during Father’s Day weekend. Hadley emphasizes the importance of transparency and timely information for residents when such incidents occur, citing the example of Beverly Hills, where the city promptly informs its residents in similar situations.

Hadley learned about the robberies through Mike Michalski’s newsletter, which arrived eight days after the incidents occurred. Despite being an informed resident who receives city emails and Nixle alerts and even serving as a Neighborhood Watch block captain, Hadley received no official communication from the elected officials regarding these heinous crimes. This lack of communication has led her to question the council’s commitment to public safety.

In analyzing the situation, Hadley presents two possible explanations for the city’s non-response. The first scenario suggests that the police chief and city manager informed the mayor and possibly the council about the robberies on June 17. Still, no action was taken to inform the public promptly. The second scenario suggests that the mayor and council were not disclosed by the police chief and city manager, raising questions about the flow of information within the city’s administration.

Hadley attended a recent “Coffee with the Mayor” event to verify the information she received. She was dismayed that the mayor was waiting for an in-person meeting with the police chief before disseminating any information to residents. Hadley argues that in today’s world of instant communication through cell phones and video conferencing, the delay caused by an in-person meeting is unjustifiable. Although the Neighborhood Watch report included a brief mention of the crimes, it only reached a limited number of residents, leaving the general public uninformed. Furthermore, the mayor mentioned that the council would discuss the events of June 17 at the next council meeting, which is scheduled for July. This delay in addressing the issue further undermines the council’s commitment to timely action.

Hadley also points out additional concerns about the city’s approach to crime. She mentions police department reports to Neighborhood Watch that seem to obscure crime trends instead of writing them. Furthermore, she raises the issue of at least one council member who supports District Attorney George Gascon, a figure controversial for his approach to crime, as evidenced by their campaign donations and appearances together. Finally, Hadley expresses her disappointment with the mayor for not endorsing the recall of District Attorney Gascon and mentioning Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in a favorable light, which drew audible gasps from the audience.

In conclusion, Hadley hopes for reasonable explanations regarding the lack of communication about the June 17 robberies. She emphasizes the need for reassurance that the council and the chief of police prioritize residents’ safety. If not, she questions who will protect the community’s well-being.

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