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On Wednesday, March 22, 2023, at 5:53 p.m., the Manhattan Beach Police Department responded to Pasha Fine Jewelry (217 Manhattan Beach Blvd.) regarding a smash-and-grab robbery. Multiple suspects entered the jewelry store, used hammers to break display cases, and fled the store with miscellaneous merchandise. The suspects entered awaiting vehicles and fled the scene southbound in an alley. Multiple suspects were armed with what appeared to be handguns. No shots were fired. Detectives were notified, and the investigation is ongoing. MBPD Detectives ask community members who witnessed this incident, who personally took video or photographs, or anyone who has any information pertinent to this incident, to contact Detective Mikelson at (310) 802-5121, or the MBPD Tip Line (310) 802-5171 if you wish to remain anonymous. “This is no longer the Manhattan Beach I grew up in,” said a long-time downtown resident and business owner who asked to go unnamed. “There simply isn’t enough police presence given the brazenness of today’s criminals.”

The Financial Future Of Manhattan Beach Seems Promising:

During the town’s 2023 state of the city event, authorities from Manhattan Beach stated that finances are strong, crime rates are respectable, and capital projects are in the works. Despite being there, Mayor Steve Napolitano gave his yearly message via a pre-recorded video that was aired during the event at the Westdrift Manhattan Beach hotel. Other officials, who discussed the city’s 2022 highlights and how the stage was set for a hopeful year to come, spoke in person. Fire Station No. 2 will be rebuilt this summer, the replacement of Peck Reservoir is anticipated to be finished by the summer, and a renovated lower playground at Polliwog Park is anticipated to be finished in late spring, according to Napolitano. And those are only a few of the current and prospective city initiatives.

Highrose Project Is Subject Of Second Lawsuit Against Manhattan Beach, This One For Approving It:

An upcoming apartment complex has prompted a community organization that supports local control of zoning decisions to launch a lawsuit against Manhattan Beach, the City Council, and a developer. The group claims the proposal will endanger the health of the building’s future inhabitants. The Manhattan Beach advocacy organization Chill the Build recently filed the complaint after the City Council approved Highrose El Porto LLC’s plans for a 79-unit, 40-50-foot-tall structure as a result of state pressure. The project had previously been rejected by the council. Representatives from Manhattan Beach did not respond to a request for comment, but public discussion of existing or pending litigation is not usually done by city officials. However, a lawyer for the Highrose project claimed that the lawsuit was without foundation. According to the head of Chill the Build, Andrew Ryan, “we’re seeking the court to require that the city ensure that the project undergo a comprehensive environmental evaluation pursuant to (the California Environmental Quality Act) to protect the individuals who would be living there and the communities around it.”

Students From Manhattan Beach Win Odyssey Of The Mind Competition Move On To State Finals:

The Division 1, Problem 1 winning Pennekamp Elementary School Odyssey of the Mind team included Aviana Otero (from left), Lily Francisco, Samantha Lee, Max Rubinstein, Brooklyn Chan, Charlotte Fan, and Asher Feldman.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Paul Wafer

Registered Nurse


Have you ever lied about your birthday to receive a free dessert?
Have you ever ordered takeout to avoid having to do the dishes?
Have you ever found yourself saying to someone, “When I was your age…”?
Have you ever cheated while playing a board game?
Do you usually learn the bad words in other languages before regular words?
Have you ever made an absurd impulse purchase?
–Oh YES!
Have you ever taken candy from a child’s Halloween stash?

Nando Trattoria:

The “LA Norma” – Traditional from Sicily our birthplace. Why Norma? This Dish was named in honor of the native of Catania Vincenzo Bellini, the composer of the opera Norma. It is said that the Italian writer Nino Martoglio exclaimed “This is a real ‘Norma’!” meaning a masterpiece, when he tasted the dish.


New Plaque Unveiled In Bruce’s Beach Park In Manhattan Beach:

On March 18, Manhattan Beach cut the ribbon on a new plaque at Bruce’s Beach Park. The new monument pays tribute to Black businesspeople Willa and Charles Bruce, who in the early 20th century operated a seaside resort for Black beachgoers between 26th and 27th streets in the city by what is now the Strand, as well as other Black landowners who had cottages on the area that is now a park.


A 3 a.m. traffic stop on Rosecrans Avenue in Manhattan Beach revealed a concealed and loaded FN Five-seven handgun. Would you be surprised if we told you the driver was on parole for being a felon possessing a gun?

by Steve Revel

There are many reasons to dread cold, rainy weather like we have been having in Manhattan Beach for what seems like forever, including potential health impacts. Individuals frequently remark that pain from long-term diseases like arthritis and broken bones or sprains, as well as discomfort from recent injuries, worsens in cold or wet weather. Similar complaints were expressed by Hippocrates some 2,500 years ago. When will it finally get warm again?

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Vincenzo Altamura, John Altamura and Giovanni Altamura.

Tapizôn Bar & Kitchen:

The NAKED BOWL: Loaded with white or brown rice, black beans, collard greens, corn farofa, Zôn Vinaigrette & sliced oranges.



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by Stewart Fournier

Understandably, crime has become a justifiable focal point of concern given a life-threatening robbery in the middle of downtown on a bright sunny, busy afternoon, in addition to the constant reminder that our District Attorney refuses, as a matter of policy, to file cases we usually think should be no brainers. However, if you lived in Manhattan Beach in 2002, 2003, 2007, 2015, and 2016 you experienced the highest crime rates in the last 20 years. The lowest year was 2020. From 2016-2020 crime was reduced by nearly 40%. So when spacious local newsletters and local pundits sprew the impression of out-of-control crime when 5 minutes of research on the PD website statistics show the opposite, reported lawfully to the FBI, it makes you wonder what the truth is. Manhattan Beach, if you consider decades of our history, we have and currently live in one of the safest, most well-policed metropolitan cities in the nation. Our new Police Chief reads the terrain clearly and professionally, void of the political vulgarity I have read and heard. It’s OK not to be afraid, no matter the day’s headlines. I have never felt safer in the 46 years I have lived here, and complex crime data backs that presumption. As a result, I cherish that I am living the American dream, and I submit that you can do the same. Years ago, there was a bank robbery wherein an undercover squad witnessed the crime on the corner of MBB & Manhattan Ave. Subsequently, a gun battle ensued on the streets, and an officer was shot and died. As tragic as that was, it did not define our community; neither will the downtown heist or an absent elected DA.

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In February 2014, Amy Howorth announced her candidacy for the California’s 26th Senate District seat. The seat was held by Senator Ted Lieu, who ran for Congress to replace Congressman Henry Waxman. Howorth lost in the primary election.

by Russ Lesser

Former Mayor of Manhattan Beach

An article in the Daily Breeze last week explained that many cities were failing their housing “mandates,” especially for “low-cost” housing. Everyone with half a brain knows that residential property near the coast tends to be more expensive than inland property. Regardless, our genius politicians in Sacramento have mandated large amounts of “low-cost housing” in beach cities. For example, the Democrats in Sacramento are mandating that Manhattan Beach, an entirely built-out city, have over 400 “low-cost” housing units built in the near future. Realtors have told me that the cheapest residential lot in the city is selling for about $1,600,000. I want our State Senator Ben Allen and Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, whose Democratic Party is mandating these units, to come and tour Manhattan Beach and explain exactly where and how these “low-cost” units are supposed to be built.

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A paddleout was held December 17 for Andrew Todd, a Manhattan Beach surfer who passed away at Rincon, Puerto Rico, in November. Feel free to send in your photos to: MBWeekly@TimeWire.net

More Funding Provided For New Community Center In Manhattan Beach:

A new “multigenerational” facility for Scouts and seniors is something the city hopes to start constructing in 2025. A new community, senior center, and Scout House facility will be built in Manhattan Beach in the upcoming years, however due to continued inflation, a second cash infusion from the city was needed to start the project. The development of a new senior and Scout community center, which will replace the current, 70-year-old Scout House, has recently received approval from the City Council, which granted a donation of roughly $1.7 million. In 1952, the Boy Scouts constructed the first Scout House, which is located next to the Joslyn Community Center, and eventually gave it to the community. It has served as a gathering place for generations of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, as well as for senior activities and neighborhood gatherings.


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On March 14, MBPD Detectives conducted an operation downtown related to a series of vehicle burglaries that had been occurring in our city parking structures. Detectives stopped and arrested three suspects believed to be responsible for car break-ins in our downtown area as well as other jurisdictions. One of the arrested subjects is on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) for Burglary.



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1. ** El Porto is a kool community. —- Mary W., Manhattan Beach

2. ** Whenever and wherever I see Mayor protem Richard Montgomery he’s always staring at his phone. —- Mike T., Manhattan Beach

3. ** I am curious as to what a “semi-date” is. —- Suzanne Rogers Karger, Manhattan Beach

4. ** As a lifelong Democrat, this pains me to say, but the Democratic Party has become the party of permissiveness to violent crime. —- Audrey R., Manhattan Beach

5. ** Mexico is so unsafe right now I wouldn’t travel there if I got a free trip! —- Riley M., Manhattan Beach

6. ** Frankly, I don’t give a shit about the Oscars anymore. —- Clarence P., Manhattan Beach

7. ** I recently had a work lunch at the Polo Lounge where I accidentally ordered an omelet and coffee that turned out to cost, swear to god, close to $100. —- Arnold G., Manhattan Beach

8. ** With violent crime on LA Metro’s transit system up 24% in 2022, and riders dying from drug overdoses also skyrocketing, the massive transit agency on Monday, March 6 deployed 300 “transit ambassadors” as part of a softer, gentler approach to boost public safety on buses and trains and at stations. Softer? Gentler? The insanity continues. —- Howard S., Manhattan Beach

9. ** Death tugs at our ear and says, “Live, I am coming.” —- Dr. Horrace C., Manhattan Beach

10. ** In a recent Gallup poll, two out of the top 10 issues troubling Americans are immigration and crime. —- Roland B., Manhattan Beach

11. ** Veteran, trusted dog walker in South Bay. Over five years of experience. Call Sylvia – 310-714-9877 —- AlohaMyDogs@gmail.com

12. ** I send my brother cash for emergencies, but he spends it on vacations. Help! —- Emily C., Manhattan Beach

13. ** Dive N’ Surf is an impressive business with old-school service. —- Taylor H., Hermosa Beach

14. ** Learning to be a physician, I realized over and over again that I was seeing only part of the picture. —- Addie B., Manhattan Beach

15. ** Bad parenting! Let’s be honest; a majority of the day-to-day problems of the world can be traced back to bad parenting. Nothing more, nothing less. —- Kerri Z., Manhattan Beach

16. ** You may wish to discuss bike safety with a loved one if you have one. The second time I’ve seen them, they were riding their electric bike down Manhattan Boulevard before turning left into Inglewood. —- Howie M., Manhattan Beach

17. ** An e-bike that was riding on a sidewalk almost killed me. An arrogant teenage boy riding an expensive, black e-bike with large tires sped up on the sidewalk and threw me back. When will the police do something? —- Kiley V., Manhattan Beach

18. ** Good burger at The Rockefeller! —- Jamie G., Manhattan Beach

19. ** I’ve been to both and can confidently tell you that Providence Urgent Care is much better than Exer Urgent Care, which is quite poorly run. —- Dr. Phillip J., Manhattan Beach

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